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Whitman-Hanson Prom Issue

Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Special Sections spring turns to summer, and the school year ends, limos rolling down the street can be as common as sparrows. Thats right, its prom season. Proms are extremely important in our community, important to students, their parents, and businesses alike. Here at the Express, we are annually flattered that so many kids and parents send us photos. So many photos, in fact, that in years past we havent been able to print them all! So this year, we decided to try something a little different. Consider this special section a keepsake, something to treasure along with your other memories of high school like sports trophies and yearbooks. In the spirit of the prom, we asked our staff to dig up photos from their high school proms (see right.) Somethings have changed, and some things havent. I can assure you that my dancing skills in particular are at the exact same level they were when I was 17. Prom is often the last great fling for a high school student before they move on to college or another phase of their lives. Its a time to celebrate with friends that may soon be separated by distance and time. And therefore its that much more important to savor these memories and photos. And who knows what can happen. See that beautiful girl Im standing with in my prom photo? Thats now my wife, Kelly. (And she looks exactly the same. Time has not been so kind to me, on the other hand.) Enjoy the photos, and visit to view even more. Justin Graeber Editor Reporter Maribeth Conway Office Manager Amy McWilliams


Production whiz Lindsey Gardner

Publisher Josh Cutler

We hope your prom is filled with great memories

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Whitman-Hanson Prom Issue



A prom-goer gets just the right look at John Russell Studios in Whitman Center.

Alison Kenney has her hair curled by Roseanne Poirier at Tonys Head Start in Hanson.

Sean ok, a Philbro dent u WPI st g to n returni meho his r the own fo icks t p prom, his up at flower n o Hans . Florist

Peter Colby st to pick up fl opped by Hanson Florist owers for his Sturges. date, Jenna

Shannon Glennon gets her hair styled before the prom at Salon Serenity in Halifax.

Brittany Hinkley, Shawna Maroney, and Kristen Fleming get ready for the prom at Lucky Nails in Whitman Center.

Stacey McDougall cant wait to pin these flowers from Hanson Florist on her prom dress.


Whitman-Hanson Prom Issue

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Arriving in style

Students disembark from the trolley in front of the prom on Friday night.


Elaine Sellers and Brian Fraher eschewed the traditional limo for a trolley ride to the Lombardos function hall.

The prom was held at Lombardos in Randolph.

A group of students took a trolley from Concert Limo from a gathering point in Hanson to the prom. Parents gathered to take photos before they left.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Whitman-Hanson Prom Issue


High school proms bring big business to local merchantsBY DANIEL DI CENSO EXPRESS REPORTER

ts that time of the year again, when limos are seen pulling in and out of local driveways, when young couples are seen taking pictures in the front lawn wearing tuxedos and dresses, and flowers are exchanged in all directions. Yes, its the prom season and besides bringing joy to many youths, prom brings much business to the town. In Whitman, one business to come out strong was John Russell Studio, a styling salon where students can get most of their work done. On Friday, prom night, students crowded the place arriving in waves at one in the afternoon and later at three. Its very exciting to come and get everything done here, Chris King from Hanson Florist holds a nosegay. King said bright colors are becoming more popular. said student Jessica Lavigne. Other businesses also wit- is an increase in wrist corI dont know quite what nessed big business and sages, though, and girls are to attribute it to. I also saw observed new trends from stu- using a lot of color in their that students are using differdents. dresses. ent kinds of flowers this year, The business itself is Kathleen Roche, who like orchids, she said. about the same as other owns Celebrations by Christine King from years, said Jackie Ferguson Kathleen, said her business Hanson Florist said that many of Buds and Blossoms. There this year was exceptional. bright colors, especially blues,


A Whitman-Hanson student waits in the lobby at John Russell Studios to have her hair done, and much more. were in this year. She said melon colors like lime green have become popular over the last couple of years. Other companies that had previously used the prom for business found that they could not do so this year. East Bridgewater Affordable Limo, for instance, did not offer prom services for the first time this year, the owner stating that since the number of students per limousines was increasing, the limos were no longer large enough to accommodate prom goers. All day Friday, teenagers could be seen hurrying around the streets of Hanson and Whitman for the biggest night of their high school career. To many, the prom is their special stepping stone before entering the post-high school world.

More of those amazing seniors!Dont make a move without us.

Warm wishes this prom and graduation season from our homes to yours!w w w . r o s e n r e a l t y . c o m80 Temple Street Whitman

Rocky Pagnani poses with (left to right): Alex Kruk, Shannon Glennon, Cortney Monfils, Sarah Burnett, Celia LeBlanc, Amanda Vogel, Leeza Hargreaves, Adriana Beauvais.


MEN IN HATS: Mike Yanno, Rebecca Coleman, Becky MacDonald, Derek Teague.


Whitman-Hanson Prom Issue

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Matt Rico has the apple of his eye, his date Lauren Johnston, reflected in his glasses.

Melissa Haley gets a kiss from her little sister Meaghan, 5, before the trolley comes.

on Keri Gilbert and Nate Goodwin pose . the grand staircase at Lombardos

James West and Mary Cunningham are the picture of glamour.


ss photographer before heading out to Randolph ELEGANCE DEFINED: A group of seniors pose for an Expre to attend the prom.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Whitman-Hanson Prom Issue


Parent Papparazzi!

t wasnt just Express photographers snapping shots of the smartly dressed students. There was such a crush of parent photogs on hand at the Reeds home in Hanson (where a large group of students picked up a trolley), a passerby might have thought a Hollywood celebrity was in the neighborhood!



Mom Kristin takes a photo of her daughter Jessica Gagnon and her date Peter Paluzzi before the trolley leaves.

An intrepid dad gets the best angle for a photo of the welldressed promgoers.

Wishing you great memories at your prom from your favorite local barberDon & Mike54 years of service

Thank you for letting us be a part of your memories!Indian Head Plaza 270 Main St. Hanson, MA

500 Liberty Street CONWAY BUILDING 8 Rt. 14 & 58Hours: Tues thru Fri 8:00am - 5:30pm Sat 7:00am-4:00pm



Whitman-Hanson Prom Issue

Thursday, May 31, 2007

SENIOR CLASS: Andrew Mullen, Rachel Benedetti, Mike Ford, Kim MacDonald, Ryan Hickey, Tracy Pearson, Kevin Cordaro, Laura Cunningham, Kevin Warner, Erin Murphy.

UNIQUE FASHIONS: Ben Cavicchi, Steve Curtin, Liz Gerry, Amy Conolly, Andrew Layton, Heather Adams, Michaela Knight and Ryan Tully.

THATS USING YOUR RED: Katie Dodge, Shawn Coburn, Brian Dennehy, Courtney Gilcoine, Kirby Hent, Chelsea Coulstring, Bill Condon and Katie McGee.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Whitman-Hanson Prom Issue


Lookin sharp at the senior promPHOTOS BY JUSTIN GRAEBER

STEPPIN OUT: Brad Ellis, Emily Keeman, Tyler Morgan, Kate Nicholson, Teresa Marcucella, Scott Ibbitson, T.J. White, Briley Morrill, Sara Ferry, Andy Proudman.

PRETTY IN PASTEL: Erin McDonald, Jen Kelly, Matt Gatturm, Angela Murphy, Brittany Kirk, Josh MacInnis, Amanda Twombly and Harrison Reno.

SIMPLE BUT STYLISH: Alyssa Crastella, Will Powers, Rob O'Connor, Jared Beters amd Danielle Brown all look elegant in their black and blue hues.


Whitman-Hanson Prom Issue

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Samantha Struble and Katelyn Arouca dont need Brian Snow and Meghan Lonergan share a private their dates to look good! moment before the prom.PHOTOS BY JUSTIN GRAEBER AND STEPHANIE SPYROPOULOS

Christopher Brewer and Alison Sheppard take a moment to pose before the trolley arrives.

Courtney Reed pins a flower on her date, Pat Reynolds.

Sara Deneens date Chris Demeo is so cool, hes wearing his sunglasses at night!

Courtney Reed with Dad Scott Reed. Promgoers gathered at the Reeds home to snap photos. Christine Bouzan and Brendan Cox arrive at the prom in style.

Chuck Hutton and Nichole Wyndham are all Robert Ciulla and Jessica Lavigne pose for a photo. smiles as they enter the prom.

Wilcox Aluminum hopes you have a safe and memorable time at your prom

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