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  • 8/3/2019 Exchange Students 2012 Handbook


    exchange students




    2012 student hand book

    PrfiStudent Support hub

  • 8/3/2019 Exchange Students 2012 Handbook


    Ip d 4

    Wl 6

    Y si 8

    Y Pi h 12

    ci Pi h 16

    Y ai P 18

    Y Wl 22

    Y F 24

    gly c t 26


    2 student handbook 2012


    To succeed in the business world, you need to stand out. Being a CPA will put you

    ahead of your competition and ensure youre recognised by employers.

    Carrying the CPA designation means you will be respected as a professional committed to a

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    while mentored work experience ensures you have the technical, business, l eadership and

    personal effectiveness skills to get ahead. Its everything you need for a successful career.

    Anyone can start the CPA Program, but only the best become CPAs.

    Why you should complete the CPA Program

    + Gain the globally recognised CPA designation

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    + Receive ongoing support and training, at every stage in your career

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    + Have the potential to earn an extremely competitive salary

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    Get connected

    If youre still studying, or simply not ready to start the CPA Program yet, CPA Passport is for you.

    CPA Passport is a global network which gives students free access to jobs, resources, networking

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    Chris Thompson CPACommercial Manager Strategic Procurement

    Coca-Cola AmatilAustralia
  • 8/3/2019 Exchange Students 2012 Handbook


    FIrst semesterm 27 F y s 1 rl i i

    m 12 m L y li

    Fi 16 m d py p ii ii

    s 31 m L y l

    s 31 m census date: L y wiw wi ii liili y ii ii

    Fi 4 my L y wiw wi il (WnF )

    Fi 8 J L y wiw il (WF)

    s 16 J s 30 J e pi

    m 16 Jly s 21 Jly sppl y

    second semesterm 23 Jly s 2 rl i i

    m 6 a L y li

    Fi 17 a d py p ii

    ii Fi 31 a L y l

    Fi 31 a census date: L y wiw wi ii liili y ii ii

    Fi 14 sp L y wiw wi il (WnF )

    Fi 26 o L y wiw il (WF)

    s 3 s 17 n e pi

    m 10 s 15 d sppl y

    ImPortant dates

    4 student handbook 2012





    t uiiy ali i ali l pii iii.



  • 8/3/2019 Exchange Students 2012 Handbook


    congratuLatIons on becomIng astudent at the unIversItY oF adeLaIde

    syi wi uiiy

    y p i ii

    ll i i ,

    wi wl l i i

    li. eli i 1874, uiiy ali i ali

    l pii iii

    i wily i

    i li i s ali.

    t Fly Pi i

    f li uiiy, li

    i 1996. t Fly p f

    p sl ili ei,

    Lw, ei, ai


    t Pi s spp h,

    l ly kw Pih, i y

    bi, ei ei


    mk yl ili wi y w,

    li jy i

    li jy. W lk w

    i y l iiy

    wi y.

    6 student handbook 2012





    Vi Wm M rm tm:

  • 8/3/2019 Exchange Students 2012 Handbook



    my pr-rqii. I ii li p-ii, i pi kwl l li .

    Pr-rqii r i cr Pr.

    I y w y p-ii y

    ll i, Pi h i y. u l

    r.@i... P l


    assumed KnoWLedge

    I m w, i will p

    pi kwl i . I i l ly y

    k wi i a Kwl pif.

    am w r r i i cr Pr .

    Your studIes

    8 student handbook 2012






    What IF I am havIng dIFFIcuLtY enroLLIng In courses?a i i ip y yi pp y y

    iiy. I y i ifly lli i y

    pp, pl miliy of i Pi h, w y l

    i wi Pi . I y i ifly wi i Fly

    Pi, y will k i l Fly. I y

    ii Pi i pp y y

    iiy, y ll li Pi h pi l

    i. Fll li lly pi wi il i f

    l .

    can I change mY enroLment aFter cLasses start?

    I y wl lik y l l , i i ill pil

    p li p il wk . Y l

    y l fli y wk, i ifl p

    i i. I y i y l, k y k wi y

    iiy f.

    h c Pl a ali p i wil lli.
  • 8/3/2019 Exchange Students 2012 Handbook


    Your InternshIP oPPortunItIes

    uki Pri irip pi y wi ill pi i y fl y i i l. I i l wy il iy wk w

    y i lki ply li iiy.

    The internship brought together a number o concepts rom my undergraduate studies,

    but the transerable skills I gained were ar more valuable: liaising with industry leaders,

    dealing with an ever-changing workload, and working to a deadline.

    hi ni, s I, dp t ei dlp (dted)

    t uiiy ali i wi wi iy ii ii,

    l ll pi, , n-F-Pf ngo.

    I am very satisfed with the way our intern ftted in to the Axios workplace. They

    demonstrated a high level o proessionalism at all times always punctual, communicated

    appropriately and worked diligently. This research project will be o great beneft to Axios.

    m Lw, gl m, axIos It

    F ii w iip p wk f il w

    i y i i i -li ppii, Fy

    Pri Irip Prrm wi.

    10 student handbook 2012





    Iip pi illpi y wy il iy wk.
  • 8/3/2019 Exchange Students 2012 Handbook


    Plaza(Hub Central)

    Se c u r it y

    Ho u s e


    Student Hub

    Barr Smith Library24 hour suite: 30 computersRest of library: various times available

    Professions Student HubUG Student Lounge: 40 computersOpen 24 hoursFirst Year Learning Centre: 21 computersMon-Fri 7am-7pmLevel 2 Computer Labs: 200+ computersMon-Fri 7am-7pm

    Security House233 North TerraceBasement: 64 computersMon-Fri 8am-6pmLevel 1: 20 computersOpen 24 hours

    Hub Central200+ computersOpen 24 hours


    t Pi h, h, i li i u P ll i c, Fi, ei ei.

    Fr cr p My Friy 9m5pm

    t ug Pg i, ili lp wi l, y

    pl, pli iil ii. Y l k ppi

    wi P ai, wll w l ii.

    a , y k i :

    Specic programs from Program Advisers

    Overseas study from our specialised Mobility Ofcer

    Questions specic to international students from our International Executive Ofcer,


    aim drp bx

    t p w y i y i ii .

    o i l i i l ii p ,

    i .

    Y wl i r

    f y usb!

    Your ProFessIons hub

    12 student handbook 2012





    comPuters avaILabLearound the unIversItY
  • 8/3/2019 Exchange Students 2012 Ha