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Family Credit Management

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Family Credit Management provides credit counseling services and some debt consolidation services for individuals and families dealing with unsecured debts. They've been in business for around two decades and they seem to have a very good track record with the BBB and online. If you're interested in learning more about them, check out their full review on at the link the in slides above.

Transcript of Family Credit Management Review

  • Family Credit Management!
  • Who Are They?! Family Credit Management is a non-prot credit counseling agency that has been in business for over 20 years and has helped over 100,000 people get out of debt. ! ! They offer their relationships and afliations with most major banks, retail stores and nance companies to help negotiate lower payments and interest rates for their clients. ! !
  • What Services Do They Offer?! They offer extensive credit counseling services where an experienced, certied counselor will learn more about the clients nancial situation and provide specic, tailored steps to take to remedy their debts. ! ! They also offer a debt management program to help consolidate bills, stop creditor calls, reduce nance charges and set up automatic payments. !
  • Blog! Family Credit Management hosts a regular blog on their website where anyone can read articles on topics such as 9 Credit Card Pitfalls to Avoid, What Should I Do If I Am Unable To Pay My Bills?, Is That Takeout Really Worth It?, Always Pay Yourself First and many others. Each post is several paragraphs long with professional advice for managing money, saving and preparing for nancial emergencies. !
  • FAQ Page! They have a lengthy FAQ page on their website with dozens of questions and follow up answers. Questions include, How long will it take to pay off my debts?, How is this program different from ling bankruptcy?, What if I am past due on my accounts?, etc. ! ! Each FAQ has a detailed, thorough answer, generally a couple paragraphs long. !
  • How Do They Rate With The BBB?! They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau due to their decade and a half as an accredited business, their commitment to make good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints, the overall lack of complaints led against the company in recent years, and the background information that the BBB has obtained on the business and the way they operate. !
  • What Do Their Services Cost?! Services range in cost depending on whether a client is choosing to undergo only credit counseling or enroll in a debt consolidation program with Family Credit Management.! ! They do offer a free consultation upfront and a customer service representative gave an estimate between $5-$39 a month in regular fees. ! ! Each situation varies. In order to get an accurate estimate of how much you will pay, youll need to call them for a free consultation.!
  • Website Resources! Their site offers numerous additional resources for those looking to get their nances back on track. They have a Resources section in which visitors can nd a Personal Finance Made Easy Course and learn all about establishing goals, creating a spending plan, saving money and managing bank accounts. This is done by downloading a free copy of the book or requesting that one be sent via mail. ! ! They have other free e-books such as 100 Small Ways to Save BIG and a free personal spending plan download. They also offer various nancial calculators for renting vs. buying, a student spending calculator, a mortgage savings calculator and a retirement planner. !
  • Why Type of Debt Do They Service?! The only type of debts that they are able to assist their clients with is unsecured debts which might typically include personal loans, credit card debts, department store debts, etc. This is usually the standard for credit counseling agencies and debt consolidation organizations. !
  • What Makes This Company Stand Out?! Their website is very user friendly and very savvy. So many additional resources are available to visitors that even those who dont become clients can benet greatly from the information and advice provided on the site. ! ! The actual layout of each landing page is very professional and clean cut without unnecessary clutter, dated schemes or obnoxious popups. !
  • Do They Maintain A Social Media Presence?! Theyre quite active on social media channels with their strongest presence being their Facebook page that boasts nearly 2,000 followers (a lot for the industry). They post regularly there and follow up on the comments and questions of others to their page. ! ! They also have a strong following on Twitter with nearly 300 followers where they post at least one tweet daily. ! ! Their YouTube channel is a great source of information and includes dozens of videos where experts in debt counseling and consolidation share their advice when it comes to budgeting, property taxes, college expenses, credit card debts and family nances management. !
  • What Does the BDC Think of This Company?! The BDC gives this particular company a 6.5 out of 10. Their debt education services are excellent both one-on-one, as well as the educational material they provide on their website. Their site is mobile friendly, theyve been in the business for just shy of 20 years, and they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. ! ! Having said that, there are portions of the site that could be a little confusing potentially. Pricing estimates are hard to come by as well. !
  • Potential Negatives! For those looking for an organization that truly focuses on debt consolidation, this may not be the best choice. For the most part they focus on the counseling aspect of nances, which is a great service, but not as all-encompassing as their website tends to suggest. !
  • Learn More! offers a full review with feature details on this particular organization and can be found by following the link below:! !!
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