Falling for you pillows

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Falling for you pillows. A thanksgiving gift of love. Genealogy Botany Embroidery Appliqué. Embroidery Art form using threads to decorate fabric. The oldest embroidery date back to the Middle Ages. Requirement. Embroider family name. Embroidery stitches. Running stitch. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Falling for you pillows

Falling for you pillows

A thanksgiving gift of loveGenealogyBotany EmbroideryAppliqu

EmbroideryArt form using threadsto decoratefabricThe oldest embroidery date back to the Middle AgesEmbroider family nameRequirementEmbroidery stitches

Running stitch

Chain Stitch

Back stitch

Overcast stitch

Button hole stitch

Feather stitch

French knot

Satin stitch

Appliqu Cut and sew shapes ontoanother piece of fabricRequirementAppliqu falling leavesMore than four! Appliqu Leavesare to represent family members

What colorsbest represent that individual?

Photosynthesisa process by which green plants & other organisms

turn carbon dioxide & water into carbohydrates &oxygenusing light energy trapped by chlorophyllLeaf IdentificationDo you know your leaves?


Oak Leaf

Pine leafPine needles




Bradford pear

Red CedarDendrochronology.

Dendro-" is greek for tree.

"Chron-" means time.

"ology" is the study of.Dendrochronology can tellage of the treeclimatefloodsinsect-damageforest fire by examining the trees

DendrochronologyTree Ring dating

Study of annual growth ring

Each ring is one year

How old is this tree?

Its OKTo Be A Tree Hugger!!!!Weneed OxygenOxygen is food for our blood

Our body changes oxygen into carbon dioxide (gas)We breathe in OxygenBreathe out Carbon Dioxide Trees take in carbon dioxide &put out oxygen

just theopposite of people and animals. plants and trees make the oxygenthat we need to breatheSooo Its To Be ATree Hugger!

SaveOurTrees !

Genealogy-the study of the history of families& the line of descent from their ancestorsGenealogyCan you chart out your family tree?

Family TreeThink about your family tree

Who is strongest like an oak tree?Project Requirements

Leaf shapes appliqudon pillow(more than four)

Family name embroideredSteps:Cut Muslin to shape of pillowGather your fabric for leaves (appliqu)Draw and Cut leaf pattern from hard paperPin & Sew fabric leaves onto muslinEmbroider the family nameSew all 3 sides StuffSew last side