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  1. 1. Fearsome Thorny Pigeons Full Sail University 03/15/2015 William Lopez Brian Meeth Elizabeth Fordham Laz Matech Stephen Cleary
  2. 2. Games today are loved by many, but physical limitations prevent many from enjoying them. Through combining and refining our personal designs for a one handed controller, weve developed a prototype that could be useable by both abled and disabled gamers. This one handed controller design can fit popular game types using a combination of motion controls and traditional controls.
  3. 3. Modern console controllers are more or less designed with two hands in mind. This becomes an issue if you happen to lose the ability to use one of your hands. That is where a properly designed controller made specifically for the use of one hand becomes increasingly important. A controller that is properly designed will alleviate any hardships associated with having only one hand, such as awkward or even inaccessible button placement. The inclusion of some other way to control two analog sticks, such as gyroscopes, solves the problem of not being able to control two thumbsticks anymore. This is what our controller is setting out to be; the best for single handed use.
  4. 4. While thinking about various methods of item interaction, I was inspired by the foot petals on my old MadCatz Racing Wheel. My inspiration lead me to making the pedals compact enough to be squeezed within the controller itself. This feature is utilized in the ALT modifier button that changes the buttons to other buttons on the controller. ("SpecialtyGaming Controllers",2015)
  5. 5. When I decided to concentrate on the PlayStation as the console of choice for a new controller, I kept in mind Robert Merritt (a one handed gamer) who once told Matt Peckham that he didnt like specially adapted controllers (Peckham, 2014). The PlayStation controller is designed with only two handed players in mind, but what if we could create a one handed controller that even two handed players would want to use. If you have two hands or if you have one hand, I wanted players to be able to use a small form factored controller that felt natural to a gamer. By having a shape like one side of a PlayStation controller in mind and the bottom half acting as one of the thumbsticks, a gamer can comfortably play most PlayStation games and learn how to use the controller effortlessly. - Elizabeth Fordham
  6. 6. The inspiration for my controller stemmed from several different ideas. I thought of a flight stick (The Gamers Charity, 2013) and how it can move the player and implementing an analog on top to aim, but I didnt want something so bulky and could easily be handled. I started thinking about mobile devices that you can play with one hand so I got the idea of the gyroscope as the second analog stick (Victor H., 2014).
  7. 7. My original design was mainly inspired by flight sticks, and how to integrate all of the functions from two handed controllers onto a single flight stick. Adding a thumbstick to the top of one took care of one axis, but still did not take care of the other if this was to not be placed on a tabletop. Thats where the Hall sensors came in. The same type of sensor is used in flight sticks to independently track the two axes of the stick. I was inspired by Ben Hecks way of tying one of the analog sticks to the bottom of the controller and moving the controller across your leg to move it (Connor F. 2014)
  8. 8. The original inspiration of my design was a moldable eraser I was playing with in my hand while I researched the discussion; I noticed that the form of my eraser was a good fit in my hand (M. Pinola, 2012). As I looked at it and saw how my hand fit around it I imagined buttons resting where my fingers were. I then picked the genres my controller would focus on and placed buttons appropriately. While I watched The Gamers Charity video (The Gamers Charity, 2013) I loved the concept of making the buttons programmable, allowing for buttons to be changed to whats needed for each game.
  9. 9. Our process began with identifying the requirements of each members contribution. This included things such as required holding orientation and required space. We did this by examining each others design and seeing where we could grab inspiration for a group controller from our already created controllers. After we identified the key features to be implemented and the enclosure body shape, we began to move the team contributions around like modular components.
  10. 10. Knowledge in the world acts as its own reminder. Knowledge in the head is efficient: no search and interpretation of the environment is required. (Norman, The Design of Everyday Things, 1990) My design assumption is that my singular full palm activated trigger will allow the player to utilize the same buttons for more than one task. This will allow the player to gain more control over their game with consideration to the players limitations. This fixes the issue of having to have a network of buttons that becomes hard to navigate by making each button dual purpose. This simplifies the process of learning the controller and translates knowledge from the world, to the head.
  11. 11. Even though at first glance my controller appears to just be a joystick like design, I wanted the lower stick to actually use the PS4 thumbstick technology. PlayStations thumbsticks have always felt a bit looser than Microsofts, with a larger degree of throw to them (Newman, 2013) and joysticks have traditionally been really tight. With a looser feel that gives you a full range of motion, driving games and top down action adventure games like Diablo would still be completely possible and still just as precise as if you had two thumbsticks - Elizabeth Fordham
  12. 12. Todays gyroscopes may not be as accurate as they could be, but that doesnt mean we cannot design one that works the way we want it to. We could have auto calibration to fix the position problems and go from there. There are so many games that already use gyroscopes on mobile devices. A lot of these games have good reviews too. Steve Jobs promised the gyro will make a difference. And praise Gamemakers like Gameloft who were quick to optimize their games to use it. Best use: first-person shooters. (Victor H. 2010)
  13. 13. A one-handed controller that is not ambidextrous is a slight failure of design. Not everyone loses the use of the same hand, so having a controller that can be used equally with both hands is quite important. Symmetry, even in that means having buttons mirrored, or large enough to be used with either hand is extremely important when in the design stages. This can be quite a challenge when designing something that is ergonomic no matter what hand is using it.
  14. 14. The programmable keys (Gamers Charity, 2013) of the one handed Gamers Charity controller allowed for a vast amount of settings to be changed. This allowed for a mass amount of different grips to use the controller and have all the needed buttons always within close reach of their fingers. The easily ability to use a physical pad to change the button functions also allows for many people to quickly change their preferred layout.
  15. 15. Diablo III is an action role- playing game, with dungeon crawler mechanics. Our controller is just as accessible as current controllers as each button is within finger length, while keeping healthy ergonomics. As the camera is fixed on Diablo III, the player only needs to focus on moving around and casting their abilities.
  16. 16. Need for Speed Rivals is an arcade racing game that can require quite the amount of fast reflexes. Our controller is perfect for this game, as all of the needed functions such as steering, nitrous, etc. is easy to use. Only two functions are mapped to the Alt mode, with one being brake. This is not a problem as there would be no need to use the throttle while you are braking.
  17. 17. Geometry wars is a simple game where you move around the game space avoiding enemy objects and shooting them down. You acquire power-up bombs that blast the screen clear allowing you space to breath for a moment. With our controller, it would be simple enough to move around with the mounted analog stick and simple to shoot by rotating and tilting the controller taking advantage of the built in gyroscope and shoot in that direction. The buttons on the controller are reprogrammable, so it would be easy to set the bomb button to any button that suits the player.
  18. 18. While testing out the motion controls, it felt like I needed to grip harder which can make button pressing uncomfortable. A velcro adjustable strap would decrease the grip necessary for motion. The buttons are flush and have just enough space between them that its easy to slide between buttons without using the pinky. Mentally remembering the layout of the buttons is a chore. Additional testing of button layouts should be done. Testers Thoughts
  19. 19. What happened correctly: The team was able to come together on multiple occasions and agree on designs that the majority of the team thought to be best. This helped to not have a fragmented, jumbled design at the end. What happened incorrectly: The team did have differences on occasions. Some of the differences took up some valuable time from the project and caused some setbacks. Perhaps if we had more time to work out more design options, we could have worked together on these designs and come up with more solutions. What would you do differently: The team coming to the meetings more prepared, ie. design ideas, etc. would have helped to speed along certain bottlenecks we had. This would have made certain processes more efficient in terms of the design process.
  20. 20. Flynn, Conner (March 14th, 2014) Ben Heck Creates One-Handed PS4 Controller f