Fancy Dress Competition on Jan 26 - Jhansi ki Rani.

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Transcript of Fancy Dress Competition on Jan 26 - Jhansi ki Rani.

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Slide 2 Fancy Dress Competition on Jan 26 - Jhansi ki Rani Slide 3 Fetched me the first prize Slide 4 In Chinese dress Slide 5 Wearing the sun and the sun glasses Slide 6 Won special Prize in a coloring contest at Ammas office -AppLabs Slide 7 Getting ready for evening walk Slide 8 Attire for evening walk Slide 9 Couch Ouch Slide 10 Imitating our servant maid washing clothes and drying them Slide 11 Received second Prize in India Parenting Photo Contest Slide 12 Advait Scooter Repair Works Slide 13 With Pratima Aunty and Bairav Slide 14 New found love - Cricket Slide 15 In Different Avatars Slide 16 As Tapori and the King Rags to Riches Slide 17 The Car- My new found fancy Slide 18 Exploring the toys Madhav Mama sent Slide 19 My Favorite hobby, Cycling.. Will U join the race? Slide 20 The Three men of the house, busy plucking mangoes Slide 21 Dancing to NTRs song Akuchatu Pinda Vundi, my grannys favorite Slide 22 My Favorite hobby, Reading Slide 23 Nanna, Teaching me the nuisances of the Tyre game Slide 24 Selecting a dress for Amma at Shilparamam Slide 25 And doormats for home Slide 26 R u ready? Slide 27 In search of a girl friend? Slide 28 This Spiderman only swings!! Slide 29 The street smart boy Slide 30 Showcasing my culinary skills.. Slide 31 With Nanna Having fun while eating together!! Slide 32 With Valli Ammuma Getting ready to pluck flowers at Inna Murthy tathas House Slide 33 Multitasking Eating Baharain chocolates and watching Jaya Krishna song on my laptop Slide 34 Celebrating Rakhi with Hridya Akka Slide 35 Celebrating Ganesh Puja at home Slide 36 With Bombay tatha during Ganesh Nimarjan Slide 37 At Chilkur Balaji Temple Slide 38 With Amma, Nanna at Gandipet Slide 39 Celebrating 62nd Independence Day of India Slide 40 I the Krishna lover Slide 41 Driving everyone crazy at Home!!! Slide 42 Naughtiness at its peak!! Slide 43 With my cousin Priya Akka Slide 44 The Hero escorting Mamma on a morning walk Slide 45 The site engineer Slide 46 Getting ready for a stroll in the colony Slide 47 Celebrating Diwali! Slide 48 With Nandu Mama Me as Todi pellikoduku Slide 49 With Pedda Ammuma Slide 50 I the Monkey Slide 51 With Nanna at Nandu Mamas Wedding Slide 52 The attention grabber