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  • 1. Digital Ecosystem Makeover Primer09.06.2012

2. Your customers are advanced mobile users New device types are being announced on a weekly basis Expectations are exceeding your mobile capability The external pace is accelerating and business impact is rising How do you prioritize/implement your specific mobile strategy and tactics? How do you connect strategy and tactics to meaningful KPIs?Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here!2 3. WTH SHOULDYOU DO? Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 3 4. START WITH THE RIGHTQUESTIONSMobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 4 5. Common Mobile Starting Points We often hear questions and imperatives such as: App or Site? What can I do fast? The President/C-Level Executive wants an App Responsive design? What do I do now with my App or mini site? How to rollout? Great questions, and we will address them todaywithin the context of youraudience, ecosystem and business goalsMobile is Coming; Mobile is Here!5 6. Better Mobile Starting PointQuestions How should mobile fit into my digital ecosystem and strategy? Where are the opportunities for mobile to make the most impact? How should I adjust my mobile roadmap given the advent of new solutions? What is the right trajectory to move from today to tomorrow? How much should I invest? Where are the quick wins?Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here!6 7. User JourneyTodayResearchPlanBuySupport and AdvocateWebsitesMicrosite PortalsToday: Entire Communitiesecosystem is primarilyoptimized arounddesktop 2013+ 2013 Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here!7 8. Future Ready Digital EcosystemUser JourneyTomorrow ResearchPlanBuySupport and AdvocateWebsites Microsite Portals[tbd]Communities 2013 2013+ Tomorrow: Entire Ecosystem is device and context ready based on how users interact with you Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here!8 9. ROADMAPYou can get there fromhere.Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here!9 10. Get Strategic GroundingLower ReachCreate New/Discrete ExperiencesHigher ReachExtend/Enrich Existing Experiences Digital Strategy/Roadmap and AnalyticsMobile is Coming; Mobile is Here!10 11. Business and Audience QuestionsAre Starting Point For RoadmapDecisions Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 11 12. Mobile Marketing - Start WithWhat You KnowConsider:Building mobile optimized landing pages to support campaign activitiesDeveloping mobile ready email templates to build engagementAuditing your SEO results on Mobile. Create a plan for mobile SEOoptimizationOptimizing SEM campaigns specifically for mobileIntegrate SMS reminders into application process to increase yieldCapture cell phone numbers from prospect and students to build dbase Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here!12 13. What Does Your Mobile RoadmapLook Like?There is no one size fits all Find a way to get traction. Dont tackle the home page first. Find a project out of the eyes of the naysayers. Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here!13 14. How should I think about budgetingfor Mobile in 2013+?For platforms and programs, consider:Using the projected % of traffic or media consumptions as a proxy forbudgetingWhat % of your web traffic or audience attention will be Mobile/Touch-first in2013? Or to be more forward looking 2014 or 2015?Adjust based on potential ROIBack of the envelope, super-caveated guesstimate range: 20-50% of digitalbudget should be spent on mobileMobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 14 15. Not Just About a WebsiteIts about your thinking and your behaviors Creative or campaign brief Web development process QA process Budgeting Web design mindset Talent pool Etc Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here!15 16. WHERE ARE WE HEADING? Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 16 17. Pace of Change is Unlike AnythingWeve Experienced Mobile web is growing 8x faster than Internet. - Google, 3/12 Mobility will be the provision of the future. Fast forward 5 10 years the answer will always be mobile first. - Eric Schmidt: CEO Google (2010) Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 17 18. UnprecedentedMobile RevolutionImpacts Roadmapof Your Projects,Platforms,Programs andCareer Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 18 19. Between 2013-2016 Touch-first/mobile operating systems are the new desktop experience (Win8; IOS/Lion) Mobile internet usage eclipses desktop Majority of email opened on mobile device Most local searches are performed on mobile 7 connected devices per U.S. citizen 85% of cars will be Internet connected Tablets will be the primary PC for many; 112.5M U.S. consumers by 16 Global mobile connection speeds increase 9-fold by 2016Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here!19 20. Growth ImpactsMarketing,Not Just Sitesand Apps Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 20 21. Does This GapRemind You ofAnything?Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 21 22. With More at Stake, Pace ofTechnology Innovation OnlyAccelerates Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 22 23. And This Innovation Spurs NewBehaviors and Higher Expectations Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 23 24. THANK YOU! Mobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 24 25. Who We Are Full-service digital agency Interactive focus for 11+ years Technical DNA http://theprimacy.comMike StutmanSVP, Strategy and Innovationmichael.stutman@theprimacy.comMobile is Coming; Mobile is Here! 25