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Fashion is an almost everyday event. We tend to have fashion in everything we possess. We also wear Ethnic dress on occasions. The fashion and trends in it is always a confusion for most of them. So, go through this presentation and get a better idea on Ethnic fashion.

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  • 1. Ethnic Fashion c-fashion/
  • 2. Fashion is a style which we express ourselves, especially in clothing, accessories, footwear, makeup, and so on. It is all about expressing your identity, showing others whom you are, what are your choices and tastes that tells something about you and your personality. you can get Plenty of Choices in Online Fashion Store.
  • 3. Ethnic: Ethnicity is the traditional culture of a social group. It is something that shares the unique cultural character or traits of a group in society. Ethnic relates to a group that shares a national, racial, religious, or linguistic heritage. When you dress to reflect your ethnicity, you are proudly celebrating who you are and expressing the valuable cultural roots.
  • 4. Native American clothing is one the most beautiful forms of ethnic fashion. It often features pretty shawls that can be worn as an evening wrap and glorious beadwork designs. Afro-centric clothing is well known for its fabrics, designs, and inspired patterns, which are comfortable and excellent clothing to wear during your relax time Choose Online Fashion Shopping Coupon to Select Your Costumes.
  • 5. The pleasure of Indian ethnic clothing: Indian clothing varies by region and religion. You can see most Indians slip into their ethnic attire (be it sari, kurta pajama or dhoti whatever) during the special occasions and the festivity time. Many Indians hold to their traditional clothes, even though European styles often get into large Indian cities like Mumbai. Saris and the salwar kameez are the common traditional attire for Indian women. And, Indian men usually wear the dhoti or kurta.
  • 6. Indian clothing types: 1. Saris/ Sarees: Sarees are the most recognizable items of traditional Indian womens clothing. The exact origins of the sari are unclear. But, they are found mentioned in the Vedas as early as 600 B.C. Mostly, the saris, long drape fabrics made from silk or cotton, are wrapped around the legs, draped over the shoulder, and then cover around the upper torso. The beautiful and colorful saris are still a regular form of clothing for 21st century Indian women.
  • 7. Sarees
  • 8. 2. Dhotis: Dhotis are the traditional clothing of men in India. They are made from a single, non-stitched cloth tied around the waist and legs. Sometimes called a lungi, the dhoti can be seen in sculptures dating as far back as 200 B.C. Though it looks similar to a saree, dhoti is shorter than a saree.Nowadays Many Sites offer coupons and deals and makes your purchase efficient.
  • 9. Dhotis
  • 10. 3. Salwar kameez: The salwar kameez is one of the traditional cotton outfits worn by Indian women, especially in the Punjab region. This costume consists of loose, ankle-length pants (salwar), and a knee-length tunic top (kameez). Churidar, which is sleeker and narrower, is the modern version of salwar kameez.
  • 11. Salwar Kameez
  • 12. 4. Turbans: Linen turbans are very important to Indias major Sikh population. Turbans were worn by royalty while laborers suffered brutal domination, when Sikhism was beginning in the sixteenth century in Punjab. And then gurus mandated all their followers wear turbans to show the equality of all people.
  • 13. Turban
  • 14. 5. Kurta: Initially, kurtas were worn only by Indian men. Later, Indian women as well started to wear it. One can make use of Online fashion store to purchase traditional costumes easily . Made from cotton, the kurtas are often known as kurta pyjamas. These kurtas are long, collarless, loose shirts that normally go down to the knee or mid-thigh. Traditional kurtas are white or pastel-colored.
  • 15. Kurtas
  • 16. 6. Jewelry: Women wear bangles of all different materials in their hands and keeps bindi on their forehead many traditional jewelry are available at Fashion Shopping With Promo code. Golden jewels are worn by women at all times, as it is believed that gold purifies anything it touches. Toe rings and anklets are worn by married women. Moreover, a neck chain called as mangalasutra made from many materials is used as a wedding ornament and it is removed from them only when their husband dies.
  • 17. Jewelry
  • 18. Celebrate your ethnicity: Ethnic fashion is not something that just about picking pretty garments that show off the personality, but a fashion that speaks about the countrys pride and culture. Ethnic fashion is a celebration of our origins, our beliefs and our customs. Just hug and hold it!
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