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Express 29-04-2015

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    Jabulani Dlamini

    DESPITE a no-show by two of the

    three listed respondents to receive

    their memorandum on Saturday

    (25/04), a march organised by the

    community of Oppermansgronde

    went ahead as planned.

    The march was held from the

    community hall to the police station,

    a distance of less than 100 m, so

    many of the elderly community

    members some as old as 92 years

    could be accommodated.

    Some people travelled from as far

    afield as Cape Town, Port Elizabeth,

    Johannesburg and Kimberley to

    participate in the march.

    As reported in Express last week,

    the Oppermansgronde community

    want the current Communal

    Property Association (CPA) execu-

    tive removed and a new committee

    elected. The Oppermansgronde

    community and their descendants

    were given about 38 000 ha of land in

    2003 following a successful land


    The community had initially

    demanded that Phillip Barnes, the

    current CPA chairperson, the Rural

    Development and Land Reform

    Department (RDLR), as well as the

    South African Police Service (SAPS),

    each would have a representative

    available to receive the memoran-


    We are very disappointed that

    despite the department (RDLR)

    having committed itself in the

    media to send a representative, no

    one was here to meet with us. It is

    very disappointing and disrespect-

    ful, Julian Topkin, spokesperson

    for the marchers, said.

    Topkin said if they did not hear

    from the RDLR, they would go

    ahead and choose a new committee

    and they would not give up until

    the current committee was removed.

    We want the mistreatment of the

    community and the mismanagement

    of finances by the committee to


    Upon receiving the memorandum

    on behalf of the SAPS, WO Eugene

    Jacquire, acting visible policing

    commander of the Koffiefontein

    Police Station, promised to follow up

    on the grievances.

    Marchers vent


    WO EUGENE JACQUIRE receives and signs the memorandum of

    grievances on behalf of the SAPS.

    AWAY with Phillip Barnes, reads the placard held up by Anne Stoltenkamp (75) during the march. Photos: Jabulani Dlamini

    JULIAN TOPKIN, organiser of the march, speaks to an

    official of the Rural Development and Land Reform De-

    partment (RDLR) who assured him he was on the way.

    The official never showed up.

    We want the mistreat-

    ment of the community

    and the mismanagement

    of finances by the com-

    mittee to stop.


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    Engo, said.

    Engo Free State consists of six sub-

    programmes, which include Child and

    Youth-care Centres. In 2014 the govern-

    ment subsidised only 26% of Engos total

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    The final draw function, where the

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    The four remaining finalists will each

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    De Wet Claassens, director of manage-

    ment support services, encourages all

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    CHILDREN from one of the beneficiaries of the project, Ons Kinderhuis, in Bloemfontein,

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    You can just read the newspaper to become aware of the

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    children. DeWet Claassens, director of management

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    Jabulani Dlamini

    MANY people with disabilities say with

    time they have learnt to live with their

    disability, but what really makes their life

    difficult is that society still lacks the

    understanding and patience these people

    need. In anticipation of the staging of In

    Blood, a musical with a cast made up of

    performers with various disabilities at the

    Sand du Plessis Theatre in Bloemfontein

    from 14 to 16 May, Express spoke to four

    individuals with various disabilities to

    learn more about their everyday lives.

    Natus van Niekerk (40), who suffers from

    cerebral palsy, says he has made peace

    with his situation and is making the best of

    his life. He says his brain was starved of

    oxygen when he was born and because of

    this his father wanted to sue the hospital,

    but his mother convinced him otherwise

    and rather asked that their energy be

    channelled into making life as normal as

    possible for him.

    I attended school until gr. 10 at the

    Martie du Plessis School and my mother

    organised regular physiotherapy sessions

    for me and that really helped me to be

    somewhat independent, says Natus.

    For Natuss wife, Charmaine, a former

    staff nurse, life did not start out as that of a

    person with a disability.

    I was independent for 17 years until I

    was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and I

    suddenly had to find other ways of doing

    everyday things, she says.

    Charmaine, who runs a copy and fax

    shop, says the biggest challenge she and

    others like her face, is changing peoples

    mindsets about those with disabilities.

    Soft-spoken Dikeledi Shupinyaneng is a

    quadriplegic who suffered her fate in 1989

    at the hands of her then boyfriend while

    they were both still in high school.

    The 51-year-old says coming to terms

    with her condition was ver