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Fabric Vine, previously known as Asian Fabric, inspires creativity. Fabric and wine are at the core. An abundant range of patterns, projects, ideas and articles will resonate with the sewist, the crafter and those who enjoy great food and wine. Plus, travel with us as we explore fun locations throughout the world. Brought to you by Kona Bay Fabrics.

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  • Issue No. 4

    p a t t e r n s d e c o r a t i n g t i p s f i b e r a r t c u l t u r e

    Exploring a creative fabric culture

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  • Grace

  • ColorMovement


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    Spectrum Bed QuiltA honeycomb effect against the neutral back-ground creates a bed quilt with pillow tuck 10

    Pillows GaloreA collection of pillows inspired by other projects in this issue 21

    Winter Flowers Wall QuiltUplift your spirits by making and displaying the beauty of these winter flowers 29

    Graceful Flight Lap QuiltThe cranes captured in the these blocks are a favorite subject in many Asian arts 44Year of the Monkey Table/Wall Quilt 2016 is the Year of the Monkey, honor youryear by displaying the years lucky colors 55

    Year of the Monkey Hot Pads 59

    Burst of Color Placemat & Table Runner A dramatic burst of color dazzingly displayed against a dark background 96I Love You This MUCH! Bib & Apron Mommys little helper will look adorablewearing this apron 103

    Vol 1 Issue 4

    Special thanks to:

    Used exclusively and recommended by Asian Fabric

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  • Guess Whois in the

    Wine Business?

    Heres a hint...He has been bringing you beautiful fabric for over 20 years. See page 74 to find out more.

    featuresTrellis Gate Wine 74

    QuiltconPresented by The Modern Quilt Guild 87

    departmentsPublishers Note 8

    How To Use the Magazine 9

    Book ReviewKrafttex Style: Compiled by Roxane Cerda 38

    Food Red Velvet Cupcakes 66

    TravelPasadena: The City of Roses (and Modern Quilters) 76

    General Instructions 114

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    s n


    Da Textile Samurai aka the Wine Eagle

    Publisher [email protected]


    Lets see a show of hands. How many of you enjoy moving a home or a business? Just what I thought only one out of ten. The only thing about moving that I may like is that it forces you to go through years of accumulation and decide what you really really need to keep. How people can downsize to the point where they can move into the tiny houses I see on TV is beyond me.

    Kona Bay Fabrics and Fabric Vine magazine are in the process of moving from Redmond, WA to about three miles away in Sammamish, WA. These days, we only have offices to move as our fabric shipping operation is a joint venture with Clothworks and In the Beginning. Collectively, our fabric is warehoused in Seattle, WA.

    Another possible upside is that Ill start out freshly organized and situated, yet again. Lets see how long that lasts before the hoarding syndrome kicks into play. Im sure I inherited that gene from my dear Mom.

    Kona Bay Fabrics started in 1991 in beautiful scenic Honolulu, Hawaii. By 1992, I realized I couldnt get the UPS trucks to drive across the Pacific Ocean so we moved our warehouse to Las Vegas. In 1994, we moved to the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. It wasnt too long after that our offices and admin people moved to Redmond as well to join our warehouse staff.

    Please know that our phone and fax numbers remain the same as well as our [email protected]

    Our new mailing address is now 4630 E. Lake Sammamish Parkway NE, Sammamish, WA 98074. Please remember, we are a wholesale office and not a retail store.

    After the move is completed, its business as usual where we will continue to develop

    gorgeous fabrics designed to inspire quilters and sewists around the globe. If you havent visited our site recently, stop by www.konabay.com.

    Our latest releases now featured on our web site are:

    Nobu Fujiyamas FUJI MOON (release date is May)

    KOI GATHERING our first ever digital print (release date is April)

    PETALS tonal group (release date is April) BAROQUE tonal group (release date is April)Were proud to offer you a variety of amazing

    projects by our ever talented designer, Georgie Gerl. I have no doubt youll find several to add to your to-do list.

    Thank you very much for your patience while we move and although I was tempted to reach out to everyone for their help in packing and unpacking, I decided to keep you as our friend and supporter instead.

    Mahalo and Aloha! Please enjoy our latest issue of Fabric Vine magazine.

    Above: Ollie Lama and Isaac Mewton New fans of Kona Bayjoin us for fan fun on Facebook!

  • Fabric Vine is produced six times a year by Eagle Publishing for Kona Bay Fabrics. The magazine accepts no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or artwork; they will not be returned unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Kona Bay Fabrics. All rights reserved. No piece, in part or full, may be reproduced without permission.

    Issue #4 2016 VOL 1 ISSUE 4

    Kona Bay Fabrics 2016

    Publisherdouglas Eagleson

    Quilt designer & editOrGeorgie Gerl [email protected]


    Facebook: Georgie Gerl Designer

    sPeCiAl COntributOrsbakedbree.com

    AssistAnts tO Publisherdoris Eagleson 19232010Cheryl HamaiBrittany Eagleson

    subsCriPtiOnsKona Bay Fabricswww.konabay.com4630 E Lake Sammamish Parkway NE Sammamish, WA 98074

    Advertising AndeditOriAl inQuiriesEagle Publishingwww.PublishingPeople.com328 E. Indiana AveSpokane, WA 99207866-638-1115

    editOr And AssOCiAte PublisherVicki dar [email protected]

    grAPhiC designwww.tyann.portfoliobox.me

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    2016 fabric vine 9

    Issue No. 2

    p a t t e r n s d e c o r a t i n g t i p s f i b e r a r t c u l t u r ep a t t e r n s d e c o r a t i n g t i p s f i b e r a r t c u l t u r e

    Quilting and design ideas for inspired minds

    The Textile Samurai

    is making wine! pg 10

  • 92 x 114Bed Quilt with pillow tuck

  • Intertwining bands of colors form a honeycomb effect against this neutral background to create a bed quilt with a pillow tuck.

    Spectrum Bed Quilt

    Designer: Georgie Gerl

  • 12 fabric vine 2016

    Spectrum Bed Quilt(with a pillow tuck)

    92 x 114

    material list

    Backing !)4 yards Batting !))" x [email protected]@"

    Cut strips as indicated in chart then cut smaller pieces listed from these strips

    Extra fabric may be needed for Fussy Cut" pieces; amount varies depending on motif selection and fabric repeat.

    Read Lets Begin purchasing fabric tip before buying and cutting Fabrics B, C, D, E, and F.

    Spectrum Bed Quilt Cutting Chart & Material List

    Fabric BGRAC-01 BlueBlock Center 2-w yard

    (2" squares Fussy Cut$

    Fabric CGRAC-02 BlueBlock Center !-!2 yards

    (2" squares Fussy Cut!)

    (2" squares Fussy Cut^

    %2" squares Fussy Cut#!

    Fabric DGRAC-03 BlueBlock Center w-!4 yards

    Fabric EGRAC-03 RedMedium Accent Squares !-!2 yards

    Fabric AGRAC-03 CreamBackground$s yards

    %2" x [email protected]"%" x [email protected]"$2" x [email protected]"@2" x [email protected]"


    First Cuts Next CutsFabric Name, Placement & Yardage

    %2" x !#2"%" squares*$2" x %2"@2" x !#2"@2" x (2"@2" x ^2"@2" x %2"@2" x $2"

    [email protected]$)#*!$*)$!*$

    * Cut once diagonally.

    Fabric FGRAC-01 RedSmall Accent Squaress yard

    @2" [email protected]" x [email protected]"% *)

    Fabric GTONE-06 ForestBlock Borderd yard

    $8" squares**@2" x &2"

    $8" x [email protected]"@2" x [email protected]"


    [email protected]@$

    Fabric HTONE-01 BlueBlock Borderd yard

    $8" squares**@2" x &2"@2" x %[email protected]" squares

    $8" x [email protected]"@2" x [email protected]"


    [email protected]!%((

    Fabric IGRAC-04 RedBlock Borders yard

    $8" squares**@2" x &2"@2" x %[email protected]" squares

    $8" x [email protected]"@2" x [email protected]"



    Fabric JTONE-06 GoldBlock Borders yard

    $8" squares**@2" x &2"@2" x %[email protected]" squares

    $8" x [email protected]"@2" x [email protected]"



    First Cuts Next CutsFabric Name, Placement & Yardage

    Fabric KGRAC-04 PurpleBorder# yards

    Fabric LTONE-06 BlueBinding !8 yards

    @2" x &2"@2" x [email protected]" squares

    @2" x [email protected]"#* ^@!*!&*

    @w" x [email protected]"!!

    ** Cut twice diagonally.

    ** Cut twice diagonally.

    ** Cut twice diagonally.

    ** Cut twice diagonally.

  • 2016 fabric vine 13

    Lets BeginBefore you begin read all instructions. Referring to project Cutting Chart, cut First Cuts strips as indicated in chart then cut smaller pieces listed under Next Cuts from these strips. Refer to General Instructions (pages 114-115) for Accurate Seam Allowances and Assembly Line Method to construct this quilt. Use a 4-wide seam allowance throughout this project. Press seams in direction of arrows as indicated in each diagram.To make it easier to determine how much fabric you will need for Fussy Cutting heres a simple tool. Trace and cut from clear template plastic a (2 and %2 squares. Open fabric so right side of fabric is showing. Using the appropriate template square determine which elements you want feature in your quilt. Make sure you a