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  • 1. Examples of articles onlineThese are some of the articles I came across before producing my own article. These articlesabove are very different from each other as they address different subjects and the layout isaltered. I searched and looked at many articles and the font and colours of the articles wereextremely eye catching. I knew exactly how I wanted my article to look like after seeing thesebright bold colours on articles. I also have to think of an appropriate name for my article andmake sure it is somehow related to the content of the article. I also noticed that several pictureswere used so people who are reading the article can find it easier to digest the information beingpresented through the text.

2. http://uxdesign.smashingmagazine.com/2012/04/18/designing-with-audio-what-is-sound-good-for/ 3. 1 Understand the use of sound in interactive media productsTheory of sound:Sound generator (loudspeaker)Basics of sound recording:Analogue versus digital:Applications:Use of sound:HarmonyArticleTemponameKey MelodyChord 4. Assignment 1 Use of Sound in Interactive Media: What You Need to KnowLearners have been asked to contribute an article to an online media magazine on the use of soundin interactivemedia, focusing on how designers use sound to enhance a users interactive experience.The article must cover:applicationsuse of sound in those applicationstheory of soundsound recordingadvantages and disadvantages of analogue and digital technologies for sound.