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Where I came from Where I am now Where I am going

Reflective ObservationExperiential Learning

University of TorontoWhat I didWorked at Innovations FoundationTaught Technology Commercialization at RotmanStarted the [email protected] Technology incubator

What I observedWe didnt know how to teach entrepreneurshipTechnology commercialization process flawedUniversities didnt know how to manage either4

Place your screenshot here5LESSONS FROM THE [email protected] fund ventures Most ventures fail No straight line from idea to market

Experiential Learning 6Kolb, D. A. (1984).Experiential learning, Prentice-Hall

Abstract ConceptualizationResearch and Teaching

University of WaterlooWhat I didPhD in Management of TechnologyJoined Canadian Innovation CentreTaught Engineers - Technology Entrepreneurship

What I observedDidnt study the entrepreneurial process Ignored the personal side of entrepreneurshipPoor understanding of investment decisions8

Place your screenshot here9LESSONS FROM THE DEN Dragons Use a Sequential Elimination Process Make non-compensatory decisionsAudit trust behaviours

Active ExperimentationEntrepreneurial Engineering

Entrepreneurial EngineeringWhat I am doingTeaching Creative Problem Solving/Design ThinkingLeading International Entrepreneurial ExperienceSupporting co-curricular activities

How I am doing itTransforming students learning in classGuiding experiential learning journeysFostering co-curricular learning activities11

The Marshmallow Challenge Tom Wujec Autodeskhttps://www.ted.com/talks/tom_wujec_build_a_towerIn classExperience

In class20 sticks of spaghetti

one yard tapeone yard stringone marshmallow+++

The Marshmallow Challenge:In teams, build the tallest free standing structure in 18 minutes.






Prototyping MattersLesson One:

Lesson Two:Diverse SkillsMatter





Prototyping &Facilitation

Todays Experiential Learning19

1. Connect all dots with four contiguous lines

Experiential Participation20

1. Connect all dots with four contiguous lines

Experiential Participation21

2. Connect all dots with three contiguous lines

Experiential Participation22

2. Connect all dots with three contiguous lines

Experiential Participation23

3. Connect all dots with one straight line

Experiential Participation24

3. Connect all dots with one straight line

Experiential Participation25

4. Turn as many of the circles into recognizable objects as possible in 2 minutes

Experiential Participation26

4. Turn as many of the circles into recognizable objects as possible in 2 minutes

Example Solution27

Lessons LearnedRestrictive assumptions limit creativity Poor problem framing reduces innovation We tend to approach problems in the same wayExperience brings conscious/unconscious biasesCreative problem solving involves removing constraints and identifying new approaches28

Reflections on Renaissance One29

Active ExperimentationLearning about yourself

International ExperienceWhat is itImmersive three week experience in IsraelStudents learn about Israel/EntrepreneurshipStudents learn about themselves

How do they learn about themselvesLego Serious Play helps explore abstract ideasCreative Problem Solving Process helps them work in teams and understand their stylesJournaling helps reflect on experience31

Lego Serious Play32

What is itSimple blocks act as a metaphor for a problemStudents build something to represent a challenge They talk about the challenge and think with their hands You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation - Plato

Creative Problem Solving Process33


Principles of the Process Follow the sequential process Engage all team members Diverge and converge at each stage Clarify and improve ideas Develop testable hypotheses Suspend judgment Build on each others ideas34Creative Problem Solving Process

Lessons LearnedIntegrates creative problem solving process with understanding of personal stylesAligned with Engineering Design ProcessImproves individual effectivenessEnhances team performance35

During the three weeks in Israel students kept personal journalsEach day they recorded: Reflections on Israel Reflections on entrepreneurship Reflections on themselves Each evening they were invited to share their reflections 36Keeping Learning Journals

Reflections on Israel

on Entrepreneurship

on my experience

Reflections on International Experience37

Active ExperimentationLearning and sharing

Co-curricular ActivitiesWhat is itEncouraged in Renaissance 1 and 2Lassonde Engineering Competition/Hackathon..Start-up weekend/Innovation and Creativity

How do they learn about themselvesGet out of their comfort zoneLearn about working with othersReflect on the experience39

Reflections on YEC and HackLassonde40

Future PlansWhat will they look likeCampus wide innovation and creativity courseApplied technology commercialization (VentureWell)Experiential opportunities (Berkeley/Waterloo)Executive education courses in innovation

How will we encourage reflective learning Share tools, resources and process insightsEncourage journaling and reflectionCreate opportunities to share insights41


Join our experiential learning group in January Nick who taught me that every story needs a video

Helen who taught me it is not just the technology