Fathers involvement in breastfeeding: A study in Viet Nam

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Transcript of Fathers involvement in breastfeeding: A study in Viet Nam

  • 1. Strategy 1. Grab their attention with emotion andhumor! This cartoon image made fathers chuckle andbrought fathers back to the clinic to ask for more mugs.
  • 2. Strategy 2: Find fathers where they already are.Staff shifted the group counseling sessions onbreastfeeding to the monthly immunization day, whenfathers already came to the clinic.
  • 3. Strategy 3: Ease the way by busting stereotypes.Teams of dads prepare to go head-to-head at thedistrict contest, making it seem manly to speak upfor breastfeeding.
  • 4. A jury of professionals scored each teams creativeintroduction, knowledge quiz, and response to atrue-to-life interactive video scenario challengingexclusive breastfeeding.
  • 5. Strategy 4: Give fathers practice. During the contest,each team of fathers must respond to a typicalchallenge to breastfeeding. The team watches a short,interactive video scenario. The video sets up thebeginning of the story but does not provide anending. The team must complete the scenario byoffering some words the father could use to respondto the challenge.Here the father asks, What would you do?
  • 6. Strategy 5: Provide crystal-clear direction for actionsfathers can take. A keystrategy is to name small,doable actions fathers cantake. The projects posterand brochure offer adetailed list.
  • 7. Strategy 6: Show fathers abenefit that they careabout. Messaging makesfathers feel special in thesupporting role. Fathers cansee how their actions couldincrease exclusivebreastfeeding and improvebabys intellect and health.