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2. THE NORTH SOUTH DIVIDE 3. What is development?

  • Development is basically about how rich or poor a country is. We can measure how rich a county is by using a simple calculation;

The amount of money a county makes from selling goods Total population of that countryThis is called the Gross National Product, or GNP for short. 4. 1,200 Kenya 43,500 America 2,600 Ghana 31,400 England GDP ($) Country 5. What other factors may indicate to us how developed a country is? 6. Development indicators

  • Look at p2 of your booklets to see what Economic and Social factors exist.

7. Correlations

  • A positive correlation is when the line of best fit increases.This tells us that if one of the indicators increases, then the other will also increase.
  • A negative correlation is when the line of best fit decreases.This tells us that if one indicator increases, for instance the number of people per doctor, the other indicator will fall

8. Is there any relationship between the income of a county and the % of people who work in agriculture?7 39,640 Japan 2 18,700 UK 3 26,980 USA 47 2,780 Turkey 67 2,740 Thailand 6 24,990, France 25 % in agriculture 3,640 BrazilAverage income Country 9. 10. MEDC or LEDC? 11. High Infant mortality, High Death Rate,Low GNP per capita, Low % of workers in agriculture High Life Expectancy, High Adult Literacy Low calorific intake High GNP High Energy Consumption High energy consumption Low adult literacy low % of workers in agriculture High number of doctors per 1000 population Low Calorific intake Which is the Odd one out? Which is the Odd one out? Which is the Odd one out? Which is the Odd one out? High GNP per Capita, Low Death Rate, High Infant Mortality High Adult Literacy Moderately High Birth Rate 1. 2. 3. 4.