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EXTREME Project Manager Makeover!. Pattie Vargas, PMP, MAOM The Vargas Group Building effectiveness through better business relationships!. It was bound to happen …. First …. Extreme Makeover!. Followed by …. Extreme Makeover – Home Addition!. Technology followed …. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • EXTREMEProject Manager Makeover! Pattie Vargas, PMP, MAOM The Vargas GroupBuilding effectiveness through better business relationships!

  • It was bound to happen First . Extreme Makeover!

  • Extreme Makeover Home Addition! Followed by

  • Technology followed Extreme Programming!

  • Extreme Project Manager Makeover!So we should have known

  • Its a new game with new job requirementsForge collaborative relationships among cross-functional teamsLead and promote change, growth and effectivenessMotivate a varied, cross-functional staffManage, lead and motivate highly skilled project teamsNew Competencies

  • Must possess: Proven leadership of technical and non-technical teamsExceptional collaborative, teaming and consensus building abilitiesProficiency in staff motivation, conflict resolution and disciplinary proceduresExperience in staff management, recruitment and selection, creation of goals and objectives, performance assessmentThe job description

  • Radical Concepts Extreme Project Managers must:Assume a Leadership RoleInvest in Team Development Learn to Manage Conflict Balance Empowerment / Accountability

  • This is not a leader

  • Leadership CompetenciesShare the Vision Ability to MotivateGood Manager Champion for the Team Build A Collaborative Network A Leadership Role

  • A Leadership Role

  • A Leadership Role Understanding the value of a Social Network is a critical part of being a good leader

    although I doubt this is what Zuckerberg envisioned

  • A Leadership Role

  • A Leadership Role

  • A Leadership Role Thank YouLet me introduce you to How can I help? Your ideas?Heres what worked for meLets discussTry thisIll take that

  • Team Development

  • For Me to Buy In Trust in my management support Team Development Know my part in the visionUnderstand the ground rules Have a healthy team environment

  • Buy-In = Commitment

    Solicit input and then LISTENAsk for help Dont require consensus or certaintyMake a decision once in awhile Recognize milestones and achievements

    Team Development

  • Have Fun! Team Development There may be 50 ways to leave your lover but only 4 ways out of this airplane. Herb KelleherI think it's wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly. Steven Wright There are just too many people at work with tight underwear. Ken Blanchard Energetic, joyous teamwork drives out stress, boredom, burnout and apathy. John Christensen

  • ROICost of consumable goods:$13.87Return on team investment: PRICELESS

  • Who We Are

  • Dominant Director DecisiveLikes to WinPace: FastFocus: Task

    Interactive Socializer SpontaneousFun-lovingPace: FastFocus: People

    Steady RelaterCollaborativeValue StabilityPace: SlowFocus: People

    Cautious ThinkerSystematicLogicalPace: SlowFocus: Task

    Who We Are

  • Where Do You Fit?

  • AthletePerformerTeacherScientistWho We Are

  • Manage Conflict

  • Conflict is OK when its: ProductiveLimited to ideas, concepts, methodsNot focused on personalities, individualsFocused on the current issue not from residual resentments

    Manage Conflict

  • Common Misconceptions Conflict and anger are the same thingManage Conflict Harmony is normal; conflict is abnormal Conflict is the result of personality problemsWe can Kum-Ba-Ya our way out of conflict

  • Teams that engage in effective conflict:

    Have lively, interesting meetings Extract and exploit the ideas of all team members Solve real problems quickly Minimize politics Arent afraid to put critical issues on the table for discussion

    Manage Conflict

  • Prepare for it

    Manage Conflict Minimize and Neutralize Conflict Throw a PARTY!Know when to take it off line Encourage coaching within the teamCreate a safe environmentDissatisfaction / Unrest = Unmet needs

  • Empowerment & Accountability

  • Empowering Actions Collaboration Flexibility Consistency Unwavering support Distributed decision making Empowerment & Accountability

  • Not So Empowering Actions Weak leadership Taking credit for others work / successDishonesty Micromanagement The 3 PsCoalitions / AlliancesEmpowerment & Accountability

  • Hold ourselves and others accountable Have the difficult conversation Define standards and expectationsModel accountability Positive peer pressure Empowerment & Accountability Reinforce Accountability:

  • Assess Your Leadership Skills 360 degree surveys, accountability coach Develop the Team What steps did you miss, if any?Manage Conflict What is your conflict management plan? Accountability Problems Are you motivating or demotivating? So Now What?

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen Covey Drive Dan Pink FISH! Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul and John Christensen Peopleware Tom deMarco, Timothy Lister The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Patrick LencioniMY Book! Recommended Reading

  • *Thank you!

    Pattie Vargas pattie.vargas@gmail.comwww.linkedin.com/in/pattievargas/ EXTREME Project Manager Makeover Available at: Amazon.com

    Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover* Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*

    Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*

    Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*

    Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover* Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*Speak to Where those leadership competencies come into play Share the Vision strategy - Knowing where youre going Ability to MotivateLeading the team showing them where youre going sharing that vision inspiring confidence Good Manager Mediation Champion for the Team protect the team protect the vsisionBuild A Collaborative Network

    Each of these components working together make a good leader Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*Key to ensuring your vision and strategy are accomplished, is being that effective leader, having a strong team and building a collaborative network Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*If this is your idea of networking.

    No we mean business networking within your organization

    Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*No this isnt it either! Maybe in the past but certainly not now Limited resources, increased scope, we need one another Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*This is business networkingWhy do you do this?Benefits your team Sneaker network People help people they like Givers gain Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover* Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover* Have a dull workplace = no buy in or commitment

    Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*

    try putting this on a white board

    (make your team a part of it)

    XenaYou rock Doesnt have to cost money Sponge Bob

    Pattie Vargas: Extreme Project Manager Makeover*A big part of developing a strong team is understanding that they (and we) are not all the same If I want to communicate with you, what language would be the best one to use? The one you speak, right? Etc etc

    To better understand this, were going to look at the DISC model of Behavioral Styles. Many instruments To interpret your own style as well as the style of others, consider two things: Pace (CLICK) and Priority (or Focus)

    D upper left quadrant , then Is Great! .

    S lower right, Cs Thats better Ss and Cs will make a great team because they are more deliberate take their time - Ss bring PEOPLE into the meeting

    The good news is this is a model for improving communication and understanding. The better we understand our differences, the easier to find common ground

    Do handout explain ties wont have any zeroes

    Highest numbers indicate your core style .If your highest numbers are in the first column *So lets look at some of the differences if you had ties

    Remember pace and focus

    Read each style D: Might say: Ive made up my mind, now go get it done! Visionaries, action oriented Office pictures of them receiving awards

    I:Might say: Wow! I have a GREAT idea! These are dreamers, but sometimes not so good on the executionOffice: Lots of pictures of them having fun

    S: Might say; Jim, what do you think of that idea? Who else should be involved in this decision?Office will have space for others to sit pictures of other people on their deaks

    C: Probably wont hear them say Lets have a meeting to discuss this Cs have a process and you cant push them. And in their office? Spreadsheets, timelines, formulas. Pictures of only the most important people in their lives. And maybe a sarcastic slogan or two. *Exercise and whiteboardComment on any observable actions ask SF if they saw similar As we go through this session today, try to identify someone you may want to rely on to help you better understand the other style

    Stay in their corners while we go thru next slide

    *Strengths and Advantages

    Each style comes with their unique strengths and challenges Re