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  • 1. The Triple Play Analysis Suite - IPTVServing and meeting the ever demanding IPTV Quality of Service level, those comprehensivefunctionalities of CSA IPTV Triple Play Analysis Suite - is the industrys first complete solutionembedded as an retrofit option of the handheld, CSA emulatingthe IPTV STB client for verification of VoDMulticast channel request, EPG scanning and MPEG TSlayer measurement. Unlike data transfers over IP, streaming video quality is measured at the Ethernet interfacebetween DSL modem/FTTx Residential Gateway and STB or inside of the DSL modem. Qualityend-point video is not solely a function of network bandwidth nor a sole function of MPEG-2TS. In fact, many issues that dwell around quality end-point video are a combination of both theMPEG-2 quality and the IP packet delivery of the network. The various types of MPEG-2 streamsbeing transported, are affected by the minimum and maximum boundary characteristics of theutilized network. The QoS being experienced at the end point is the sum of all factors affecting thevideo streams sent through the network.CSAs IPTV Triple Play Analysis Suite - will be your thorough partner indeed to assist you to optimizeand troubleshoot every IPTV environment with confidence.Key FeaturesAuto-discovery of MPEG-2 TS over IP transport stream in Unicast, Multicast or Broadcast simultaneously. Real time MPEG-2 TS measurement per ISO-13818 with PES Headeranalysis including MPEG-2 Video/Audio, MPEG4-Part2(ISO-14496-2)and H.264/MPEG4-Part10 (ISO-14496-10). STB Simulation EPG Scanning and IGMP Join/Leave. Option Available in CSAs ADSL, VDSL and GigE Platform InterfaceModule (PIM). MPEG-1 (11172) MPEG-2 (13818) MPEG-4 (14496-2,10) / H.264MPEG Transport Stream 13818-1RTPEthernet / IP / UDPXDSL or Metro Ethernet NetStandard IPTV Protocol The IPTV protocol stack supported by CSA is based on MPEG/UDP/IP, MPEG-2 Transport Stream as well as MPEG-4/H.264 protocols. CSA IPTV Suites intuitive user interface enables identification of each layer in-depth key performance index in real time at ease.CSA Triple Play Analysis Suite - IPTVPage 1 of 5

2. IPTV Expert AnalysisPIM-XXX-STPA-IPTVThis IPTV Expert Analysis option analyzes all of MPEG information from your handheld CSA in real time that will easily guide you to any problem for MPEG video/audio quality at 10/100M Ethernet or Fiber GigE interface under pass-through or mirror mode (with either ADSL2+ or VDSL or GigE PIM equipped on CSA ). ISP/ASPCSAEthernetPassThrough BRAS2W Copper IPTV NGN IP NET DSLAMATU-R NGN VoIPVoice Data VideoAuto-Discover and Real-Time measurement of MPEG-2 Transport Stream (ISO-13818-1) Automatic generation of Host table with IP address, UDP port number PSI table reconstruction/decode - PAT,PMT,CAT MPEG video/audio packet loss counters accumulated and Error seconds PCR Jitter measurement - Avg, Max and Error seconds Stream throughput - Avg, Min, Max Event log with time stamp by packet loss or PCR jitter upon out of threshold PES Header analysis include MPEG-2 Video/Audio, MPEG4-Part2(ISO-14496-2) and H.264/MPEG4-Part10(ISO-14496-10)Auto-Discover in MPEG Program Streamwith Host Table InformationReal-Time QoS Measurement forThroughput, PCR Jitter, Video/Audio Lossand MOS-VQ CSA Triple Play Analysis Suite - IPTVPage 2 of 5 3. PSI Table Reconstruction/Decode - PAT,PMT,CAT Event Log with Time Stamp by Out of Threshold of Packet Loss or PCR JitterPES Header Analysis for MPEG-2Video/Audio, MPEG4-Part2(ISO-14496-2)and H.264/MPEG4-Part10(ISO-14496-10) CSA Triple Play Analysis Suite - IPTV Page 3 of 5 4. IPTV STB SimulationPIM-XXX-STPA-IPTV-STBThe IPTV STB Simulation option enables you to use CSA to access VoD (RTSP) or Multicast (IGMP) program stream at the termination point of 10/100M Ethernet, Fiber GigE or inside of DSL modem without a the need of a STB for MPEG TS measurement including PCR jitter, throughput, PES information and EPG scaning.ISP/ASP CopperBRASor Fiber Optics IPTV NGN IP NETDSLAMTerminationor PointMetro Ethernet Network NGN VoIPEPG Scaning Support EPG scanning including zap time and MOS-VQ indication in each of channel scanned Support IGMP(RFC-2236) join/leave method for access Multicast stream Support RTSP(RFC-2326) Describe/Setup/Play/Teardown method for access VoD Unicast stream With all MPEG analysis function of IPTV Expert Analysis STB Simulation by VoD (RTSP) or Multicast (IGMP)CSA Triple Play Analysis Suite - IPTVPage 4 of 5 5. Convergent Service AnalyzerOrdering Information Do select appropriate part number/s of option/s within respective tables below with respect to the Platform Interface Module. Please contact local business partner or AnaCise for product configuration clarifications.ADSL Triple Play PIM GigE Triple Play PIMPIM-11A/B-ADSLA/B, PIM-12A/B-ADSLA/B and PIM-4XS-GigE, PIM-4XD-GigEPIM-13A/B-ADSLA/B PIM-1XX-STPA-IPTVPIM-4XD-STPA-IPTVADSL Triple Play Analysis Suite - IPTV Expert Analysis GigE Triple Play Analysis Suite - IPTV Expert AnalysisOption selected with EPT mode ONLY Option selected with Dual Ports version PIM-1XX-STPA-IPTV-STBPIM-4XX-STPA-IPTV-STBADSL Triple Play Analysis Suite - IPTV STB SimulationGigE Triple Play Analysis Suite - IPTV STB SimulationOption selected with MT/ET modes ONLYOption selected with Single or Dual Port version ANACISE TESTNOLOGY CORP. Fl. 3, No. 3, Alley 112, Ruei-Guang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei 114, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel : +886-2-2792-8880E-mail : sales@anacise.com Fax : +886-2-2792-8058Web : www.anacise.comNote: Specifications subject to change without notice. All product and company names are trademarks of their respective corporations. 2007 AnaCise Testnology Corp. All rights reserved.CSA Triple Play Analysis Suite - IPTVPage 5 of 5