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Unit 1 Students Book

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  • 1 Let's talk1A Make a good impression

    Preview 1 Past Simple and Present Perfect

    Vocabulary communicating

    on rhe whole, $'omen gossip more rhan nen.In general. nen butt in rnore than women. $.hich$,onen lind very annoying11) ou overhear people haying a row in pultic,you should lnlervene.Politicians generally witter on wirhout everanswering the in(erviewer's questions.

    d Elderl,v people have reason 1() grumblc aboul lheyouth of roda).

    h) Adulrs spend nore rime chardng on rhe phone

    i) Couples who conskntly bicker should split up.t Wbnien cLal up men as olren as men chal up

    b) Tick the sentences you agree with. Then changethe other sentences to make them true for you.pehaps it s not essential to nake eye contact, but itnightseen rude ifyou don't.c) work in pairs. Compare ideas. Do you agree?

    a) Use these prompts to make questions with J,,ot. Usethe Past Simple or Present Perfect.r / learn / English for a long Limel

    Haveyau been leaning English fot a long tine?2 How oicl / be / {hen / have / first English tessoD?3 / see / any films in English recentlyla when / be / the last time / speak / Engljsh otttside class?s / have to / wnte an]'thing in English l:st month?6 / ever / read / a rovel that was written jn [nglish?7 How long / come / this school?

    ( nae vor oeen t "a - rg.nc.rso d lo g im" ' )" iinii,r.i'"Jiii "r.""L".'"rtil];il]l,!:yr't.:9 1 !,:9i9:111!t l!t-:::",,-,.1b) work in ta 'r . { lL and dnswcr rhc qLrc*l ionr.Ask follow up questions. Check in Language Summary I,;;'iir;, p1ts.

    VocabuLary communicatingGrammar time expressions with Past Simpte

    { and Present Perfect\-__--*

    a) Tick the words/Dhrases in bold vou kno*.check new wor

  • 1A

    Listening and Grammara) Think of someone (not nr your class) wlm is popular. $lite livepersonal qualitjes that 'nake hilnlrcr popdar.b) work in pairs. Tell your partner about the peEon you chose.Are any of the personal qualities the samelc) /\gree on rhe rhree mosr important qualities. l-ell the class.

    ser Preview. p6.a) Look at drese sentences. Are theytalkilg aboul a definite time in thepast or time up to and includingno$l which vrb form is usedl1 I ve boughr quire a le$ seltlelp

    books oter the past 1e\! montlls.2 l !e read abour t50 pagcs so tar.3 During the lasl couplc of wceks I've

    actuall) been tq,ing oLrt somc o[C.rrnegie's suggesLiorls.

    4 Uf unril no$l, I'vc ncver really hadan) contacL with the guy in thetickeL office

    b) Underline the finlr c)eressior ineach sentence in 5a).c) Sometimes Fe caD usc the PresentPerfect or the Pd-st Snnplc with thsnme time expressi0n. Comparethese pairs ofsentences. $'h)' didSpeaker A usc the Past Snnple? Whydid Spcaker B use the }\esent

    1 a I told at leas( ien pcople.rboLrr ilat \i.ork ihis veek the 5peakerca nside rs th e wo rki ng week

    B he told ar least len people aboulir at work ihis n'eek. ilre .'pea*erca nsid ers th e wa rk i ng week

    A I read ]t durjng rhe sunrmerhol idays.

    s l'vc read a lot ofbooks durilg

    A 5j!!!! ,\nn suggested rhis one,I ve read a couple oI his other

    B I ve read lors ofhis boolc sla!!l've becn une ploye.l.

    A As soon .rs t linished reading Lt,I gave ir Io my bro(her.

    B As soon as I'vc finishcd rcadLngit, ]\n going lo gile lt 1o n\'

    'Help with Grammar

    @ a ) r . , ' o h a r . r h e b o o k c o r L r r n d r r a d r h . " ' r ' , u , r r { t . \ \ 4 r d r J i J r h ,- durhdr arJ his Dubl i lhcr! rni l ia l l \ rhinL r l ' ( 'u l r l r r b( ' , ' l ' l

    b):.,:il! i,Listen to '\"", Sy, Dean and Amy at their book clubmeeting. which of Car'regieb suggestions do they ntntion?

    c) Listen again. Ansser these questions.r a) Why did ,\nn suggest thc book to Lhe group?

    b) Why wasnl she very impressed with iL al liist?2 a) Does Sy usuali,v read books Lik thisl

    b) \4ricl of Carnegiels poiDts does h. strongly agree wrlhl3 a) Did Dean expect to erlov the booh?

    b) \\'ly does he talk about his triend, John?a a) \\'hich of Carnegiet suggestidls .iid Am_v try out?

    b) Ho$, did rhe nran in tlie ticket officc r.actl

    d) work tu pairs. which of Carnegie's suggestions do you think isthe most imponant and whyl

    d) Check in t l l 8 .

    Hotu to Win Ffien& an lInf enecPeal2, ffrst publishcd in 1937, hasbecome an all-timc intemationalbest-seller The frst print run waslimited to 5,000 copics, which w.ls anindication ofhow small a rcadershipthe author and the publishcrs wereerpectirg. However, tiom thc verybeginning the book's runnway successmeant the publishers had difficultykeeping up with dcmand.

  • 1A

    @ a) rr. r 'orrr tcrb r, ' ,nrs po\t iblt '1 wh\ r/r h\ norrr I 5pokel've spole, to him lhjs noming.2 I5al'veree, her during the last [e$'inonths.3 l ll caLi you as sooD as sh? arived/ s affived.a She .amel s been here a lot last months During lasL night! pertonnance. severalpeopLe

    walke,l / h ave wa Lked a lLe There hare lxen a loL ol changcs since I wofftedl've worled

    7 Once I mel've mef her. I reall] Likcd her.s I ve been skiing ts'ice since I Jal'vese, you last.

    b) Work in pails. Compare answels.

    Readingdt a) \ ork in prr l r . t , i \c (umplet ol $har tou torr* id, l- to bc eood and bad.cNicc in \hop. r( t raurdnr\ ' cr(

    b) Read dre article. wlry do very fnendly, chany shopassistants nnd waitresses annoy the sriter?c) Read the anicle again. Tick the true sentences. Corect

    1 The writer was in a hurfy $hen sli $enl inlo the shop /2 She Nondered \aht the shop assjstant! behaviour hacl upset hr3 She cnjoyed lhe foocl she had at rhc rcstauranta She told the waitress whal she thoughL of lhe lood.s No psvchological sludies have the same vie$'.s hers6 She lvoul.lDl object to assislants nho serc nalurally


    a) Look at the lfods/phrases nr bold in ihe articiewhat words are missing from each phrase?b) w]1at trues of word can we miss out in inlornal'Titten and spoken English?

    ' ' : : l : : : ".

    , : : : i : ' : i i ] :

    @ $ork in goup. ard di .(arr rhe\c quc*r iun'\{ould you have responded to the shop assistanl and thexaitress nr the sane $.a,v as the \ariier of the a(iclel lf so.shy? Il nor, rfial would you have s.rid?How \ould you describe thc sefvice in sliops and calasin ).oLrr country? Has il cliaDged over the tearsl

    TEN DAYS AGo, on the way to a meeting remembered thatwas running low on face crcam. There was a chemist's acfossthe road so I ran in and grabbed ihe first cream saw.Havinq a good day? asked lhe girlat the ilL, srni fgblissfuly."Um, yes thanK, ' l repled.'Thal's great." She ran the scanner oler thejar ard madeeye contact.'Been shoppinq all morning?'

    Not having the lime lo take lrerthrough my dary,lsimplywent "[4mm."Yeah? Lucky you " She tod me the totaland said, So, gotanything planfled for this afternoon?'0h, yo! know' said, a$/are of tirne tick ng by.'Th s andthat."

    As I hunied on my way lfound myseli th nkrg about the g Iand the amount of niceness lhad jusl experenced. Why d d tmake me feelso bad? Was it impolite not to chat back? 0rwasth s son of pushy lrendlress in its way every bt as rude? lwasrem nded oflhs altef the meetng, when met a fewish friendfor !nch. I had the f shcakes Theywere perfectly dsglstng.'Everything allright with your meal?" asked the waitress,nterrrpt rg our conversation.

    Fine, lsaid. What ese coud lhave sad even f d wantedt0? t m ght have made my new irend uncomfortab e

    0n the way home that afternoon lihought about mannerc.As a soc e! we do not lake manneE bywhLch Lmean now weo " b / e t o w d o , , . a ' 9 " , . o / . o t o r , 1 . l [ ] o J o o o i o ' 0 dbank or shop the personlust ahead ol yo! js sure to etthe doorsswing back in your face l\rlddle-aged nef dve ntodsabedspaces, teenagers slump ln the r seats on lhe bus pretendng notto notce the pregnant woman stand ng in front of them And yet

    it's obvlous on lhe H gh streetthat Fake N ce, as practsed bymy casher and the wa tress, ison the increase too. li hasbecome a highly overusedmafketng weapon afd yoL can twander nto any shop witholtsome perKy person rusn ng upand say ng, 'H Need anyhelp?' YoL srnie back throughgrilied teeth, "Just lookiflg,thanks.'

    Appareatly somepsycho ogical studies haveshown that f the assistaft ifeaisyou as a Jrend therc's apsycho og ca effect - lheclstomerw| retum Orwithey? Other studies suggest thatthis sales technique is aturn offPehaps the soluton s toappojnt people who aregenu fe! intefested in peop enot those who are tnined 10 be

    Adaoled from the ,rdeperdrrt29tA4tAA

    @ a) Write thre topics you woutd lil to talk about, e g

    b) work in pait. S*ap papers. Choose one of yourpanners topics and \wite six questions to ask himAer.How many filns have you seen du ng the Last slx nonths?

    f l t \ \or l in I , : ' i ' . . Tak( rur n\ ro a\r lnLr an\wcr !oul- t a f l n ( r ! q u e . r i o r . f t l l r h c c l a . . o n t t h i n g v o u \ c l , a r n rabout youf panner.


  • Friends - the new family?QUICK REVIEW ...Write true and false sentences about yoursetf using thesetime expressions: so /ar; this week, during the last few dayslup until now, as soon a, in the past few months.wotk inpairs.Take turns to tell each other your sentences.cuess which of youa partner's sentences are true.

    Listening and [email protected] r l rc . t rhe meaning o l rhc phra.er r r hold. lhen

    $urL inp.r\ arra (Dscuss rncsc qucsnons.r As a rul, do you rend Io unburden youislf to friDds

    or to rnembers o l lour laNi ly l2 ! \ - n J l " r r . b r - - n c n o f n o r r . - ! h o r d r e . - r r u

    unload fieir Norries on to orher peoflel3 Broadl!,spsaLi4. do aduhs in )'our couniry lrottle rp

    rhcir feeliDgs or let lhen oull4 Do )'ou think. in the main, rhat ieenager