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Experiential Marketing to create passionate fan base for Chennai Super Kings.

Transcript of Experiential Marketing for CSK

  • 1.By Megha Iyer

2. Experiential Marketing ideas to create passionate fanbase for Chennai Super Kings. 3. Activation Set up Stores to sell CSK ticketsand personalized T-shirts/Cricket merchandize. Concept of framed Autographed ticketfor fans to preserve the ticket after the matches are over as a Memento. Hoardings in high traffic areas. Special group Ticket Rates. 4. Stores set up can sell CSK theme toysand toys can be made part ofMcDonalds Happy Meal. Comics and toys are the bestmedium to attract children attention. CSK Mobile Apps can be launched with features like schedules, new, scoreboards, teams, commentary. 5. Hit the Ball Games and Luck Wall Concepts can beorganized in Malls.Play ground and Contests in mallsto get the experience of Cricket field. 6. EVENTS New show can be started include Expert Advice & behind the scene fun activities. CSK Chain Fan event where existing fans can invite their friends to be part of CSK . Predict the Highest CSK scorer contest on Face book to post the replies. Twitter - encourage bloggers to comment on CSK and its performances . 7. Know your Super kings well enough?contests .Roar and be loud and clearVideos can be uploaded.Advertisements in TV and News paperabout CSK Struggle. 8. Coffee table book featuring the journey of CSK [from seed till now & still long way to go].IPL season doesnt last for many months and the brand is idlefor the rest of the year.A brand cannot sustain in a two-month or three-monthwindow, consumers should always be made aware of the brandto avoid the brand to fade out or die. 9. SPONSORSHIPS Initiatives - Inter-school /College , Gully cricket tournaments , winner gets a chance to be part of CSK Team. Sponsoring Cricket Training centresto nurture the budding cricketing talent in the country. 10. FRANCHISINGCSK= SPORTS +ENTERTAINMENT and not just a Cricket team.