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2. INDEX1. Fashion blog2. Influence of fashion bloggers3. Commercialization of fashion blogging4. Keys to successful blogging5. Discussion 2/13 3. FASHION BLOGA blog that covers the fashion industry,clothing and personal style. 3/13 4. INFLUENCE Front row at fashion shows First access to new collections Test new productsFashion bloggers: inspire thousands of women determine the trends4/13 5. INFLUENCE5/13 6. COMMERCIALIZATION Profitable new media business Full-time job How do they earn money?6/13 7. ADS7/13 8. ADVERTORIALS 8/13 9. COLLABORATIONS 9/13 10. SUCCESSFUL BLOGGING Great content Strong social network Be yourself10/13 11. CONCLUSIONFashion blogs: are underestimated have an incredibly wide reach should be taken seriously11/13 12. THANK YOU FORYOUR ATTENTION!12/13 13. DISCUSSIONNews by (fashion) bloggers is morenewsworthy than news by traditionaljournalists.13/13