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Paper TowelsBath TissueCleaner




Hand SanitizerCoffeeSnack




Facilities & Breakroom

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A growing assortment of recycled and green cleaning products (paper towel, bath tissue, facial tissue, cleaning supplies)

Supports the Environment

Variety of pack sizes

More brands

Own brands (Dunder Mifflin, Brighton Pro)

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Category Focus for 2014:

Paper towels: SMB Market $965MM Quill share: 2.5%

Bath tissue: SMB Market $534MM Quill share: 2.5%

Hand Soap: SMB Market $340MM Quill share 1.4%

Coffee: SMB Market $6.4B Quill share 0.3%

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Facilities & Breakroom

Our office doesnt purchase snacks and beverages for employees; theyre expected to buy their own


1 out of 20 employees leaves the office for coffee daily, leading to lost productivity

Each trip takes around 20-40 minutes

Snacks are important for providing energy and staying focused during the workday

Quill offers a vast variety of snack products, from healthy snack alternatives like trailmix to different M&M candy flavors to supply both your employees and any clients/customers

Im just a small office, I dont need really big pack sizes


Quill.com has a wide assortment of pack sizes

Small packs to large bulk packs

Quills prices are too high compared to my other suppliers


Quill.com is always lowering prices to be competitive in the market. If a customer hasnt compared pricing in awhile, encourage them to check again

Monthly specials, sales, and coupons help make our low prices even lower!

Educate the customer on different pack sizes

A higher price may be explained by a larger pack size

Break pricing down to cost per each or a cost per roll (bath tissue, paper towels) for the customer

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Introduce Quill or Brighton brand alternatives to your customers for their cleaning and break room needs

Quills Rewards program offers 5% back in Quill cash for all purchases over $100

Quills Preferred customers have the ability to customize pricing on the items used in the office most often, without having to wait for coupons or specials

You receive free shipping on every order, reducing any current shipping charges or mileage expenses

My office uses a cleaning service


Does your cleaning Service provide hand sanitizer and facial tissue for your desk?

There could be inflated costs with services

Customers could be charged full price for items the service purchases on sale

Customer could be charged a flat monthly rate that is more than the monthly sum of the supplies they need

Common Objections

Cleaning Services

Pack Sizes






Big box stores

I just run out to Costco or Sams Club on my lunch break / I just purchase products for the office while Im doing my personal shopping:


Keep personal time personal

Dont waste time waiting in long lines

No need to juggle big heavy boxes to your car and into your office -Quill ships FREE right to your door

No membership fees at Quill.com

Quill carries a larger assortment than the big box stores, including more pack sizes

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