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Fred Familiar gets things started

Transcript of Familiar Faces Chapter One New Beginnin

  • 1. Familiar Faces Chapter One: New Beginnings

2. Hey don't I know you?"I don't think so"Aren't you that Goopy guy?"Don't call me that! Why do people always say that? Names Fred, Fred Familiar."Okay then hiya Fred! You seem a little bit upset why's that?"Have you seen my house?" 3. Of course I've seen your house, I built it."One more reason to dislike you then."Look there's weather now so you need a roof, otherwise you wouldn't have a house at all. This is a legacy after all you know."I was afraid of that." 4. And you know the house isn't that bad. You have everything you need to survive your first day. By tommorrow you'll have a job and it will get better."Job? What job?"Whatever job you can get that pays the most and allows you to go to work on Tuesdays. If it's in journalism all the better since that's your lifetime want but if no journalism is available you'll take what you can get. 5. Why don't read for a bit till the paper comes. While you're reading I'll sell the bookcase and build you a pond. 6. "Oooh Butterflies!"You don't have a very long attention span do you? 7. Any journalism jobs?"Nope, there's military, medical, and ooh gamer that sounds like fun!"Don't be such a noob! Take the the military it pays the best of the three. Now go greet your first walkby. 8. "Hmm he looks familiar."All the townies will look familiar. I extracted all the Maxis playables and made them into townies. They are your gene pool."You mean I've got to marry him?"No you can marry the townie that suits you the best but it will be a townie that was cloned from Maxis pre-mades not the normal townie pool."Whew! Although I do like red hair, see it's in my turn ons."So noted 9. Not much of a conversationalist are you Fred?"It's not my fault this fool thinks there are cars that fly!"Well there are cars that fly they are called airplanes."Show me one!"Got me there. 10. Well this friendship is starting out well they won't even stand next to each other to fish they stand on oppisite sides of the lake an shout to each other. This does not bode well for Fred's popularity aspiration.Go greet the welcoming commitee maybe you'll have better luck there. 11. The welcoming commitee consists of more Pleasantview folks. We've got John Burb, Jennifer Burb and Herb Oldie. Jennifer and John aren't married here so Fred's not heartfarting in vain. 12. However he's still got to overcome his conversation deficits. 13. Fred, screaming across the lake will most likely scare the fish. It really won't hurt you to stand near other people. It's not like you're shy or anything.In fact Fred has an interesting personality. He's an Aries 3/7/6/7/2. Which means he's sloppy, outgoing, active, playful and mean. I wub mean sims! 14. "A Boot! What the heck am I supposed to do with a Boot!"Sell it and then order some pizza your guests are hungry. 15. Anyway you aren't the only one catching boots, Daniel's not having much luck. Fred hasn't sucessfully made a cast yet, he just keeps falling on his butt. John gave up on fishing, eh some folks just don't find fishing all that much fun."It's the worms, I can hear them scream." 16. Jennifer on the other hand is reeling in the fish. It takes a womans touch apparently. Looks like it may rain, in real life fishing's better in the rain, dunno about Sims. 17. Fred's attention span has wandered yet again. The pizza is ordered but he's no longer interested in fishing, he's found someing much more fun. 18. "I'm singing and dancing in the rain!" Face it you're no Fred Astaire 19. Take that inside, the pizza's gonna get soggy."It'll be fine." 20. The men congregate around the soggy pizza talking about what men talk about when they get together. Jennifer keeps her distance, and keeps reeling in the fish. 21. A lightening bolt strikes out front sending Fred running to check out the damage. "Noooo Not Pinky!" 22. Thankfully the rain quickly puts out the fire and the only casualty of the experience is Herbs hygiene meter. 23. Fred takes a quick shower and then heads downtown for a quick welcome to the hood mixer. The main topic of conversation is of course the weather. All sims are fascinated by this new phenomonum. Thankfully Priya Ramaswami a townie transfered in from Riverbloosom Hills is able to calm folks down. She's never lived without weather so it's really no big deal. 24. The gathering comes to a quick close though cause Fred's had a long day he needs his beauty sleep if he's gonna get up at 5am for his first day in the military. 25. As soon as he gets home it's off to bed for a quick nights sleep. 26. And in the morning even before first light Freds up and off to work. 27. Dismiss her Fred you can't afford a date yet."But I got a promotion I've got money now!"No you have a kitchen now 28. See your promotion paid for a second roof and a small kitchen as well as a radio so that you can earn your needed body point. 29. "Can I afford a dog? I want a dog? This one seems nice."You can't afford a dog yet, sorry. 30. "Can I afford her?" Probably not, those Caliente girls have expensive tastes. Besides it's negative attraction. 31. "But I like red heads, I told you that"That's the only thing you do like about her though."We can work with it, can't we?"No 32. Luckily Fred's easily distracted"Purple rain purple rain"I would say he's color blind as well, but we've established that he recognizes red. 33. "Don't look at me! She did it I swear!" Great now he needs a new bed. 34. In order to afford a bed we're going to have to sell part of the new kitchen. So Fred makes many group meals of Mac and Cheese and then sticks them in the fridge as leftovers so that we can sell the stove. 35. And boom new bed! 36. Next promotion needs a mechanical point so Fred does some quick reading before heading to bed. 37. In the morning we realize he has the day off. Fred's so happy about not having to go to work he starts to dance.It's kinda scary. 38. And it only gets worse. 39. With the day off he can spend it greeting walkbyes in hopes of meeting that special one."She has red hair!"I can see that, she's also family and there's no attraction between the two of you. You're a dog man she's a cat lady it would never work. 40. "Tell me again why I like dogs?"Beats me. 41. Now go save your newspaper before Circe steals it again, you still want to find a job in journalism."Red hair!"I see that I also see the x'd out lighting bolt in your relationship panel. For all you like red hair you don't seem to like many redheads. 42. Journalism?"Nope"Sigh 43. It's summertime and a popularity sims dream season. I generally like popularity sims anyway cause they are really easy to keep happy, as long as they get to greet everyone that walks by. But in summer they can convert those greetings into almost instant friendships. 44. I wouldn't do that if I were you Fred."Do what?"Do whatever it is you're thinking about doing. I see that little prankster's gleam in your eye. 45. Nice job just bean the wimp over the head with a baseball, great way to make friends there Fred. 46. And now you'll toss a water balloon at him and he'll start crying. Great! 47. Although apparently with seasons sims like being hit with water balloons. Great way to cool off in the summer. 48. Small attention span again? What the heck are you doing?"Dodging water balloons, he may look like a wimp but Pascal's got a slider." 49. Summer is good for making all types of friends, on one bright sunny afternoon Fred meets and makes friends with Tucker, who he will then continually roll up wants to play with but have no ability to contact. 50. So far Fred's best match has been Jennifer Burb but I'm hesistant to let their relationship go forth, since it's only one bolt and I have a policy that means they need to have two bolts of natural chemisty (no changed turn ons/offs) before settling down for a lifetime. Their date does bring Fred into plat, so that's a plus. 51. Bad day?"I got another fricking promotion, I don't want to be in the military. I'm insubordinate and argumentative and yet they keep promoting me. What does it take to get fired these days?" 52. Go meet Nylssit that should make you happy."She doesn't look familiar does that mean she's off limits."Nah, she's okay she's a Tricou, normally you'd have to res her to meet her. 53. "She's meaner than me!" 54. "I like it!"We'll put her on the reserve list there's potential but I donno, two mean popularity sims in the same house? 55. Besides she prefers fishing with Pascal than talking to Fred. 56. Finally able to afford some garden patchs and get the summer tomatoes planted before fall sets in. 57. Hurry up Fred go grab the garbage Vicund kicked over and compost it before it starts to stink!Unfortunatly Fred's not mean enough to kick over his own garbage so we've had to make do with newspapers for compost up till now. 58. Well now, this has possibilities. Very good possibilities. What do you think Fred?"She's got red hair, I like that!"So you keep telling me. 59. "She's sexy too!"Well she's romance so that follows.Looks like a keeper, go fish and make friends. 60. Oooh he must like her, he actually stands beside Chloe to fish rather than on the other side of the lake, that's new. 61. Summer plus fishing equals quick friendship and a good night kiss. 62. Within a few days love is in the air. Chloe doesn't seem to mind that he's living in an unpainted roof with no floor and only lightening bugs as lighting. She's got standards I tell ya! 63. Another promotion?"Yes, seriously what does it take to get fired from this job?" 64. "They even gave me a reward this time, how stupid are they?" I won't answer that, I try to be non political, really I do. 65. Fred runs out to greet his future father in law.He needs to make a good impression on PT. 66. Unfortuna