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  • 1. Powerpoint Templates Page 1

2. EXPERIMENTATION The testing of an idea , acontrolled procedure carriedout to discover. It plays anessential role in the designprocess. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 2 3. Engineering projects can be viewed as social experiments because the main concern is the people, society and the environment.* Engineering projects are experiments that involve technology development and humans.Powerpoint Templates Page 3 4. Primary obligation is to protect thesafety of human subjects and respecttheir right of consent. Aconstantawarenessof theexperimentalnatureof anyproject, imaginative forecasting of itspossibleside effects,andareasonable effort to monitor them.Powerpoint TemplatesPage 4 5. Engineering product design steps: Concepts Preliminary designs, tests More detailed designs More tests Production More tests Powerpoint TemplatesPage 5 6. The public purchases/uses the product More test Role of profits/competition with othercompanies More test Innovation TestPowerpoint Templates Page 6 7. Engineers learn from the past fromtheir own earlier designs andoperating results, as well as fromthose of other engineers.Moreover, from the lessons learned incollege or during the firstexperimentationPowerpoint Templates Page 7 8. Projects carried out in partial ignorance The final outcomes of engineeringprojects, like those of experiments, aregenerally uncertain. Effective Engineering relies uponknowledge gained about products bothbefore and after they leave thefactory. Powerpoint Templates Page 8 9. Experimental Control Clients andconsumers exercise most of the control because itis they who choose the products. Informed Consent moral and legal rightsbefore participating in an experiment is not reallyimportant 2 main elements : knowledge and voluntariness Knowledge Gained scientific experimentsare conducted to gain new knowledge whileengineering projects are experiments that are notnecessarily designed to produce very muchknowledge Powerpoint TemplatesPage 9 10. Conscientiousness:Respect right of consent of public, honest and know what is right and wrongComprehensive perspective: Awareness of experimental nature of projects, forecasting and monitoringPowerpoint Templates Page 10 11. Moral autonomy: Personally engaged, thoughtful,involvement in projectAccountability: Accept responsibility for results of a projectPowerpoint Templates Page 11 12. Produce standards of professionalconduct Assurance to comply with standards Can support and defense theirexperimentation Powerpoint TemplatesPage 12 13. Uniformity of physical propertiesand functions Safety and reliability Quality of Product Quality of Personnel and services Use of accepted procedures Separability Quality Procedures approved by ISO Powerpoint Templates Page 13 14. Powerpoint Templates Page 14