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Here is the first of my four evaluation questions.

Transcript of Evaluation Question 1 - Megan Smith A2 Media

  • 1. Evaluation Question 1 1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Megan Smith A2 Media Studies

2. FOR MY COURSEWORK I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHOSE TO MAKE EITHER A TEASER FILM TRAILER, OR A THEATRICAL FILM TRAILER. Here are the codes and conventions for both 3. CODES AND CONVENTIONS FOR A TEASER TRAILER Either a short sequence of clips, or just one clip. It should be between 30-60 seconds. The pace is usually fast, or starts of slow and it picks up speed. This causes tension for the audience. It gives you an inclination to what the film is about, but it wont give all of the general story line away. Teaser trailers are usually left on a cliff-hanger. This makes the audience want more of the film! (Hence the word teaser, because of the lack in film footage) Often made when the film is still in production, just to give an audience a little something to hold on to; until the actual film trailer and film comes out. E.g. this was very effective during the hunger games. May contain scenes that doesnt actually feature in the film. As the film is still in progress, this scene may have been cut when editing the footage and making it coherent with the rest of the film. Only really used with Hollywood or large budgeted films, because they have a larger support, more money and promotion behind them. Usually released a while before the theatrical trailer. (Again taking in to account the name teaser) 4. Why Do Trailers Exist? - To advertise a future film - To attract audiences to a film Must be achieved in 2 minutes or less! Most trailers are aimed at the lower age classification, than the film; E.g. Trailers 12 but Film is 15. This is to attract a larger audience, for example a parent may be watching a film at the cinema with their child, a film with a higher classification may be advertised, through the trailer, at a lower age, so that the adult can watch it, without it affecting the child. Who Makes Trailers? Director and producer of the film collaborate with the marketing and advertising team to create the trailer idea. Trailer directors use techniques from the film What goes in to the Trailer? Name of the film (Title) Shots from the film Linear/Non-linear (min 10) different shots Narrative of the Trailer Music from the theme of the film Production Company Stars & Directors Endorsements: - Positive critical quotes - Film Festival - Famous Actors - Credits CODES AND CONVENTIONS OF A THEATRICAL FILM TRAILER 5. CODES AND CONVENTIONS OF A FILM TRAILER CONTINUED Certification age Directed Voice Overs Launch Date text, strapline (key quote) Selection shots Drawn from most important, funny or exciting parts of the film. Trailer must portray the key events without producing spoilers. Not in chronological order ACT 1 lays out story ACT 2 Drives the story, usually ending in a dramatic climax ACT 3 Montage of key moments from the film grip audience 6. FOR MY COURSEWORK I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHOSE TO MAKE EITHER A TEASER FILM TRAILER, OR A THEATRICAL FILM TRAILER. A decision was made that Fleeting Youth should be a theatrical film trailer. One of the reasons for this is because Fleeting Youth is an independent film, it is unusual for an independent film to have a teaser trailer. Also, it was important that we gave the audience a general story line, so that it made relative sense, this would only be achieved with a theatrical trailer. 7. A DECISION WAS ALSO MADE THAT OUR TRAILER WOULD BE A SOCIAL REALISM FILM 8. CODES AND CONVENTIONS FOR A SOCIAL REALISM FILM TRAILER 9. DOES MY TRAILER CHALLENGE OR FOLLOW THESE CONVENTIONS THAT I HAVE CHOSEN? Theatrical Film Trailer conventions I believe that the Fleeting Youth trailer mainly follows these conventions. - Fleeting Youth advertises this future film, as I believe that it attracts audiences. I can infer this from the previous audience feedback that we have had. - The film classification has been lowered on the trailer to a 12, when the film is a 15. So that it attracts a large range of audience. - A narrative features in Fleeting Youth as it helps the audience to gain the knowledge of the general story line. - The music that was used fits the theme of the film trailer, as they are all bands. We used Boys Dont Cry by The Cure. This song is classed as a classic and is well known from the post-punk era. This fits the theme as the band in the trailer is influenced by artists of this era. Local bands from the area that I live in were also used, this helps to promote them as well, which interlinks with the struggle of the band in the film trailer. - Film festival recognition also features as part of the endorsement, as it does in mot independent films theatrical film trailers. Time - 1Min 43 Second - This is the time we set out for our theatrical film trailer because its enough time to give a general storyline, but not give to much away. In away it challenges the codes and conventions of a theatrical film trailer, because they are usually 2 Min 30 Sec. However, the convention clearly lies out that it is between 1 2 Min 30 Sec. 10. DOES MY TRAILER CHALLENGE OR FOLLOW THESE CONVENTIONS THAT I HAVE CHOSEN? CONTINUED - Characters are established early on so that the story line can flourish, which is necessary in a theatrical trailer. - I believe that my trailer follows the codes and conventions of a theatrical trailer, as it gives a general story line, but doesnt give too much away. Which leaves the audience in want of more, so that they can 11. DOES MY FILM TRAILER CHALLENGE OR FOLLOW THESE CONVENTIONS THAT I HAVE CHOSEN? CONTINUED Social Realism Film Trailer conventions - Social realism trailers pose a question or challenge the conformities in society, they challenge the status quo. I believe that my trailer does this, as it questions whether your teenage years are the best years of your life. - This is achieved through its social realism conventions and use of filming, mis-en- scene, and so on. - It was difficult to think of something original as there are many similarities between many social realism films. Therefore, it was decided that the film trailer should focus around the teenage/young adult social group and what the keen interests of my generation was, one of these was music. - We used an improvised Script , which is very common in social realism films, and proved to be very successful. - Quite obviously, we didnt use professional actors or the professional filming, editing and production, that Hollywood use, which also puts Fleeting Youth in the social realism conventions and independent category. 12. FOLLOWING THESE IDEAS AND CONVENTIONS Fleeting Youth film trailer title Juno film trailer title Fleeting Youth was inspired by and shared ideas and conventions similar to that of other social realism films, such as Juno: This lets people gain an idea of what to expect and realise that this has been inspired by and is a social realism film in its own right. They are both vibrant and light hearted, which is what I set out to achieve. 13. FILM POSTER Conventions of a social realism film poster - Follows the codes and conventions of a film poster. - Usually light, vibrant colours are used, to show the eventual light hearted-ness in the film genre. - Stands out against other film posters, such as Hollywood film posters, as social realism films are usually independent. - Its also important to give the audience a inclination of what the story line is and to have connections with its film trailer and film magazine front cover, if it is main featured. 14. - I believe that my film poster follows these conventions, as it has vibrant colours featuring on it. - Also it follows the conventions of film posters generally. - It also gives the audience an inclination of what the story line is and to have connections with its film trailer and film magazine front cover, if it is main featured. 15. FILM MAGAZINE FRONT COVER 16. Not many social realisms get a main feature on a film magazine. I wanted to change this convention, as I think that social realism and independent films should get enough recognition. My film magazine front cover, follows magazine front cover conventions and Im really pleased with my final edition, as I worked really hard on getting it to look professional.