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  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    Effect Code

    Activates the last door you clicked on in the console that is locked but needed to be

    opened from another place. (doors that unlock doesn't work on)


    add # special points addspecialpoints #

    Advance one level advlevel

    Ages the targetted character with 1, and deages them with 1 agerace #

    Ages yourself with 1, and deages you with 1 player.agerace #

    All mapmarkers tmm 1

    Allows player to wear !rotherhood of "teel armor without the training prereuisite. "et$%%an&se$owerArmor 1

    Allows you to add blood to your screen. igher numbers make more blood spots.


    tsb *number+

    Allows you to change your field of view (by angle) fov *11+

    Allows you to spawn any -$% net to you. player.placeatme

    Alters the speed in which the ingame time passes. set timescale to #

    Ammo for /nstant0ill agnum $layer.Add/tem 2345e 6

    Automatically kill the target you selected in %onsole ode 0ill

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    Effect Code

    !ecome a giant7 1 giant 8 1 normal player.mod"cale 91 or 1:

    %enter on cell. ;eleports you to the cell you specify. coc *%ell /

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    Effect Code

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    Effect Code

    ust in case... %loseAllenus

    0ills everyone in the area, if you are outside it kills everything outside. 0illall

    Ooads a saved game. load *name+

    akes G.A.;." incredibly perfect when it comes to aiming. "etK" fGA;"

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    Effect Code

    Form codes (uniue for every savegame)

    $ermanently modifies players ma action points. player.modav actionpoints #

    $ermanently modifies players ma hp player.modav health #

    $ermanently modifies players ma weight. player.modav carryweight #

    $urge cell buffer, which frees up memory if you have lots of cells loaded,increasing performance.


    Euits the game fast with no promps EEE

    >emove all the Qeapons and %loths from "elected -$% (inc kids7) >emoveallitems

    >emoves PHHHP number of items from your inventory of 9Db=ect/eplace with the number of eperience points to receive rewardp

    >esets a uest... assuming you would want to do such a thingR >esetEuest

    >estores euiped weapon to 1S $layer."etQeaponealth$erc 1

    >eturns 1 if the uest with Euest/< has been completed and if it hasn't KetEuest%ompletedCKetE% *Euest/

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    Effect Code

    reward # karma points to player reward0arma #

    roll creditsCend gameplay eit vats

    "aves your game with a custom save name. save *name+

    "ecret QeaponL /nstant0ill agnum $layer.Add/tem 6f32 1,1

    "elect player, or -$% and acts as a full heal >esethealth

    "elects an ob=ect. &seful for selecting yourself in first person view (use '$>//< *name+

    set selected targets coordinate (you can also use J and T with this function8 click

    an ob=ect while in the console to select it)

    "et$os H

    "et the melee damage inflicted by your character. (-ote, other variables will affect

    your final damage output.) (/nsert desired damage in place of ##)

    player.setav meleedamage ##

    set the number of special points to # setspecialpoints #

    "et the percent chance to score a critical hit when inflicting damage. (-ote, inputdesired percentage in place of ## *1+)

    player.setav critchance ##

    "et the percentage of fire damage absorbed by your player. (-ote, input desired

    percentage in place of ## *1+)

    player.setav fireresist ##

    "et the percentage of physical (Kunshot or melee) damage absorbed by your player.

    (-ote, input desired percentage in place of ## *1+)

    player.setav damageresist ##

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    Effect Code

    "et the percentage of poison damage absorbed by your player. (-ote, input desired

    percentage in place of ## *1+)

    player.setav poisonresist ##

    "et the percentage of radiation absorbed by your player. (-ote, input desired

    percentage in place of ## *1+)

    player.setav radresist ##

    "et the unarmed damage inflicted by your character. (Dther variables will affectyour final damage output.) (/nsert desired damage in place of ##)

    player.setav unarmeddamage ##

    "ets how much an -$% has to trade with "et!arterKold *amount+

    "ets skill level to #. a 1. this sets all skill bonuses but those from gear, tag

    skills, or attributes.

    player.setav 9"0/OO: #

    "ets the base force for lock breaking to 1S so that you can open any lock by

    forcing it.

    "etK" fOock"kill!ase 1

    "ets the maimum level that your character can reach through eperience gain.>eplace the ### with the desired maimum level.

    setgs ia%haracterOevel ###

    "ets the name of the selected -$%. &se Pplayer.setactorfull nameP to change your

    character's name. Oast name (and any further spaces) optional.

    setactorfullname PFirstname OastnameP (&se the uotes if

    the name has spaces)

    "ets the -$% as essential. "etIssential 9/

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    Effect Code

    "tarts a uest, useful if you want to reset Pstartuest 9uest /

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    Effect Code

    Qarp !ack coc megatoncommonhouse

    Qarp to >oom with All /tems coc testaitems

    Qarp to your uest' target location ove;oEuest;argetCmovetot 9optionalL uest/

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    -nlocka1le =o2 to -nlock

    !ig ;rouble in !ig ;own (2K$) %ompleted P!ig ;rouble in !ig ;ownP

    !lood ;ies (2K$) %ompleted P!lood ;iesP

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    -nlocka1le =o2 to -nlock

    $aradigm of umanity (4K$) >eached Oevel 2 with -eutral 0arma

    $icking up the ;rail (2K$) %ompleted P$icking up the ;railP

    $innacle of "urvival (2K$) >eached Oevel 1@ with -eutral 0arma

    $rotector (1K$) >eached Oevel with Kood 0arma

    $ychotic $rankster (1K$) $laced a grenade or mine while pickpocketing

    >eaver (1K$) >eached Oevel with !ad 0arma

    >eilly's >angers (2K$) %ompleted P>eilly's >angersP

    >escue from $aradise (2K$) %ompleted P>escue from $aradiseP

    "cientific $ursuits (2K$) %ompleted P"cientific $ursuitsP

    "courge of umanity (4K$) >eached Oevel 2 with !ad 0arma


  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    -nlocka1le =o2 to -nlock

    ;enpenny ;ower (2K$) %ompleted P;enpenny ;owerP

    ;he American

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    -nlocka1le =o2 to -nlock

    Qeaponsmith (4K$) ade one of every custom weapon

    Jes, / $lay with

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    Com1at =elmet 00020426Commando 7rmor 000CB544Composite "econ 7rmor 000CB5FAComposite "econ =elmet 000CB5FBCro2s Ee1ot =elmet 000B17A0Cro2s Ee1ot =elmet 000B17A0(ads +asteland @utfit 00079F09(efender 7rmor 000CB543

    (irt Chinese 0umpsuit 000340D3(irt Chinese 0umpsuit 000CB603(irt 3re/+ar ;usiness2ear 0005C682(irt 3re/+ar Casual2ear 000340CF(irt 3re/+ar 'ids @utfit 000340C4(irt 3re/+ar 3arkstroller @utfit 0005BB70(irt 3re/+ar "ela5ed2ear 0005BB6F(irt 3re/+ar 8pring @utfit 000340D1(irt 3re/+ar 8pring @utfit 00066C71(octor #is )lasses 0005C9A0(octor #is @utfit 000340DA

    Elder #ons "o1e 00087274Enclae @fficer =at 00078647Enclae @fficer -niform 000340DEEnclae 3o2er 7rmor 00023B62Enclae 3o2er 7rmor 0004443EEnclae 8cientist @utfit 0001B5BDEnclae 8hocktrooper 7rmor 000CB5F3Enclae 8hocktrooper =elmet 000CB5F4Enironment 8uit 000C09D4Eulog 0ones =at 00034126E5plorers )ear 000CB549

    Ee1ot =elmet 0004E6A0Eeglasses 000340FD)houl Mask 0001DC1C)lasses"eadingChild 0005DC82)rim 3re/+ar ;usiness2ear 000B1056=and/Me/(o2n "aider 7rmor 000CB5FE=andman 0umpsuit 000BF6FD=at of the 3eople 000CB604=ead +rap 00074296=ead +rap 00074334=ead +rap 00074335

    =ead +rap 00074336=igh2a 8car 7rmor 000CB5FF

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    =ocke Mask 000335980unior @fficer @utfit 000340F9'ids ;allcap 2ith )lasses 0009B185'ids ;ase1all Cap 000340C1'ids Cae "at @utfit 000340E4'ids Murra the Mole =at 00078643'ids 3art =at 00028FF8'ids 3olice =at 000340E1

    #a1 .echnician @utfit 000340D7#eather 7rmor 00020423#eather 7rmor 0002DC05#eather 7rmor 00066C72#eather 7rmor 00066C74#edou5s =ocke Mask 0007401C#eskos #a1 Coat 000C24F9#incolns =at 0004445B#indens @utcast 3o2er 7rmor 00070877#uck 8hades 000CB54B#ons 3ride 3o2er 7rmor 00061A73

    MacCreads =elmet 0002D11BMakeshift )as Mask 000C111AMaples )ar1 0005A6CAMaor MacCreads @utfit 000340E7Merc 7denturer @utfit 00034124Merc Charmer @utfit 00034122Merc Charmer @utfit 000CB606Merc Cruiser @utfit 000C5D34Merc Cruiser @utfit 000CB60BMerc )runt @utfit 000A3045Merc )runt @utfit 000CB60A

    Merc .rou1lemaker @utfit 00034123Merc Veteran @utfit 0008C83CMetal 7rmor 0003307FMetal =elmet 00033080Modified -tilit 0umpsuit 0007C17CMotorccle =elmet 0009B186Msterious 8tranger =at 0006B467Msterious 8tranger @utfit 0006696Daught ight2ear 000C8E07@asis (ruid =ood 0009B18A@asis E5ile =ood 000C942D

    @asis "o1e 000340E8@asis Villager "o1e 000340E9

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    @utcast 3o2er 7rmor 00060C70@utcast 3o2er =elmet 00060C72@utcast "econ =elmet 000645ED3art =at 00050E443art =at8tanle 000B75E23int/8i9ed 8lasher Mask 000340FC3ip/;o %%% 000150383ip/;o %%% 000236D8

    3ip/;o )loe 00025B833olice =at 000AB4913oplars =ood 0005A6CB3o2er 7rmor 00014E133o2er 7rmor 000250833o2er 7rmor 00066C733o2er =elmet 00014C083o2er/8uit 7rmor 000CB60C3re/+ar ;ase1all Cap 00028FF93re/+ar ;onnet 000340CD3re/+ar Casual2ear 0001EA6D

    3re/+ar Casual2ear 000CB60D3re/+ar =at 000340C83re/+ar 'ids @utfit 000340C33re/+ar @utfit and +atch 0008198C3re/+ar @utfit and +atch 000ABBE23re/+ar 3arkstroller @utfit 0005BB663re/+ar 3arkstroller @utfit 000CB60F3re/+ar "ela5ed2ear 0005BB633re/+ar 8pring @utfit 000340D03rototpe Medic 3o2er 7rmor 0007836E3ro =elmet 000CB600

    "adiation 8uit 00033078"agamuffin @utfit 000340F8"agamuffin .ophat 00074950"aider 7rclight =elmet 00078644"aider ;adlands 7rmor 0003307D"aider ;lastmaster 7rmor 0003307E"aider ;lastmaster =elmet 0005B6E8"aider 3ainspike 7rmor 0002042F"aider 3scho/.ic =elmet 00020432"aider 8adist 7rmor 0003307C"aider +astehound =elmet 00078645

    "anger 7rmor 00023030"anger ;attle 7rmor 00023030

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    "anger ;attle =elmet 00034105"econ 7rmor =elmet 00028EAD"econ 7rmor 0003064D"ed "acer 0umpsuit 0003411B"eds ;andana 000340EB"eds 0umpsuit 000340EA"egulator (uster 0003E54A"iet Cit 8ecurit =elmet 000239CB

    "iet Cit 8ecurit -niform 000239CC"oad "ascal #eather 7rmor 000CB5F5"o1Co 0umpsuit 0003411A"o1o/.hor =elmet 000CB5F8"oing .rader =at 00078648"oing .rader @utfit 0002B3858cientist @utfit 000340D98e5 8leep2ear 000340E68had =at 0007C17D8harp/(ressed "aiders 7rmor 000CB5FC8hellshocked Com1at 7rmor 000CB5EF

    8hellshocked Com1at =elmet 000CB5F08heriffs (uster 000204298heriffs =at 0002DD808lae Collar 0002F5638lae Collar 0003D1FE8leep2ear 000CB60E8tormchaser =at 0009B1898unglasses 0005C99F8urgical Mask 0003E591./&!1 3o2er 7rmor 000A6F77./&!1 3o2er =elmet 000A6F78

    .akoma 3ark #ittle #eaguer Cap 000C72FB

    .alon Com1at 7rmor 000A6F76

    .alon Com1at 7rmor 000CB5F2

    .alon Com1at =elmet 000B0278

    .alon Com1at =elmet 000CB5F1

    .alon Compan 7rmor 000A6F76

    .enpenn 8ecurit =elmet 0005B6EB

    .enpenn 8ecurit -niform 00034119

    .enpenns 8uit 00096CB7$e"#% Armor 0006B464.esla 7rmor 0008F571

    $e"#% &e#met 0006B465.he 7nt7goni9ers Costume 0003411D

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    .he 7nt7goni9ers =elmet 0003411F

    .he (eils 3igtails 000CB5FD

    .he Mechanists Costume 0003411E

    .he Mechanists =elmet 00034120

    .he 8urgeons #a1 Coat 000C71E1

    .hree (ogs )lasses 000ACDA4

    .hree (ogs =ead +rap 00073FEC

    .inted "eading )lasses 0001C295

    .orchers Mask 000C7C4E.ortiseshell )lasses 0005C9A1

    .unnel 8nake @utfit 0002042E

    .unnel 8nake @utfit 00061D98-nder2ear 00089B52Vances #ongcoat @utfit 00083C5CVault !%! Childs 0umpsuit 000340F2Vault !%! 8ecurit 7rmor 0001CBDDVault !%! 8ecurit =elmet 0003411CVault !%! -tilit 0umpsuit 000425BAVault !%6 0umpsuit 000B73F2

    Vault !%* 0umpsuit 000B73F1Vault !!$ 0umpsuit 000340EFVault :: 0umpsuit 000CAFBEVault *: 0umpsuit 000340EDVault >$ 0umpsuit 000B73F3Vault #a1 -niform 0001CBDC+anderers #eather 7rmor 000C7C54+asteland (octor

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    #ockpick 00038931#uck 000388E6Medicine 00038950Melee +eapons 000389513erception 000388333erception 00038833"epair 00038952"epair 00038952

    8cience 000389538mall )uns 000389548neak 000389558peech 000389568trength 00038832-narmed 00038958Boo(";ig ;ook of 8cience 0003403C;ig ;ook of 8cience 0002D3A4Chinese 7rmD 8pec? @ps? .raining



    (?C? 0ournal of Internal Medicine 00034043(eans Electronics 0003403D(uck and Coer 0006A80C

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    ;err Mentats 000BF7C6;lamco Mac and Cheese 0008C556;loatfl Meat 0007C10D;lood 3ack 00034051;rahmin 8teak 00015198;u11legum 0008C560;uffout 00015163Cae

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    3ork ;eans 0008C55E3otato Crisps 0008C5623scho 000151663urified +ater 000151A3"adroach Meat 0009C9578alis1ur 8teak 000293A98cotch 000151A18oftshell Mirelurk Meat 000552CE

    8quirrel on a 8tick 000319498quirrel 8te2 0003194A8timpaks 000151698trange Meat 0002E3768trange Meat 3ie 0007E1738ugar ;om1s 0008C55182eetroll 00030A23-ltrajet 000C9CF4Vodka 00032C74+hiske 00032C75+ine 0003404A

    Fao )uai Meat 0003404BFumFum (eiled Eggs 0008C55CMi"e##%neou";o11 3ins 0000000A;ottle Caps 0000000F

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    ;ase1all ;at 0000421C;; )un 000C0327;; )un 00004323;lack ;arts ;ane 0006B535;lackha2k 000303A2;oard of Education 000C310F;ottlecap Mine 0000433A;rass 'nuckles 00004324

    ;reaker 000CB546;utchs .oothpick 00078440;u99sa2 0003BC6FChinese 7ssault "ifle 00046BDDChinese 7ssault "ifle 0000080BChinese @fficers 82ord 0006415DChinese @fficers 82ord 0002B3CBChinese 3istol 00004325Chinese 3istol HKhu/"ong 4!*J 00060C2CCloers Cleaer 000C80B8Col? 7utumns !%mm 3istol 0006B531

    Col? 7utumns #aser 3istol 000ABBE4Com1at 'nife 00004326Com1at 'nife 00064093Com1at 8hotgun 0003713DCom1at 8hotgun 00004327Curse ;reaker 000C80BB(art )un 0000432A(eathcla2 )auntlet 0000432BElectrical Kap 00022FF1Eugene 0006B538E5cali1at 000C80BC

    E5perimental MI"V 0003422B

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    3lasma "ifle 000043443lunketts Valid 3oints 000CAFA93olice ;atton 000043453ool Cue 000043463o2er

  • 7/23/2019 Fallout Cheats


    Verti1ird ;om1 )un 0003E5E2Verti1ird )un 00089C51Victor "ifle 000CB548+a9er +ifle 00061793