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  • 1. NEWSLETTER FIRST QUARTER 2009 Embrace the Opportunity for CHANGE 2009 MLT Alumni A note from Alumni Engagement Kick Off Event Turbulence is life force. It is opportunity. Lets love turbulence and use it for change. Join Fellow Career Prep & Ramsay Clark MBA Prep Alumni at the 2009 Turbulent mildly describes 2008 as we have witnessed MLT Alumni Kick Off Event economic, political and labor market changes that will Friday January 23rd have historical implications. 2009 has arrived with lingering turmoil and uncertainty partially offset by the New York City - Havana Room excitement around the opportunity for change. President 306 East 76th St (2nd Ave) Barack Obamas call for change has resounded with 79PM RSVP required Alumni Engagement and we are prepared to embrace the MLT Alumni only opportunity for change that is before us. Change means our alumni network is recognized nationally and globally as the source for our future generation Stay tuned as we take this of diverse leaders. Change means harnessing the collective knowledge of our alumni base and show on the road! leveraging this valuable asset. Change means getting involved, with each and every individual that has been impacted by the MLT process actively engaged with the MLT organization. Join us at a city near you: Boston & LA April 2009 How will we enact change? Alumni Engagements mission is to continue to engage our alumni MLT Homecoming June 2009 base throughout your career progression providing you with the proper tools, network, and Chicago - TBD development opportunities to further prepare you to assume leadership positions within corporations, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurial ventures. The 4 pillars of our engagement strategy are: Over 1000 alumni are connected to MLT Communication We are working diligently to collect contact information not only so Alumni through Facebook and Engagement can communicate with you but also so you can communicate with each other. Exciting opportunities to more effectively communicate virtually will be shared shortly! Linkedin...are you? Engagement We want you to view MLT as the premiere alumni network and the number one source for diverse minority leaders that make a difference. We need all alumni actively engaged and fully committed in order to bring this vision to fruition. Various opportunities to engage with MLT and fellow alumni will occur across 2009. Professional Development - Our purpose is to make the MLT vision a reality and as we develop the next generation of leaders, we plan to support your advancement with the proper professional development tools that will propel you to that next opportunity. Fundraising In the spirit of altruism, giving back to MLT is critical to sustain the growth and goals of the organization. Stay tuned for details around the 2009 Alumni Giving Campaign and how each individual can make a positive impact on the organization as a whole. Alumni Engagement needs to hear from you today. How can we most effectively develop an Join the powerful MLT engaged alumni community that is properly equipped to become the next generation of leaders? Network online todayI Post a comment on our Facebook page, Linkedin page or email us at alumni@ml4t.org and encourage your fellow alumni to join our efforts as we make 2009 unforgettable! Click here to add MLT Alumni as friend on Facebook Click here to add MLT Alumni **Quarterly you will receive an expanded version of the bi-monthly newsletter. Please use this medium as as a contact on LinkedIn an opportunity to share your success. All submissions should be sent to alumni@ml4t.org** 2009 Management Leadership For Tomorrow 15 Maiden Lane, Suite 900 New York, NY 10038 www.ml4t.org page 1
  • 2. NEWSLETTER FIRST QUARTER 2009 2009 New Year`s Resolution: Leveraging Your Network to Achieve Your Career Goals Just after the New Year is a great time to reach out to folks who can help with your job search or career transition. Not only is it timely for you, but those folks who are in position to help you (friends of friends, professional contacts you made in the fall, alums of your school, etc.) are also doing the same thing with their own networks so they are in the mindset of seeking/giving advice and will be excited to help - if you make it easy for them. Here are three steps to do just that. Step 1: Develop a short list of folks who can potentially help. Identify 1-2 folks in each of the following categories: Peers friends, relatives, current/former schoolmates who are pursuing similar tracks and ideally are a little ahead of you Job/recruiting contacts folks you have met through your job search activities to date who work at organizations that you are pursuing Experienced professionals friends of friends/family, alumni of your schools, former bosses who have John Rice connections, opportunities and wisdom Founder & CEO of MLT Step 2: Make smart requests that are easy for them to respond with yes. Smart requests are ones that are in your contacts sweet spot in terms of their ability to help you and are consistent with how well they know you. For your peers (ideally who know you well and have been through a similar recruiting process recently): Share the opportunities you are pursuing, send them your resume and a sample cover email for a target firm (or if you are already in the interviewing process, send them 3-4 bullet points that best describe how you will communicate your key selling points in an upcoming interview), and ask them for feedback. Would you give me an interview (or recommend I go to the next round of interviews) based on this? For Experienced Professionals: Share the types of jobs you are pursuing along with your resume as context and ask them the following question: Based on my background and what I have shared in terms of my interests/goals, what advice would you have in terms of opportunities I should pursue and specific people who may have those opportunities or be able to refer me to opportunities? Understand what is going through their mind at this stage of the conversation. If they have some good advice, they will share it. If they have a good referral/tee-up for you, they may or may not share it immediately. They are most likely to connect you with someone they know really well or who owes them a favor. They may be hesitant to connect you with someone they dont know very well unless it is obvious to them that you are an outstanding fit. If they say they dont know anyone who would be ideal to connect you with or need to think about it for a while, then they may not yet be comfortable doing so. If they say you should speak with XYZ person(s) and do not offer to make an introduction, then request their conta