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    FamilyGram A Publication of Family Bible Church

    May 2016 Volume 2016 Issue No. 5

    M y brother in the Lord knocked on our back door and actually waited for me to open it this time. We both knew that this was going to be our last visit and, as he came in, his face seemed to show it. He

    didn’t say anything for a while and looked a little sad so I jumped right in, “Well, look at you… all ready for your move? Is Jan all packed?” He replied, “Yes, as ready as we’re going to be I guess.

    But it’s going to be hard leaving Whidbey.” He told me more about his new job as

    I poured him a cup of coffee and got out the now famous cookie tin. “Well, my friend, let’s see if we can do a little wrap-up about per- sonal and family preparedness.” I

    said this partly to get his mind off their leaving.

    “As followers of Jesus we have a much

    (Ready—Continued on page 2)


    by Dick Haines

    John 16:33

    Some Concluding Thoughts on Preparedness

    H ey Husbands! Give your W ife a Special Mother’s Day Gift! Send her to the Women’s Retreat!

    WHEN: Fri., May 20 – Sun., May 22

    WHERE: Beautiful lush grounds of Ce-

    dar Springs Christian Retreat

    Center in Sumas, WA


    COST: $190.00, (a non-refundable

    deposit of $75.00 is due at reg-


    REGISTRATION: You can register each

    Wednesday at WOW or in the foyer after

    each service on Sundays. Watch the

    church bulletin and our Facebook page

    (Women’s Ministry of Family Bible

    Church) for further details.

    Last day to register is

    Sunday, May 8th! THEME: "For Such a Time as This!" A

    retreat built on themes of revival and re-


    (Note: This is the final article in a series of special interest stories about help- ing you and your family prepare for coping more effectively with vari- ous emergency situations.)

    "And who knows but that you have come

    to your royal position for such a time as

    this?" Esther 4:14

    Anxiety and fear are on the rise in Ameri-

    ca. But God is calling for revival and re-

    newed courage for the glory of His name.

    The best way to conquer fear and anxiety is

    to unleash the power of praise! It’s time for

    the church to rise up with praise and speak

    the name of Jesus to a broken and hurting

    world. Are you ready? It’s time!


    Harling, Speaker and Author

    Authentic. Passionate. Funny. Inspiration-

    (Retreat—Continued on page 4)

  • Page 2 Family Bible Church FamilyGram

    larger agenda than the rest of the world has during and after a disas- ter strikes don’t we? And you won’t read about it in the newspapers or see it on TV today.” I began. Keith nodded and said, “Yeh, I’m begin- ning to see that.” I went on, “As a Christian preparedness website re- cently put it, this means that no matter what level of preparedness we and our family have decided to get ready for, we followers of Jesus should be prepared also by knowing what God’s Word says.” Keith thought for a moment and then broke in, “So having a Christian- based maturity really is the best preparation for what may be com- ing.” Wow, was I pleased to hear him say these words! He was grow- ing really fast in his new faith and I realized that he and Jan and the kids had a much better chance of weathering whatever might come.

    I replied, “Yes, it really is a matter of our faith and trust in the Lord conquering our fears isn’t it? No matter how many canned goods or gallons of water or cash or gold or guns and ammo we may have stored away, the only way to be truly pre- pared as Christ would have us be is to be willing to help our neighbors – this is really just the Golden Rule isn’t it? We also have to allow the Lord to strengthen us to grow to become more like Jesus. All the preparations we may make and all the good intentions we hold will matter nothing if our faith is little more than a wisp that allows the quick reentry of selfishness, greed and fear at the expense of our appli- cation of Godly principles.”

    The look on Keith’s face told me that he didn’t quite understand so I went back, “What I mean is that God wants us to let Him strengthen us to be more and more willing and able to do His work in this world. He does most of this strengthening, not us. But He also knows that we’ve got to survive in order to do this. So you see, He is setting us apart for accomplishing both His work and our own. This doesn’t mean we don’t need to take active

    (Ready—Continued from page 1) steps to be better prepared. We’re expected to use our God-given brains and common sense.”

    “Oh, I think I see,” he replied. “It’s a matter of knowing what God’s pri- orities are and not just my own.” “Yup, that’s pretty much it. And it also means becoming more resilient to what may come.” I said with a big grin.

    After listening for a while he said, “Well, Dick, you’re making heaven sound better and better. I’m com- ing to realize that it’s not easy to prep by faith and not also by worry and fear at the same time particu- larly if I spend much time on inter- net prep sites. And if the disaster we’ve been talking about is a really gigantic one our Christian faith and service is going to be all the more essential won’t it?” I nodded with an even wider smile as he went on, “… but at least now Jan and I are doing more than just talking about getting ready. We’re together on it. We’re coming to real- ize that whatever may happen God’s Spirit is with us as our Comfort- er.”

    “But Keith, before you go let’s briefly review some key things we’ve talked about over these past months,” I began, “like first of all getting over one’s normalcy bias that tries to convince us that be- cause we’ve never had a really ma- jor disaster here we never will. Next, we all need to face facts while acknowledging our own limits, in other words, to know ourselves as much as possible. Then we can get started prepping where we are - with what we already have. We should build our fresh water and food cupboards up a little at a time…remember, at least a gallon of pure drinking water per day and 2,000 calories of nutritious food per adult. After that we’ll probably need shelter, warmth and electricity to protect our health. We didn’t even talk about the economic impact of many disasters; if possible we all should try to set aside at least a

    month’s worth of extra emergency cash.” He interjected, “Yeh, and what about sharing our Christian faith with others so they can come to know and love Jesus, just like you did with me. Man, that’s real prepping. But I noticed that you didn’t mention hardly anything about self-defense or buying silver or gold… the internet is really crammed with those subjects.”

    We both knew that we wouldn’t be having any more of these meetings and the realization cast a kind of shadow over our discussions. I said, “Well, if you weren’t leaving we could have talked about all kinds of other stuff. You’ll have to do your own prep work on them from here on out.”

    “I’ll really miss our coffee and cook- ie meetings,” I said. “After you get

    settled in I hope we can stay in touch. I also hope you’ll try to meet with other guys back there to share your faith and how it trans- lates into getting pre- pared. You know, watching the evening news makes it clear that there are a lot of people who need to

    prepare by finding the source of inner peace in Jesus that we’ve found.” He gave me a confirming smile and replied, “You know, when we first moved here I used to won- der why here but now I think I know. One reason for sure was so we could meet. God sure knows what’s best for us doesn’t He?” I nodded as he went on. “One more thing before I have to go. I want you to know that while I prep I promise to pray for Carol and you, for your health and safety and for your mar- riage and family.” “I really appreci- ate that Keith, and I’ll do the same for you and Jan and the kids.”

    We hugged and even shed some tears as he left for the last time with two cookies clutched in his hand. I called out, “faith – not – fear, bud- dy!” He stopped, turned, and said, “And the same to you, brother.” 

    “It ain't those parts of the Bible that I can't understand that bother me,