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Live video crime report with mobile phones The citizens are the sensors of safety and security The eye of the public shows you what is happening in your city.

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  • 1. Use thousande of eyes and ears to make your environment Clean, Safe and Secure.

2. Activate and motivate your citizens to take their responsibility with this easy tool. 3. Mobile phones become your eyes and ears and will registrate: Junk on the street, suspicious circumstances, traffic accidents, graffiti, drug deal, damaged bus shelters, loitering, defective light, strange behaviour, litter, misconduct, neglected animals, child abuse, crime, terrorist threat, slave labor, and more. Quick simple reporting > efficient handling > effective safety 4. ObserveObserve Receive data ActAct Deploy LearnLearn Improve DecideDecide Plan OrientOrient Analyze The OODA loop (for observe, orient, decide, and act) is a concept originally applied to the combat operations process, often at the strategic level in military operations. The concept was developed by military strategist and USAF Colonel John Boyd. 5. Step 1. Observe Receiving data SafeCity users make live video from location Fixed cameras provide continuous picture Phone alerts Automated alarms from sensors Information from social media (twitter, facebook) Regular monitoring verifies local situation Receive dataReceive data SafeCity live video Phone calls Social Media Neighborhood watch Sensors 6. Step 2. Orient Not clean Not intact Not secure Incident reports AnalyzeAnalyze Collection Categorize Orient Visualize 7. Step 3. Decide Follow-up based on analysis and policyPlanPlan Prioritize Deployment proposals Mobilize 8. Step 4. Act DeploymentDeployment Police Security companies Cleaning companies Restoration companies 9. Step 5. Learn ImproveImprove Feedback of monitoring reports Preventive measures Proactie efforts Impact on life measure Evaluating follow-up 10. For more information or free trial, mail: info@safecity.eu