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Alcohol brand & fashion show


  • 1. Haywards Black IMMFThe basic concept of the whole event is toRaid various restaurants & bars in the town, and to arrest the most happeninghunk from the crowd who will have achance to walk with Prasad Bidappa & tomodel for Asif Shahs Final collection which features the Haywards Black Line.

2. THE IDEA 3. AtTHE NIGHTCLUBThe Party is oneverybody is enjoyingloud music & drinksand then all of asudden the musicstops . . . . 4. THE IDEAThe Crowd goes mad & starts yelling at DJ 5. The Situation GetsTopsy - TurvyCrowd goesAstonished & Furious. 6. THE SIREN BLOWS OFFEVERTHING COMES TO A STAND-STILL 7. The Haywards Style Polize Raid The Style Polize approaches & announces Heyyy you people out here, the Haywards style polize is here for an arrest. The accused is among you but he is yet to be found. 8. THE HUNT BEGINSThe Style polize willget merged into thecrowd & spot theaccused for HaywardsBlack IMFF. 9. THE ARRESTThe Style Polize willarrest exceptionallystylish accused &he will be clicked &handcuff withHaywards StylePolize team. Theirsnaps will beforwarded toPrasad Biddpa forhis final selection 10. THEGRAND DAYThe lucky one willget a chance towalk on the rampwith the divas offashion industry. 11. COMMUNICATION PLAN 12. The Mc Will Start asking Questions About Haywards Black FashionSample QuestionsQ. 1 What is the first thing that comes to your mind for the word Black?A dark night sky.Color of fashion.Bombay blasts (Black Friday).Vampires.Q. 2 Which kind of beer Haywards Black is?Draught.Stout.Lager.Solid. 13. Q. 3 Which is the fashion capital of India?Banglore.Delhi.Mumbai.Manglore.Q. 4 What is fashion for You?GlamourHard workExcitementStiff competition.Expression of haute coutureThe clothed body._______________________________________________________________(Please give your own views, if any)Q. 5 What Black stands for in Fashion.Style Icons.Elegance at par.Somberness (dark, shadow, serious).Beast within you. 14. Q. 6 At which part in India, Haywards Black had its debut launch?Banglore.Delhi.NoidaGurgaonQ. 7 According to you, who is the Fashion Statement in India? ... (answer should be3 lines) 15. Some More QuestionsHOTTEST COLOUR FOR FASHION OUTFITS - BLACKCOOLEST WAY TO CHILL OUT WITH FASHION- THATSHAYWARDS.BEST WAY TO JOIN FASHION & BLACK -GET STARTED WITHHAYWARD.DO YOU HAVE THE BLACK IN YOU? ANY BODY WITH BLACKOUFIT CAN COME & POSE & SEE YOURSELF AS SUPERMODEL..WHAT MAKES BLACK AS COLOR OF THE SEASON.. HAYWARDROCKS IT ALL 16. Mechanics1. Buy one 4 pack of 330ml ( or 2 bottles of 650 ml) of Haywards Black and get a HBMIFF cap2. Buy two 4 pack of 330 ml ( 4 bottles of 650 ml)of Haywards Black get a HBMIFF cap + 2 invites for the HBMIFF/curtain raiser event.3. The Fashion Police will Raid on the selected Pubs on every weekend and will click pictures of the aspiring models fo HBIMFF4. The Fashion Police will Be wearing Black Dress Same As NYPD.5. Fashion Police will Raid 3 locations every weekend and daily on the selected Pubs 17. THANK YOU