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On the 13 & 14th of June fabspaces & companies from around the world will prototype together “Open Source Mobility" Projects!

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  • 1. Imagine a company in which each and every employee can conceive, fabricate and share his or her ideas with the rest of the organisation. These (pre-)prototypes can then be viewed by any other employee, improved upon and re-shared to arrive closer to a nal product or service. This utopian image may not be so far from reality as you may think. A simple internet search with the terms fablabs, hackerspaces, designlabs & makerspaces will reveal a world working in such a way. In a single day event fabspaces & companies from around the world will prototype together tangible, open source products and services related to the theme Open Source Mobility. This is not the rst time a Fabjam is taking place. In 2013, 16 fabspaces came together to propose nearly 50 new projects in the area of Urban Farming. It was an enormous success and projects such as urban honey harvesting & urban farming education toolkits nally saw the day of light... This year we are stepping up our game! Wed love to hear from you! Go ahead, click on the reply button... Who knows, maybe you will mark the rst step to the transformation of your organisation! Whats on the 14th of June? How can I Participate? What do i get? Questions? We love them! 1 Strengthening the link between Fabspaces and the private sector. 2 Launching the FabJam 2014 during the OUISHAREFEST, the major European event dedicated to the collaborative economy. 3 Presenting the projects at the 10th international conference of the FabLab network FAB10 in Barcelona as a part of the Global Fab Awards. So what are you waiting for? Beome a FabJam supporter! The fabjam community could really use your help! The Fabjam team, george@nod-a.com @companiesFabjam http://fabjam.org/ june13 & 14 - world wide fabspace event Your employees visit a fabspace near you, work hand-in-hand with the pioneers of these domains and gather invaluable knowledge & contacts. If you have a Fablab, you can open it up to the public on the 13th or the 14th of June and instill a new dynamic in your space. You will receive an honorary mention on our website You will help support both the Fabjam event and a fabspace of your choice*. 60% 40% of your funds will go directly to a local fabspace to help its development will cover expenses for Fabjams organisation Discover digital fabrication, rapid proting & open collaboration (*) you need to purchase an entry ticket if your employees visit a Fabspace powered by: