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  • 1. WOMENS TROUSERS Submitted by Darshika gupta

2. TROUSERS Trousers are an item of clothing worn from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately. They are also called pants in the United States. To distinguish them from shorts, trousers may be called "long trousers" 3. HISTORY OF TROUSERS Trousers first enter recorded history in the 6th century BC. At this time, not only the Persians, but also allied Eastern and Central Asian peoples are known to have worn them. Trousers are believed to have been worn by both sexes among these early users. Greeks did not wear trousers since they thought them ridiculous. Germanic trouser in 4th century 4. HISTORY THROUGH AGES Sarah bernhardt was the one who introduced trousers as fashionable womens wear . She wore them in 1890s in paris. - In 1910 Trousers were wore by land girls during WW1. - In 1920 influence of French designer Coco Chanel saw the rise of sim cigaratte trousers. 5. She also discovered wide leg trousers in 1920s. -1930s By the 30s actress marlene dietrich wore trousers on and off sets. The latest trouser for women came on 29 jan 1939. -1940s In 1940 trousers took on a practical purpose such as womens work at factories and land. The trousers were high waist and out wide at bottom. Actress Marlene dietrich Wide legged trousers by coco chanel 6. -1950s This was a decade of high waisted cigaratte and capri pants. They were high waist, siide zippers, flat fronts and were slim fitting through legsending just above the ankle. Bright colour and prints were extremely popular in dis style. -1960s In the mid 1960s , bell bottom trousers were worn with high roll neck sweaters and cropped tops. Floral trousers also came in the late 1960s. Audrey hepburn in printed cigarette trousers 7. -1970s The era began with hippie movement. Daring,carefree and ethnic looks were seen. the style become more popular with the generation of Charlie girls as they were known for the popular show charlies angel. -1980s Bell bottoms were most loved and long lived styles. Giorgio armani and Dona karan introduced the power suit. Also rock inspired tight trousers were introduced . The british singer, song writer and musician Kate Bush wears skinny disco legging on 3rd dec 1980. Charles angel 8. -In 1990s Baggy trousers and ripped up old jeans inspired by hiphop bands replaced the skinnys. The trend was promoted by the band all saints who paired the clumsy trousers with cropped tops. The band all saints 9. 2011 trousers forecast This season is all about style and comfort. The seventies are back and they brought with them the high-waist, wide-legged look that Charlies Angels made so popular. This is a trouser style to make your legs look long and give your waist look trim. 10. 1970 2011 11. 2012 trousers forecast -The trousers 2012-13 season seem to possess thousands of faces - they can be stylish, formal or unconventional. -The trousers are mainly tight or wide. -They were mainly inspired from 1970s and 1980s fashion. -The colors varies from bright yellow to neon. -Fashionable fabrics ike -velvet, leather, jersey, wool &/ heavy silk. -Actual colors are: -different shades of red, dark blue, blue, -khaki, white, green, and slate-grey. -Prints are geometry, fine abstract print, - animal and flower pictures on fabric. Colour forecast 2012 12. 2012 1980 13. 2013 trousers forecast -The fashion in this peroid was mainly inspired from 1960s. -The trousers in this peroid were mainly wide legged trousers. -The trousers were mainly loose. - The colours which were used were mainly neon colours. 1960 2013 14. 2014 trousers forecast - Inspiration mainly came from 1960. -Trousers remain narrow and skinny. -The special surface treatments are new: coated cotton, imitation leather and satin qualities with glitter effects alongside jersey and velvet and corduroy stretch. -The guaranteed eye-catchers are fashionable prints of reptile motifs and transfer prints, foulard patterns and floral jacquards. 15. 1960 2013 16. My forecasting for trousers for 2015 Prints which can be used in trousers in 2015 as they are in trend in 2015 17. Mainly the collections of next year of many designers are inspired from nature so the colours which can be used are 18. Many designs are inspired from nature 19. Ecology, sustainability and naturalness are the major themes. Mainly the theme is inspired from nature. According to it various new fabrics are coming next year as seen below. Fabrics 2015 :- 20. Cotton fabric 21. Lace fabric 22. Jacquard fabric: newest ladies garment jacquard fabric in polyester and chennile. 23. Also looking at past year trends. They are mainly inspired from 1960s to 1990s. So by studying the last year trends may be this year also the inspiration comes from the peroid 960s and 1970s. Some movements which took place during this peroid were pop art and polka dot. So may be the different prints may be inspired from this movements. Pop art Polka dot 24. Weather conditions According to weather conditions of 2015 the winter is going to be highly cold and summers highly hot. So may be people will wear tight trousers in winter and loose and baggy trousers in summers for comfort. In winters In summers 25. Sketches according to the forecast swatches colors 26. The colors and swatches are same as mentioned in the above slide. Prints 27. Thank you