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  • Bring fresh, new power to your dailycleaning with advanced microfibre!Microfibre products significantly reduce the cleaning time and energy spent on all hard floors and surfaces. Microfibre products hold up to 8 timestheir weight in dirt, dust and moisture. Chemicalcleaners are not needed or can be dramaticallyreduced, helping to protect the environment.

    So whatever your microfibre ordering requirements, our customer services team will be happy to give free advice and assistance.

    www.conticospraychem.comFor calls within UK:

    +44 (0) 1209 312123For calls within Republic of Ireland:

    +353 (0) 1-4111509

    For calls within mainland Europe:

    +31 (0) 10288 4314

    What is microfibre?Microfibres are tiny fibres that have been slit into millions of finer fibres 100 times finer than a human hair. There arenearly 90,000 microfibres in one square inch of microfibrematerial. The special slitting process produces an ultra-finefibre with wedge shape filaments interlaced to form a capillary network.

    Powerful cleaning at yourfingertips!Microfibres work deep into all irregularities on the surface tobe cleaned. Microfibre deliversthe combined advantages ofcleaning and absorbency withthe strength and lint-freenature of polyester.When these tiny fibres arewoven together through aunique weaving method, theresult is a superb range ofpowerful cleaning products.

    How doesmicrofibrework?Each microfibre mop orcloth consists of tens ofthousands of tiny storagecompartments that lift upthe dirt, trap the waste andleave a clean surface. Thecore of microfibre formstiny cutting edges thatbreak up surface dirt andeasily absorb and removeoils and other grimy substances. When usingmicrofibre the only solventneeded is water.

    Microfibre is very economical!� Reduced fatigue and labour costs plus increased


    � Reduced chemical usage by 40% to 46% per day.

    � Reduced water usage by 90% to 95%.

    � Energy saving microfibre can be laundered in a conventional washing machine, with lower heat settings using standard detergents.

    Less efficient cotton fibres

    Deep cleaning microfibre

    “In an industry not recognised for

    innovation, Microfibre cleaning

    technology is one remarkable


    With powerful cleaning action, combined

    with lightweight ergonomic tool design,

    microfibre delivers improved results in less

    time without the use of environmentally

    damaging chemicals.

    In commercially competitive times,

    compounded by challenges of

    environmental sensitivity, microfibre

    is a win-win, green-clean performance


    Michael RollinsPresentation to Cleaning

    Industry Research Institute

    (CIRI) Symposium,

    Maryland University,

    Washington DC,

    June 2008

  • Make disposable microfibre part of the everyday cleaning routine

    1 Disposable microfibre for potentially contaminated environmentsSpecially created forcleaning high-risk areaslike hospitals, clinics, carehomes - anywhere wherehygiene is paramount andinfectious germs couldexist.

    Disposable microfibreproducts are designed for single use, avoidinghigh laundry costs andcan be incinerated tocombat the spread ofgerms and disease.Reducing the risk ofcross-contamination.

    Helping the fight

    against the spread of

    hospital super-bugs!

    Disposable microfibre is the

    safest, easiest and most

    cost-effective answer to

    daily cleaning to help the

    fight against super-bugs


    and PVL.

    Microfibre glove simply slips over hand for fast, efficient cleaning, dusting and polishing. One size fits all, left or righthand use.

    Non-woven 100% polyester microfibre,size: 23 x 15cm.

    Hand-size disposable microfibre cloths,alreadyfolded ready for use. Available in white for

    critical areas, plus blue, yellow, green, red for colour-coded areas.

    67g/m2 non woven 100% polyestermicrofibre, size 25 x 33cm.

    Ideal for dusting cabinets, radiators,blinds and much more. Fits over

    Micro-Maid handle (sold separately) withits adjustable ratchet joint to help reach

    awkward-to-get-to places. Handle can fitto telescopic pole.

    Non-woven 100% polyester microfibre, size: 53 x 8cm

    Dry moppingpicks up dirt,

    dust and grime using electrostatic

    force. The bestmicrofibre dry flat

    mop on the market.DRY DISPOMOP

    will not release anything onto the

    floor as normalpre-impregnated

    mops do. Blue, red,white or yellow

    Damp mopping is fast, efficient and hygienicfloor cleaning. DAMP DISPOMOP requires

    little or no chemicals, all you need is aminimal amount of water. White only

    The first full microfibre 2-step mop system,both dry and damp mops work with thesame pad, frame and handle.

    Non-woven 100% polyester microfibre, size 48 x 12cm.

    Padded pad to hold flat mop to frame to create a strong, flat mopping surface.

    Polyethylene foam pad, with polyester and polyamide velcro backing, size 48 x 12cm.

    Microfibre on a roll. Perfect for dusting, polishing, spillages and splashes. Simplypull-out and tear off. Perforated every38cm. Approximately 400 cloths per roll.

    Non-woven 100% polyester microfibre,size per cloth: 38 x 20cm.

  • Semi-disposable microfibre, the most cost-effective mops on the market

    Short use mop, washable 50 times with only 15 gm of textileincorporating the optimum proportion of microfibre, DISPOMOP 3D is the easiest and most ecological solutionfor cleaning, with greatly reduced risk of contamination.

    Use DRY DISPOMOP for critical areas, thenDISPOMOP 3Dmops in blue, yellow, white or redfor damp mopping in colour-codedareas.

    One size fits velcro flat mopping frames.Simple hands-free attachment to frame.Then without touching the contaminatedsurface, detach themop ready for washing.

    Non-woven 100% polyester microfibre, size 48 x 11cm

    Massive Savings!

    Greater Efficiency!

    Improved Hygiene!

    � Greatly reduced cost per mop

    and reduced energy

    consumption when washing.

    � Light and easy to use, only

    15g when dry.

    � Save on chemical products,

    cleans with little or no water.

    � Sweeps and washes using the

    same handle, frame and pad

    for dry and wet cleaning.

    � Save space on the trolley, all

    you need is a small bucket.

    � Lower cost products reduce

    loss and theft overhead.


    Mop Mop Mop Laundry Unit Number of Laundry Total Total UnitType Purchase Weight Cost Laundry Washes Cost For Laundry & Cost For

    Price Cost Life of Mop Purchase Cost Mop Life

    Dispomop3D £1.48 15g 1kg/£0.80 £0.012 50 £0.60 £2.08 £0.042

    €2.25 15g 1kg/€1.00 €0.02 50 €0.75 €2.60 €0.06

    Conventional £5.00 80g 1kg/£0.80 £0.064 500 £32.00 £37.00 £.0.074Microfibre

    €6.25 80g 1kg/€1.00 €0.08 500 €40.00 €46.25 €0.10Mop

    Look at the difference - same performance for nearly half the cost!

    A complete 2-step semi-disposable floor mopping system. Simply use the DRY DISPOMOP for step 1, then step 2 damp mopping using the DISPOMOP 3D.

    Take away the mop from the frame

    Holding the non-soiled surfaceremove mop form frame

    Place frame across mop as shown

    Easy hygienic removal of mop

    DRY DISPOMOP Non-woven 100% polyester microfibre, size 45 x 14cm.

  • Regular microfibre for fast, efficienteveryday cleaning without chemicals

    Colour-coded microfibre clothsAbsorbing 8 times their weight in dirt, dust and moisture!Our most popular multi-purpose microfibre cloths designed to clean and absorb moisture through the capillary effect, friction creates static to pick up dirt and dust. They work everywhere - ideal on glass, mirrors and most hard surfaces. All cloths are colour-coded in blue, green, red, yellow.

    Same great microfibre features,our Hi-PRO2 mops are designedfor longer life and completecleaning versatility on most hard surfaces.

    Hands-free fitting to folding frame

    Flap and eyeletfitting for foldingframe

    Velcro back fittingfor standard flatmop

    Standard ClothsGeneral purpose microfibre clothsfor everyday cleaning. The 80% polyester/20% polyamide fibremix is ideal for dirt, dust, spills,spots and splashes. Washable up to 90�C.

    Size 40 x 40cm.

    Heavy Duty ClothsA real powerhouse cloth. Non-stretch tightly woven70% polyester/30% polyamide.For dusting use dry, for cleaningand polishing use damp with a little water. Washable up to 90�C.

    Size 32 x 32cm.

    Handy Tip!Always fold cloth to the width of your hand and use flat. By turning the cloth and re-folding maximum cleaning power and economy can be achieved.

    Finishing ClothsNon-woven ultra microfibre cloths for cleaning and polishingwindows, mirrors and most otherglass surfaces. Gives windowsand frames that finishing sparkle.Lint-free and washable for re-use.

    Size 38 x 40cm.


    Choice of three framefittings:� Velcro backed� Pocket for ‘hands-free’� Flap with eyelets for

    folding frame

    Velvet polish mop for use with velcro backed standard flat mop frame.

    Velvet 100% polyester microfibre, size 50 x 12cm.

    100% polyester polyvalent

    microfibre mop, size 43 x 14cm

  • Microfibre for everyday surfaces, offeringmassive cleaning potential with minimumuse of chemicals

    Colour-Coded Kentucky Style MopsExceptional performance -with high level of absorptionwith microfibre efficiency to clean floors fast andhygienically. Flat strips ofmicrofibre yarn stitched tostay-flat. Colour-coded cut-off tab system.

    Size 350grm.

    Micro-Maid Hand Held DusterFor dry dusting and damp cleaning cabinets, radiators, curtain poles andother fittings. Adjustable ratchet joint onhandle improves access to hard-to-reachareas. Simply remove handle to fix to telescopic pole as required. Colour blue.

    Size 40cm.

    40cm microfibre sleeves sold separately.

    Microfibre WindowWash SleevesMassive window cleaningpotential - can hold up to 8 times their weight indirt, dust and moisture.High water absorbency,lint-free and machinewashable for re-use. FitsContico applicator handle, sold separately.Standard microfibre orwash/scrub Micro-Tiger.

    Sizes 25, 35, 45cm.

    Colour-Coded Mini-MopIdeal for small spills and splashes or where restrictedfloor space needs mopping.Microfibre looped mop headensures efficient and hygieniccleaning. Socket collar fittingscrews onto handle. Colourcoded cut-off tab system.

    Size 250grm.

    Colour-Coded Socket MopsFaster, more efficient hard floor mopping, traditional styling combined with advanced microfibre technology. Highly efficient with excellent moisture and water absorption. Socket collar fitting screws onto handle. Blue, Green, Red or Yellow.

    Size 200grm and 300grm.


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