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  • 1.Fashion Spread Ka-Leel Smith

2. Image 1 I chose this image to use because it has a lot of room on the sides to work with different crops and rotations. The Image also has good lighting which makes the image quality seem much better. The image also has a crisp focus. I also like the framing of this image, because the subjects head is centred. The actual image itself fits my theme because it shows a teen in cool looking clothing, playing on a seesaw, which in most cases would be considered childish. Since my fashion spreads theme was teens in childish situations, it fits well with my intentions. 3. Image 1 Edited This is the edited image for my first 2 pages of my fashion spread. I have duplicated the image first in order to create a mirrored effect. I have corrected the exposure on the image, as well as adjusted the curves, vibrancy, and saturation in order to make the image overall less flat and more appealing. Ive also added a selective saturation on the right image, and then tinted it to make it sepia and black and white. I am pleased with how it came out. The sepia toning on half of the image helps to create the cool theme, even If the settings of the image is childish and ultimately conveys my theme. 4. I chose this image to use the whole outfit of the model is in view. Therefore it helps to fulfil its purpose as a fashion spread. I also like the lighting of this photo was good. It also had a sharp focus. I also like that photo has leading lines (slide and red octagon) to draw the eye to the subject. The grounds colouring also helps to highlight the models clothes because of the contrast between the colours. The image itself fits my intentions I had for the photo, because the model is at the bottom of a slide. It looks as if he had just slid off and is posing for a photo like a child would. This fits the theme I had of putting teens in childish situations. I think the facial expression of the model conveys this as well, which is why I chose this image 5. This is the edited image for my 3rd page of my fashion spread. I have slightly changed the contrast of the image so that the sepia effect would look better have also changed the saturation selectively so that the brown/orange will only effect certain parts of the image. I have also slightly adjusted the exposure on the image, and cropped it in order to get better framing. The half sepia toned image follows through with the intention to make the image look cool and modern, while the setting contrasts with its childish theme. Ultimately the final edit of this image fulfils my intention of having a cool looking teen in a childish situation. 6. I chose this image to use the subject is completely centred. The background of the image really helps the clothes to stand out because the green contrasts with the clothing. The edges of the photo also give a lot of room to work with. I think the lighting in this photo is really good because it has the soft look that helps to fit the theme of my magazine. The photo itself fits within my intentions because I set out to capture a photo that looked like the model was hiding under a tree from someone. I believe in this image the pose of the model conveys this, but without looking too unprofessional or childish. The mise en scene of grass also helps to show a child playing in a park which further conveys my intentions of linking this to the teens in childish situations theme. 7. This is the edited image for my 4th page of my fashion spread. I have adjusted the curves in order to make the black levels darker and more defined. I have also lowered the saturation in order to make the photo more like the others in the set. I have stuck with the theme of selective sepia toning and low contrast with this image. Following through with the other spread images, the sepia toning of the upper half of the image creates a cool styled look, and almost grungy, which contrasts with the fun, childish background. That helps the image to fulfil my intentions of showing a teen in a childish situation. 8. I chose this image to use because out of the other photos of this set, I felt this fit my theme the best. The image was also crisply in focus, and had good lighting/ white balance. Especially when comparing to other images in the set. I like that the black and grey ground contrast with the black and grey outfit, in almost a pattern, It creates a cool effect. The image itself fits the theme I set to create of teens in childish play, as it shows that even a cool teen can play on a swing set. I think this photo captures that idea well, as the pose of the model is very cool in contrast to the situation and setting he is in. 9. This is the edited image for my 4th page of my fashion spread. I have adjusted the brightness, and white balance of the photo, because the photo has a slight purple tint to it. I've adjusted the curves to give the photos black levels more contrast to the white levels. I've also again lowered the saturation, and added a sepia toned overlay to the corner. On this image I followed the sepia toning style, but have added the sepia to the bottom half. This still helps to make the image have a grungy and cool look to it. The background swing set helps to show the childish part of the image and helps to convey my intentions of putting teens in childish situations. The edits to colour help to enhance this.