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Fall-Winter 2013 Publications Catalog of the ABA Law Practice Division (LP) featuring new and popular titles in marketing, management, technology, and finance for legal professionals.

Transcript of Fall/Winter 2013 New and Bestselling Books from LP

  • New and Bestselling Books from LP

    faLL/WiNter 2013

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    Welcome to the fall-Winter 2013 Publications Catalog of the aBa Law Practice division (LP).

    We are pleased to feature our newest titles in our four core areas: marketing, management, technology, and finance. While this is just a small sampling of the outstanding books published by LP, you can visit our website at www.lawpractice.org/publications for our entire line of books. LP books are written by the leading authorities in the field.

    in this challenging economic time, we have included titles that will help you manage and market your practice, improve your productivity, and increase your bottom line. our books contain real-world, user-friendly advice, and proven strategies to optimize your law practice.



    tom Mighell, Chair, LP Publications Board

    The Law practice Division (Lp) plays a unique role in the american Bar association because its resources are targeted to every practicing attorney and legal professional, regardless of practice area. Members of LP benefit from practical education and assistance for lawyers and firms in the core areas of the business of practicing lawmarketing, management, technology, and finance. LP publishes valuable periodicals including Law Practice magazine, LawPractice.news, and the Law Practice Today webzine. discounts on LP conferences (aBa teCHsHoW, aBa Women rainmakers Mid-Career Workshop, and aBa Law firm Marketing strategies Conference), monthly CLe webinars, and teleconferences offer great opportunities for business as well as career development. Plus, you will receive special member pricing on a full listing of more than 100 LP publications!







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    to check out LPs new and upcoming titles, visit www.ShopABA.org

    faLL/WiNter 2013

    For information on how to join LP, visit www.lawpractice.org or call 1-800-285-2221.

  • 3ABA LAw PrActice DiViSiON

    LP e-books are now available to read on

    your iPad, smartphone, or favorite

    e-reader! titles in this catalog that

    are available in e-book form will have

    an e-book icon in their listing.

    to download the latest releases in ePUB format,

    visit the aBa webstore (www.shopaBa.org)

    today. to read e-books on your iPad, iPhone, or

    iPod touch, visit itunes or the iBooks app and

    search for the book title. LPs digital library is

    expanding quickly, so check back often for new

    e-book availability. Purchase LP e-books today

    and be only one click away from the resources

    your law practice needs.


    Law Practice resources for the digital age

    follow LP!stay current with the latest news about

    LP Books, including discount offers, free

    excerpts, author interviews, and more on

    the Legal technology resource Center

    Blog: www.lawtechnologytoday.org



    aBa Law Practice division Group

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    How to Start and Build a Law Practice, Platinum Fifth EditionBy Jay G. Foonberg

    The ABAs number one best-selling book has been used by hundreds of thousands of lawyers as the comprehensive guide to planning, launching, and growing a successful practice. Packed with over 700 pages of guidance, youll find the information you need to successfully launch your practice, run it at maximum efficiency, and avoid potential pitfalls along the way. From identifying the right office location, finding clients, and setting fees to managing your office, maintaining an ethical and responsible practice, and maximizing available resources, this book will give you the expert advice you need to make your firm succeed for years to come.

    1 2004 | 6 x 9 | 704 pages | Paperback | Product Code: 5110508 LP Member Price: $57.95 | LSD Member Price: $27.95 | Regular Price: $69.95

    Social Media as Evidence: Cases, Practice Pointers, and TechniquesBy Joshua Briones and Ana Tagvoryan

    For lawyers, the proverbial smoking gun document of the pre-internet era has given way to smoking gun tweet. In recent years, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media channels have become an evidentiary gold mine for impeaching witnesses and undermining a companys litigation position. This book will assist any lawyer who encounters social media in their daily law practice.

    1 2012 | 7 x 10 | 109 pages Paperback | Product Code: 5110748 LP Member Price: $47.95 Regular Price: $79.95

    Twitter in One Hour for LawyersBy Jared Correia

    Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers will demystify one of the most important social media platforms of our time and teach you to tweet like an expert. In just one hour, you will learn to create a Twitter account, follow the right people, write the perfect tweet, gain an audience, and use Twitter to market your firm effectively. This book also addresses the relevant ethics, privacy, and security concerns facing any lawyer on Twitter.

    1 2012 | 7 x 8.5 | 196 pages Paperback | Product Code: 5110746 LP Member Price: $24.95 Regular Price: $39.95

    Locked Down: Information Security for LawyersBy Sharon D. Nelson, Esq., John W. Simek, and Michael C. Maschke

    Locked Down explains the wide variety of information security risks facing law firms and how lawyers can best protect their data from these threatswith any budget. Written in clear, non-technical language that any lawyer can understand, this book will help you create a secure password, assess your security risks, work securely from a laptop and smartphone, maintain e-mail integrity, and much more.

    1 2012 | 7 x 10 | 319 pages Paperback | Product Code: 5110741 LP Member Price: $47.95 Regular Price: $79.95

  • 5aBa LaW PraCtiCe divisioN


    iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, Second EditionBy Tom Mighell

    The bestselling ABA book iPad in One Hour for Lawyers has helped thousands of attorneys learn to use the iPad in their law practices. Fully revised and updated to reflect the newest version of the iPad and the latest apps available, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, Second Edition, will help attorneys get more out of their iPad. Ideal for lawyers who want to get up to speed fast, this acclaimed book presents the essentials so you dont get bogged down in technical jargon and extraneous features and apps.

    1 2012 | 7 x 8.5 | 100 pages | Paperback | Product Code: 5110747 LP Member Price: $24.95 | Regular Price: $39.95

    iPad Apps in One Hour for LawyersBy Tom Mighell

    At last count, there were more than 225,000 apps available for the iPad. Finding the best apps often can be an overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating process. iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers provides the best of the best apps that are essential for any law practice. In just one hour, you will learn about the apps most worthy of your time and attention.

    1 2012 | 7 x 8.5 | 115 pages Paperback | Product Code: 5110739 LP Member Price: $19.95 Regular Price: $34.95

    Google for Lawyers: Essential Search Tips and Productivity ToolsBy Carole A. Levitt and Mark E. Rosch

    In the decade since its launch, Google has become synonymous with Internet searches. This step-by-step guide explores Googles most popular features plus its newest and least-known search features, productivity tools, and services. This book is written specifically for those in the legal profession, and it is an invaluable resource for both the novice and advanced user.

    1 2010 | 7 x 10 | 544 pages Paperback | Product Code: 5110704 LP Member Price: $47.95 Regular Price: $79.95

    Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for LawyersBy Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch

    Learn how to use Googles e-mail and calendar services that will allow you to work from anywhere. Discover how to work smarternot harderwith time-saving tools from Google.

    1 2013 | 7 x 8.5 | 174 pages Paperback | Product Code: 5110759 LP Member Price: $24.95 Regular Price: $39.95

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    Facebook in One Hour for LawyersBy Dennis Kennedy and Allison C. Shields

    With a few simple steps, lawyers can harness Facebook to market their services, grow their practices, and expand their legal networkall by using the same methods they already use to communicate with friends and family. In just one hour, you will learn to set up an account, create a profile, optimize privacy settings, establish a business page, and develop a Facebook strategy to grow your legal network.

    1 2012 | 7 x 8.5 | 173 pages | Paperback | Product Code: 5110745 LP Member Price: $24.95 | Regular Price: $39.95

    Blogging in One Hour for LawyersBy Ernie Svenson

    Lawyers in any size firm can reach a global audience at little to no costall because of blogs. An effective blog can help you promote your practice, become more findable online, and take charge of how you are perceived by clients, journalists and anyone who uses the Internet. Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers will show you how to create, maintain, and improve a legal blogand gain new business opportunities along the way.

    1 2012 | 7 x 8.5 | 121 pages Paperback | Product Code: 5110744 LP Member Price: $24.95 Regular Price: $39.95

    Android Apps in One Hour for LawyersBy Daniel J. Siegel

    Android is the fastest growing mobile platform in the world, and many lawyers are turning to Android smartphones and tablets to help run their law offices. This book will help you transform you transform your practice by using the best of the best Andro