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Transcript of EvtTKbody IntUtd Scientists WiU Make S Plans ForWi WiU Be ... · PDF file Announcement was...

  • Kl 61 % CAMDEN, SOUTH MARCH 21, 19S0

    EvtTKbody IntUtd

    Plans WiU Be Revealed At Meetldl Tuesday Night

    gs to Br Ghr«ai s Of The Yoor'f

    ;rt Contest

    an of cars filled ,aw County farm- >ave the AgHcjxl- ding in Camden at 2 o’clock on y March 22, on a [ of this county’s titer Paftur®Mi tig the tour will arding of $100 in $ to the winners of two-acre pasture on the tour will be farms of M. B. Burns.

    rizes will be swsrc v’s farm.•many other pastum tv we would like to C. McCarley, county in announcing the

    re are expecting 25 or to make the survey would be impossible

    ; all into some of the itions.” \ ur the farmers can ex- some good winter pas- Fescue and Ladmo 1 also some rye-grass ng Crimson Clov«r. er pasture contest was mtly by the following: lie, agronomist, Clem- e S. A. Readfem, Edu- rector, American Pot- te; John Rice, Public Department, Chilean

    Soda; and P. H. Mont- Ute Soil Conservation

    ize in the contest will ond prix* $15 and third

    Winners will not be 1 until the awards are Wednesday.

    AD interested residents of Kershaw county, and of Cainden, especially, are invited to attend the public meet­ ing Tueaday night, March 21, in the court house at 8 o'clock, at fwhich time details of the plane for the flnanc-

    Added impetus to of Camden Academy last Thursday at a n board of dxrectort. outlined by T. B.

    ing of th# j I . to an announceqgent made dent of the corporation.

    opening liven olthe were

    _______________ _ direct ing the movement, and ^ or changes, were approved by the board.

    “Now that we are definitely and actually going ahead with our plans for the financing and open­ ing of Cainden Academy/* Mr. de- Loach stated, all the members of our board of directors are en­ thusiastic ever the outlook. Al­ ready we have more than one- third of the neceanry finances

    us $20,000 comes Since we

    will be revealed, accordingacc< John K. deLoach, presi-

    H ForWi River Proposed Public Huorfaf

    Held Kit Here April V* A public hei

    held in the court the Kershaw c< house on Wedn< 12, at 11 a. m. visability at this moting improve lood control, with

    reference to major and channel on the Wateree

    Eight-Yea r-OM Bay Geld-1 in the vicinity of 1 The notice of the hi

    am] [colonel, corps of

    Bright Light b Show

    will be of

    court April

    ad- of|>ro-

    icular linage

    itening at and

    rkin. came

    [tenant and

    and fiiia $20,

    Society’s , vm #11 ties of tha

    from only 30 .. have contacted only a amall per­ centage of the people here in the county who we know are behind this movement, all, of us fed greatly encouraged over the pros­ pects. We believe that within a few weeks, we will have the $60,- 000 that we need.”

    Announcement was madl in this paper last Friday that an outstanding boy's preparatory sdfoel educator has already been selected as headmaster for Cam­ den Academy. Later information reveals that he has already re­ signed his present position, ao that he may be available here starting with the summer months.

    The Academy corporation some time ago secured the physical plant for Camden Academy, ad-

    mt to the Camden Airport on S. Highway No. 1, north. A

    ing to Mr. The meeting Tueaday night, to

    which all interested persons are in'

    ing Taka* Top Mortar* I ______ r>___J__ CL**#, I it is thought here that thi« hearingv«amaen none snow jg ^ ^ proposal of the Lyhche's

    v • ■ ...... I River Soil Conservation district to a to it land in

    Tha champion hunter of I drain the river 80 the 87th Annual Camd«nln Choral Society, with standing guest soloists ihestra of more than 25 usicians, give a stirring ce of Dubois’ “The st Words of Christ”, capable direction of

    uns. . \ -Easter concert, second en this season by the wp, was acclaimed by >ne of the outstanding irformances ever to be in Camden. The three lari Berg and Moody of Charlotte and Miss urgess of Ashboro, N. dutifully. Although the was composed of mu- m all parts of the two the orchestration was h near-perfection. •nis, composed entirely >£crs, joined their visit­ ing the concert a “fin ormance.’’ All present it the work being done f Guv Hutchins and the •noral Society in bring., high calibre musical ces to Camden deserved most wholehearted sup-

    ment states. After proper o tunity has been allowed to shaw county people, any ran ing stock will be available to er interested parties, the have announced.

    “Let’s Make Camden Academy Camden’s Own” is the objective of the committee contacting Ker­ shaw county residents, according | |0u0W

    duPont 16 clasaee were well

    filled with entries from Southern Try on, Hartsvflle, Colum-

    It. Matthews, Wateree

    be made of this full considers ti

    given to matter preeen UontSHS ted orally,

    ant the

    Gerard & Smith judged the show, assisted by the children’s classes, and George who judged the race horse types.

    Winners in the various classes ittee xnem-

    we to one of the bers. “Although that the money raised through public gifts,? member continued, ’that Is

    Suitable to Become Hunters: Silver Ken, first: Jack Be Nimble,

    Battle wings, third; The ^S Rake, fourth. no*' Horsemanship— Hunting Seat:

    artha Goodale, first; Boake Bo]

    Local C. A. P. To Make Flights Fir Forestry Service

    flights will be made from i^amden airport by the Camden Squadron of the CAP in coopera- tioti with the S. C. State Com­ mission of Forestry, according to Dapt. David S. Harter, command­ ing officer.

    Several flights have been made ‘rom the Sumter airport by mem- jers of the Sumter flight, under the command of Capt. Perry Woodward. Valuable experience

    HBP , WP, m of aircraft for fire detection, even though only a few flights have actually

    •ly investors in Henry Ford?Coca-Cola, or

    Well we are not expet ything like either of

    we do believe fb# . „ ^ w emy stock is going to prove to be

    fine investment Otherwise, I don’t believe that there would be p t so many of the outstanding v“*~4 ness and professional men Camden already in the

    Wan, second; Silent Bo and Ballancurra, fourth.

    Hunters: Silver Ken, Jack Be

    fourth. ble, third, and Battle Wings,

    country and through that it has been run.

    it has become established as the best timber race in the nation, if not in the world. Hie only other race of its kind that is comparable with it, is file pioneer Grind Na­ tional at Aintree, England, which coincidentally will be run on the same date as file Camden classicjBppi

    It was announced Wednesday ‘that the race events will be as feflews:

    The Waif a for

    and 1 J, while in Ow0,cci35a ^y

    match Adams and Beburn of Lag- _ ’ ^ . . . _ defeated Goodale and VII-1 Dr. Patrick, a graduate of Cek

    lepigue of Saturday

    Camden, 2 and head i the

    ers* Association were pleased over I liahiS^at Camddn, but the final first anthe of the

    President deLoach will at the meeting Tuesday

    ng Course fficers waders Held

    Club officers and fumbled in Camden morning for a training

    “Vude Lanham, Pied- eaSr dlscussed eaders their responsibil- opportumties in guiding »oys and girls in their congmunities. Personal •assistance with pro-

    f.or the individ- ^bers. Assistance with fam, records, fairs, con- ^bits were suggest- °f aiding the clubs

    * at special activitS ^Ps, rally days and ®t days was urged as X’thtt'1"8 «rei>tCT

    leaders and 4-H ones, Piedmont District Atent talked withthe A table dW

    during which memb< board of directors anc will outline the pllns

    and Mr. til® I Pom;

    second; Joe Buyck, third, and R< DuBose, fourth. > .

    Local Hunters: Silent Boy, first; Cmnanche, second: Duplicate; third, and Pageant fourth.

    Owner’s Hacks: Keystone, first;

    Camden Squadron flights will >e made to give members further

    training in use of detection maps, radio equipment and flight pat- '

    Further flights will be [and and Kershaw

    second and Duplicate,

    . , .fourth, two weeks. v'-----—4—Stem.________ _______ _

    Among those alretf^steckhoU- first; Lock and''Key, second'; ers In Camden Academy are: Cochise, third, and Hunting Horn, Mrs. Louise- C. Proctor. -W. L. fourth.Goodale, L. L. Young, J. C. Guy,! Flat Horse Type: County De- John K. deLoach, Wilson T. Mills, light firri; Paddy's Hat, second; J. Whitaker, Jr- M. B. Burns, On The House, third, 2 ^ ~ - R. B Mrs. U. N.' Myers, E. T. C. J. Shannon, 4th, A S. DaCosta Brown, M. L. Weil, G. S. Rhame, Ed. G. Grant, D. a Hin­ son, Kate P. Sheorn, W. S. Pitta, and Mrs. Kathleen B. Watts.

    terns. made over Richla counties.

    Two flights made by the Sum­ ter Squadron in one afternoon discovered some 21 forest fires. Records established so far con­ firm the great value that air

    trol might contribute to forest e detection work In South


    . analysis will be completed in the /.u-ii. and stressed much praise Philadelphia laboratory of the

    efficient manner in which academy. Du Pont engineers will -ated. ‘ ‘ vrork with Dr. Patrick s teem.

    The being made to health of

    an accurate

    for the the Camden Club cooperated. , „________