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Explaining How Facebook is helping Hotels in generating more Revenue than never before...


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    Facebook - Helping Hotels

    Explaining How Facebook is Helping Hotels in Gaining More Profits than Never Before

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    About FacebookFacebookis now a burgeoning business- networking platform for self-promotion, advertising and multimedia interaction.

    Facebook users can create and host events, advertise their businesses through social ads, and more with new apps and add-ons.

    Facebook, the little networking site became a powerhouse in the online-marketing community.

  • How are Hotels Using FacebookTo promote special offers

    To promote special rates for Facebook fans

    As part of a competition

    To promote a portfolio of properties

    For Surveys

    To promote events

    To enable bookings

    To promote latest news

  • Cinnamon Stays

    Cinnamon Stays is one of the best bed and breakfast located in Gurgaon. Rated to be number One in Gurgaon among 83 properties by Trip Advisors. Cinnamon Stays started by Manish Sinha and Shilpi Singh has created flourishing communities on Facebook and Twitter.

    The amazing part is that Cinnamon Stays is not just sitting and counting its fans but it is also talking and taking the relationship building to its next level.

  • Cinnamon Stays

    Testimonials: It has an interesting landing page but can we make it colorful like your rooms. Great that you have used a free app but less of text could add more glitter to landing page. Comprehensive info and a justified use of the Info tab is what is required by fans and you guys have got that right. Cinnamon Stays has done a cool job by embedding the Reviews app. Nonetheless, appreciating the reviews can build more engagement too. Brilliant use of Videos. We love the creativity and for people who are building their brand on Facebook this is something to look out for and learn. Wall is a delight to see. The updates are informative, wonderful and obviously being appreciated by the community. This is an ideal wall that brands/startups/SME needs to have on Facebook.

  • Cinnamon Stays Facebook Statistics

    Fan growth speed -2by 7 days 2by 14 days 5by 30 days


  • W Hotels Promotes Special OffersMany hotels brands are using the service to promote last minute special offers.

    This example from W Hotels is set up using a custom Facebook page.


  • W Hotels Facebook Statistics

    Fan growth speed 28by 7 days 72by 14 days 72by 30 days http://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-pages/21810090491-w-doha-hotel-residences

  • Best Western Hotels Promote special rates for Facebook fans

    Hotel brands are using Facebook to advertise offers to Facebook users or Fans Rate as seen on the Best Western Facebook page.

    This method results in more interaction from fans as news of the offer spreads virally to other users of the service.(http://www.facebook.com/BestWestern).

  • Best Western Hotels Facebook Statistics

    Fan growth speed 0by 1 day 2079by 7 days 3521by 14 days http://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-pages/66499758370-best-western

  • Embassy Suites Hotels organize CompetitionsThis example from the Embassy Suites Hotel brand engages with fans by offering a competition to users.http://www.facebook.com/EmbassySuitesHotels

  • Embassy Suites Hotels Facebook Statistics

    Fan growth speed 0by 1 day 156by 7 days 285by 14 dayshttp://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-pages/74446849561-embassy-suites-hotels

  • Westin Hotels organize SurveysSurvey increases engagement with customers and helps visitors stay on the site building fans through interaction with the page.

    Example: Westin Hotelshttp://www.facebook.com/#!/westin?v=app_146284918717365&ref=ts

  • Westin Hotels Facebook Statistics

    Fan growth speed 29by 1 day 169by 7 days 400by 14 days http://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-pages/24754861656-westin-hotels-resorts

  • Aloft Hotels Promote EventsTo compliment the existing events function, brands are using custom pages to promote events.


  • Aloft Hotels Facebook Statistics

    Fan growth speed 0by 1 day 219by 7 days 340by 14 days http://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-pages/56984197727-aloft-hotels

  • Almost Every Hotel enables BookingsHotel bookings through Facebook pages allows users to check prices and book hotel room without leaving the site.

  • Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel Promotes NewsMost hotels using Facebook are promoting latest news;

    This example by the Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel uses the channel to inform fans of a recent award win:http://www.facebook.com/pages/London-United-Kingdom/Chesterfield-Mayfair-Hotel/127332641220?ref=ts

  • Hotels can Provide Help and Support

    Support App. In Facebook is helping Fans and Customers to:

    Ask QuestionsSharing IdeasReporting ProblemsPraising

  • Facebook & Sales Revenue

    Hotels which simply advertise to their Facebook friends are unlikely to generate any revenue from the channel.

    The emphasis needs to be on conversation and customer engagement with friends, not selling to them.

    Facebook can generate revenue, by offering users an additional channel to hear about your hotel and go directly to your site to make a purchase.

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    Hotels on their Facebook Homepage Should Have:

    Profile picture


    Hotel pictures

    Upcoming events

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    Hotels having Facebook Account Should:

    Check on their wall and reply to questions

    Cooperate with their fans and let them help you

    Have an online booking button

  • Facebook Contributions to Hotel Website Revenues Full-Service Golf & Spa Resort, FloridaFacebook Fans: 1,703Website revenue since January 1, 2009:From Facebook referrals: $739Total website revenue: $1,252,900

    Facebook as % of total website revenue:0.06%Full-Service Hotel Casino in NevadaFacebook Fans: 3,263Website revenue since January 1, 2009:From Facebook referrals: $1,216Total website revenue: $7,218,916

    Facebook as % of total website revenue: 0.02%

    Boutique Luxury Hotel in West Hollywood, CAFacebook Fans: 641Website revenue since January 1, 2009:From Facebook referrals: $915Total website revenue: $1,695,031

    Facebook as % of total website revenue: 0.05%

    Few Case Studieshttp://www.hospitalityebusiness.com/blog/facebook-more-popular-than-google-but-not-more-valuable/

  • Few More Research Data

    Facebook referred more than 15.2 million visitors to hotel websites in 2010, a 35% increase from 2009, and a 428% jump from 2008.


    According to Douglas Quinby, Sr. Director of research for PhoCusWright,

    The conversion rate on direct referrals from traveler review sites to hotel supplier websites ranged from 4% to 6% ,while conversion from Facebook to hotel websites was 8%". (Just Double) http://www.hotelnewsnow.com/Articles.aspx/5225/Facebook-leads-to-hotel-room-revenue

  • Is It Worth the Effort?Hotels need to be proactive and engage with customers and confident if their core audience are already interacting on this space.

    If they are, then: Push brand awareness, Solve customer service issues, and Promote special offers, or Late availability issues.