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2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Within my magazine to create the realism of an actual product I included iconic codes and conventions of an existing magazine. For example, on the cover a; bar code, price, issue number, engaging cover shot, featured headline, other headlines/articles, luring techniques and mast head., are all included to add to the realism of the magazine as a product. Also used in the Contents and Double-page spread pages, with the use of; ordering the text in columns done as a technique in which most magazines use, a traditional Heading/ Stand first and Subheading within the article, an Enlarged Quote in the Interview with the artist, the Page contents listed with page numbers referenced, an editors message, page numbers, Photographer of the Images labelled (By-line), Typeface (toMy Magazine through a the magazine) and websites and contacts etc. This also adds to the realism of show consistencyFamous Brand Magazine the magazine as a product and shows the use of forms and conventions of a real media product. Here you can see I have tried to imitate my magazine front cover to the famous music magazine NME as it clearlyMain image of conventions a magazine should have to it. Even though these two magazines might not have the shows thegroup genre I can still compare mine to the NME as its indie/rock style and mine is just indie. same MastheadOthercover lines Main cover lineIssue date andpriceBarcode 3. HERE IS MY CONTENTS PAGE THAT I HAVE PRODUCED I HAVE USED THECONVENTIONS AND IDEAS FROM OTHER MAGAZINES TO MAKE MINE LOOKEQUALLY AS EFFECTIVE. I RESERACHED VARIOUS MAGAZINES ON THEINTERNET AND ALL SHOWED THAT THEY HAVE QUITE A FEW PICTUREWITHIN THIS PAGE WHICH MAY THEN ATTRACT THE AUDIENCE TO WANTTO BUY IT AS IT GIVES AN INSITE INTO WHATS GOING TO BE ON THE REST OF THE UPCOMING PAGES THROUGHOUT THE MAGAZINE.Text columns Sub-titlesPage numbers and asentences describing abrief incite to variouspages 4. Here I have tried to create my own interpretation of the typical doublepage spread within a magazine. Even though the real magazinebelow mine may not be of the indie genre to mine, it still shows clearconventions into what should make a perfect double page spread.I am following the codes and conventions with my double page spreadas I have definite columns running down the page with a typicalinterview style on. The interview tends to be with an artist or band soin my case its with the band I created for my magazine,Miscellaneous.I have used a pull-quote on the left side of the double page spreadsaying we love our fans and then used another on the right side, halfway down through the interview saying, the vaccines they have wrotereally good songs in which we aspire doing too. The pull quote is atypical convention Im following as they allow something thatsomeone has said stand out from the rest of the writing so it engagesthe audience to want to read the whole interview to understand whatthey were on about.The columns allow there to be structure to what the audience isreading so its clear to understand. Even though in many different realmusic magazines they do this they still may come up with differentquirky ways in which may challenge the forms of conventions.The picture in which the bottom double page expresses is that the blackeyed peas are a famous band and there standing tall to show there authorityand power through the picture, especially power is shown through the mainguy in band as he is the only one not slightly blurred and in definite colour.Similarly to this in mine above I have created a similar style by making mymodels stand with strong poses but made them stand two in front and twobehind to make it look more effective. i also put there individual picturesinto pillorieds and saying there names underneath as they are suppose to berepresenting a new band into the indie genre of music. 5. Within some magazines I researched in to they dont always go with a set genre throughout the magazine this is calledunconventional genre as the target audience is wider therefore creating a larger market for success. This could be seen as adownfall though because not everyone necessarily likes the same things and its pointless putting a genre of pop with rock as partsof the magazine then people wouldnt want to read and therefore would loose sale.I looked on the internet at various types of magazine and there different genres from rock to pop but I came to a conclusion that Iwanted mine to be of a genre of indie. Some artists and groups which may full underneath this category would be from the likesof, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Vaccines ,Two Door Cinema Club, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay. Although some of the artist whichmay not be that of a typical mainstreamer person like pop and RNB sensation Rhianna they still undertake followers andtherefore do become successful also.Whilst doing my research into this genre I noticed that its mainly a targeted genre for those of a youngeraudience so teens up to late 20s seem to go to indie gigs and concerts more so than older audiences. 6. I wanted mine to not have bright colours like the top of thepops one as this shows what kind of social group its aimedfor and because of the use of colours especially. With thetop of the pops magazine it also looks like its aimed for ayounger audience because of the subtle but extreme coloursto it i.e. pink and yellow. Which the colour pink is seen tobe for those younger girls favourite colour which indicatesthe social group.The ways in which I have tried to represent my particularsocial group also is by the colour type. I havepredominantly used the colours,white,red and black.These reasons for this is that they are three bold colourswhich go together and make a statement and with strongcolours shows a strong magazine type.My media product represents my particular social groupin a positive light. As on the front image it has a group oflate teens who seem to be hanging out and enjoyingthemselves instead of portraying them in a negative wayas in I could of had them in a pose where they could begiving a hand gesture of swearing. But instead collectedimages that I thought would represent them in a morepositive light which then would make my target audiencewant to buy it because it looks appealing. 7. The things in which people wear can define them into what kinds of social groups they may belong to for example stereotypicalthings they would wear would be dark colours especially black so would hate the colour pink in which someone mainstreammight like to wear. And there would be a complete contrast into what a country person would wear from indie. The ways inwhich magazine s use this to there advantage when making magazines is good as you can clearly differentiate the different socialgroups and what would appeal more towards certain people.Within my front page i ensured that my Dull colouredmodels would look like a typical clothingrepresentation of my indie genre, in order torepresentsthis I hade to ensure that the clothing andindie lookpose were correct for the particular style Iwas going for. Therefore I felt that the waysin which this could be done was to pick Converse -typical people from my friends who Irepresents athought most dressed for an indie way. This sense ofwas better than just imitating as getting youth as aactual people who do like indie must wasmajority ofbetter as they had the style which I wanted young peoplefor my magazine e.g. simple but effective wear theseclothing, dull colours otherwise if I had themand are inall smiling with brightly coloured tops on it fashioncould mix up what the audience buying themagazine would think the genre would beand change the whole look about it. 8. What kinds of media institution might distribute your media product and why?In the reality of creating a new magazine product, the design and genre etc, would only be on aspect within building a successfulproduct for a target audience. For example advertisement, pricing and profit and the distribution on the product would all be keyfactors that would have to be approached for the success of the magazine.To decide what media institution I would want to distribute my Music (Indie) Magazine, I had to do initial research into existinginstitutions to find which would be suitable. The institutions I have researched are; IPC Media, Bauer Media and DevelopmentHell Ltd. IPC Media produces over 60 iconic media brands, with print alone reaching almost two thirds of UK women and 42% of UK men almost 26 million UK adults while our websites collectively reach over 20 million users every month. IPCs diverse print and digital portfolio offers something for everyone, with a focus on three core audiences: men, mass market women and upmarket women. Our mens portfolio (IPC Inspire) comprises a wealth of leisure brands including Country Life, Horse & Hound, Rugby World and Decanter, as well as lifestyle brands including Nuts, Mouse breaker and NME. Our mass market womens division (IPC Connect) comprises famous womens weeklies including Look, Now, Chat and Woman; TV entertainment brands including Whats on TV, TV Times and TV & Satellite Week and, online, the good to know network. Our upmarket womens division (IPC Southbank) comprises luxury fashion brands including Marie Claire and InStyle, lifestyle brands including woman & home and essentials and home interest brands including Ideal Home, Living etc and house to home. From...http://www.ipcmedia.com/about/As a distributing company, it is clear from the large recognizable brands included, it is a successful business. This would give methe confidence in putting my brand in this alongside the ones given. However the target markets they work upon at the momentseem very segregated between the two genders, where as for larger sales I created my magazine to be uni-sex. On one hand th