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Transcript of Fantastic parent helpers

  • 1. Fantastic Parent helpersA huge, huge thank you to all the parentswho have come in to share their countriesTraditions and Celebrations! The childrenlearnt a LOT and LOVED having you here!
  • 2. Lunar New Year-Korean Style What can you see here? What do you think this is about? What do you wonder?
  • 3. We tried some delicious rice treats.The Brave Butterflies LOVED them!
  • 4. Denmark Traditions
  • 5. What do you see here?What do you think this is about?What are you wondering?What is the weather like here do you think?
  • 6. Some examples of a Tradition? Do you know what tradition this is? How could you find out?
  • 7. Canadian Thanksgiving
  • 8. There are 4 seasons in Canada
  • 9. The story of Winnie The Pooh
  • 10. Traditional stories
  • 11. The Wise Owl
  • 12. India Celebrations and Traditions
  • 13. We learnt that Chess and Place Value were invented in India!Can you remember what elseYou learnt? Can you tell your parents?
  • 14. THANKS! Thank you to ALL the parents who have come in and shared their Traditions and Celebrations. It has been BRILLIANT! Sorry to parents who didnt make the PowerPoint but know that you were just as valued!