EXPECTED: TBA - HeroCraftEXPECTED: Q1 2017 GENRE: TURN-BASED STRATEGY / MMO Plunge into the fantasy...

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Transcript of EXPECTED: TBA - HeroCraftEXPECTED: Q1 2017 GENRE: TURN-BASED STRATEGY / MMO Plunge into the fantasy...



    Tempest is a Pirate open world Action RPG which is offering an ultimate ability to free roam in three vast worlds filled with dozens of colonies and forts, hundreds of quests and countless ships to plunder.

    The player can trade, fight, explore and advance through quest lines on their own or call friends to do the same together.

    Game features:

    - 3D sailing ships battles - a huge sandbox of an open world for trade, pirating

    and exploration - co-op and PvP multiplayer - evolving economic systems - giant sea monsters - oceanic mysteries to explore.




    Gameit.es Gameskinny.com



    Iron War is a f2p 3d real time strategy game in a

    World War II setting. Players lead their small tank

    squads through a series of missions that combine

    tactical maneuvers with fierce combat.

    Fighting in two gameplay modes – Campaign and

    Survival – users create their own perfect squad.

    Players choose from 40 vehicles that actually existed

    in the war - categorized by class, purpose and country

    of manufacture. How many tanks from which class to

    add into the squad? How to fight the battle? Which

    boosts to use? The answers to these questions

    determine the results of each game session.

    Game features:

    - incredibly realistic and easy to control

    - users can choose between tactical planning and

    casual gameplay

    - upgrades and specializations system for tanks and


    - free-2-win system: everything can be obtained for



    Dark Ages: Strategy and Tactics is a F2P turn-based strategy game set in a dark fantasy world. The player becomes the leader of a small kingdom that is at once torn apart by internal conflict and surrounded by warlike neighbors.

    Game features:

    - the set of scenario battles; - dozens of squads with their own sets of special

    abilities; - generals, squad leaders with their own

    personalities and combat skills; - the battle formations system adds tactical depth

    and allows players to use their squads as effectively as possible;

    - the random event system makes every playthrough a unique experience and creates a compelling medieval atmosphere.


  • EXPECTED: Q1 2017


    Plunge into the fantasy world of a 3D turn-based

    strategy game rooted in the legacy of the genre’s

    greatest classics. Form a party of valiant heroes and

    equip them to conquer new lands, complete quests,

    and fight hordes of monsters.

    Game features:

    - classic turn-based combat

    - full 3D environment

    - dozens of heroes and monsters to hire

    - multiple enemies with unique abilities

    - conquer territories and develop your Castle

    - PvP battles against players from all over the world

    - all kinds of armor and equipment

    - exciting missions and quests.

    Apple App Store: featured on the main page in Russia,

    added to the Best iPad games collection in Russia, added

    to the Best New Games collection in Turkey, added to the

    Best New Roleplaying Games collection in USA.



    Colors of Mages is a unique combination of a tower defense game and a colorful puzzle. A bunch of fairy-tale monsters have attacked the kingdom where the Magic Academy is located. Students of magical disciplines rose to the defense of the Academy immediately. The trouble is, every Mage specializes in a certain school of magic and can therefore only destroy monsters of a certain color. The player's goal is to set the right Mages against the monsters, to complete plenty of levels, and to defend the kingdom!

    Game features:

    - unique hand-drawn graphics - a new take on the familiar genre - original game mechanics - plenty of boosts and spells to help the player - dozens of levels.

  • About HeroCraft:

    HeroCraft is an established developer and publisher of games for mobile platforms,

    social networks and personal computers. HeroCraft has ‘Top developer’ status on

    Google Play. With its focus on strategy games HeroCraft successfully worked on

    licensed IP title Majesty Mobile and has recently released Warhammer 40,000: Space

    Wolf on the App Store and Google Play with PC in the pipeline. Headquartered in

    Kaliningrad, Russia, HeroCraft was founded in 2002.

    HeroCraft Headquarters:

    155 A, Leninskiy av., Kaliningrad, Russia, 236039 Phone/Fax: +7 4012 669192

    Web: herocraft.com E-mail: [email protected]