Exhibitor Manual Requierments on returning forms.   Requierments on returning forms.

download Exhibitor Manual Requierments on returning forms.    Requierments on returning forms.

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Transcript of Exhibitor Manual Requierments on returning forms.   Requierments on returning forms.

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    Exhibitor Manual Please visit www.beijing-essen-welding.com to download the forms. Requierments on returning forms. No. Name Deadline Requirement Page 1 Catalogue service Apr. 11, 2014 Required, submitted online 29 2 Exhibitor badges May 20, 2014 Required, submitted online 42 3 Exhibits Preview & Review Apr.29, 2014 Required, only accept online

    submission 43

    4 On-site advertisement Apr. 29, 2014 Optional 45 5 Industrial Gas Apr. 29, 2014 Optional, submitted online 46 6 Technical seminar Apr. 29, 2014 Optional 47 7 Hotel & Travel service May 20, 2014 Optional 48 Mandatory Documents (in duplicate) shall be submitted. 11 Equipment location for standard

    booth Apr. 26, 2014

    Stand drawing

    12 Furniture and lighting rental application

    Optional to standard booth

    13 Contractors declaration for safety and security

    Original copy with contractors official seal for raw space

    14 Application for raw space construction

    Required for raw space

    15 Entrustment Letter for raw space construction

    Original copy with contractors official seal

    16 Electrical application Required for raw space 17 Water & electricity and

    compressed air application Required for raw space

    18 Construction management application form

    Required for raw space

    19 Worker badge application form Required for raw space 20 Car pass application for vehicles Required for raw space 21 Invoicing Information Required for raw space 22 Punishment regulation for booth

    construction management Original copy with contractors official seal

    23 Telephone lines & Internet access application form

    Optional for raw space

    24 Water and compressed air rental form

    Optional for raw space

    25 Booth construction deposit refund confirmation

    After Jul,14, 2014


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    Fast- find Index


    Time Schedule

    Exhibitor's Registration

    Show Time 4


    Move-in and Move-out 4

    General Information

    Overtime Application 4

    General Regulations

    Booth Management


    Safety Regulations


    On-site Demonstration Regulations


    IPR complaint handling procedure



    Information on Exhibition Halls


    Technical Parameters



    Layout 8

    Additional Information for Overseas Exhibitors

    Visa Application



    The Customs 9

    Credit Cards 10

    Medical Insurrance 10

    Third Party Liability Insurance 10

    Arrival Formalities 10

    Selling of Exhibits 10

    Transpotation Service

    Product Transport Guide 12

    Catalogue 29

    Construction Service

    Official Stand-Fitting Contractor Information

    Standard Booth Construction


    Deformation of Standard Booth Renderings & Quotes


    Flow Chart of Exhibition Hall Entry 54


    Insurance Requirements for Raw Space 55

    Construction Regulations for Raw Space


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    General Information Organizer Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair Management Office Address: 2-5-1607 Lianhuaxiaoqu, Haidian District, Beijing 100036, China Tel: 010-63983928 Fax: 010-63980554 Contact: Mr. Songjie Bao (150 0101 2955) Email: baosj@cmes.org Ms. Yi Yuan (134 8888 0342) Email: yuany@cmes.org Official Stand-Fitting Contractor-1 Beijing Perfect Creative International Builders Resources Co, Ltd.(Hall E1-E4, W1-W2) Address: Bldg.4, Jingan xijie, Chaoyang District, Beijing Tel: 010-8455 1155 Fax: 010-6462 5934 Contact: Lixiu Zhang (139 1158 9604) Email: bj_pbr@163.com Official Stand-Fitting Contractor-2 Milton Exhibits & Engineering (Shanghai) Ltd. Beijing Branch (W3) Address: Rm. 2208, Bldg. 1-B, Zhubang 2000, Balizhuangxili, Chaoyang District, Beijing Tel: 010-5671 1468 Fax: 010-5671 1568 Contact: Tong Shen Email:amyshen@milton-bj.com Official Freight Forwarding Agent Schenker China Ltd. Address: 5, Tianweixijie, Tianzhukonggang Industrial Area, Shunyi District, Beijing Tel: 010-8042 0405/0406/0407 Fax: 010-8048 0115 Contact: Zhiming Shi (138 0139 6363) Email:sammy.shi@dbschenker.com Jieming Sun (138 0105 8477) Email:mingjie_sun@dbschenker.com Official Hotel & Travel Service Agent Times International Conference & Exhibiting Co. Ltd. Address: Xintiandi, A-1106, Xibahe, Chaoyang District, Beijing Tel: 010-6446 2841 Fax: 010-6446 2177 Contact: Frank Lin Email:Hotel@sdlm.com Catalogue Publisher Neureuter Hong Kong Ltd. Tel: 020-8770 5883 Fax: 020-8770 5886 Contact: Huang Qijun/Chen Zhimeng Email:bew@neureuter.com.hk Website: www.neureuter.com.hk


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    Exhibition Schedule Date Time Remark For Exhibitors June 10-13 8:30-17:00 For Visitors June 10-12

    June 13 9:00-17:00 9:00-11:30

    Stop registration half an hour before the closing time

    Registration for Exhibitors

    Booth Type Date Time Remark Raw space June 7-9


    Register at the South Hall to collect badges and catalogues(with the contract copy and / or name cards)

    Packaged June 9

    Setting-up and Dismantling Time

    Time Schedule Date Time Setting-up Raw space June 7-8 9:00-17:30

    Packaged June 9 9:00-21:00 June 9 9:00-21:00

    Dismantling June 13 14:00-21:00 Overtime Application

    Services Description Unit Price(Yuan)


    Before 24:00 2h/booth (Less than 100 sqm)


    Hall/hour 36,000

    After 24:00

    2h/booth (Less than 100 sqm)


    Hall/hour 54,000

    1. The fee charged by per one hundred square meters. (1,000Yuan/2h for 100 sqm. Before 24:00)

    2. Companies which need to work overtime should report to the service center at 15:30-16:30 on that day. ( Later than the time, it will be no longer accepted.)

    3. Application can only be accepted once except for the last day of setting-up. 4. On the last day of setting-up and the day for dismantal, overtime work is free until 21:00.

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    General Regulations 1. All exhibitors and contractors should obey the regulations in the manual. The Organizers shall have the

    right, without appeal, to resolve all cases not provided in the regulations in this manual. 2. The terms in this manual is an integral part of the booth contract. 3. If the exhibition cannot be held on time due to force majeure caused by natural disasters, the Organizer

    shall not be liable for the loss caused by exhibitors. Booth Management 1. The exhibitors are responsible for the fire control and security during the setting-up, show time and

    dismantling period. 2. No stand may be dismantled or removed in part or in whole before 3. The booth is only for display exhibits. The exhibitors cannot lend or rent to others without the

    Organizers permission.

    14:00 on June 13, 2014.

    4. The Organizers reserve the right to remove or modify any exhibit whose fittings or operations are considered, under the Regulations, unsuitable, noisy, obnoxious, objectionable or dangerous to the exhibition, the visitors or neighboring exhibitors. All costs incurred for the removal of such exhibits shall be payable by the exhibitor.

    5. Exhibitors are responsible for the safety in demonstration of working exhibits. 6. The exhibitors shall bear badges for entry and exit. Badges shall not be borrowed. 7. The exhibitors should insure for their exhibits and staff, and take care of their exhibits and personal

    belongings. The organizer is not liable for the loss and damage of the exhibitors. 8. The promotion materials should be distributed only in the booth. 9. The exhibitors shall not sell their exhibits during the fair. 10. No smoking in the Hall. 11. Minors are not admitted in the Hall. 12. Boxed lunch cannot be brought into the Hall. 13. The exhibitors need to fill in the ex