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  • Essential information in brief

    Please also refer to our enclosed Conditions of Participation.

    The registration documents include

    Essential information in brief

    The forms:

    1.10 Registration for main exhibitor*

    1.11 Enclosure to the registration for main exhibitor

    1.20 Registration for co-exhibitors/additionally represented companies*

    1.30 List of Goods*

    2.10 Order form for Media Package “Catalogue/Internet/Matchmaking” for

    main exhibitors, co-exhibitors, additionally represented companies*

    2.30 Catalogue advertisement

    S.12A Koelnmesse Service completely outfitted stand Octanorm

    S.12B Koelnmesse Service completely outfitted stand Mero

    *Must be returned

    Brochure “We’ll create the perfect setting for your ideas”

    Conditions of Participation, Special Section

    General Conditions of Participation

    1 Opening times

    For exhibitors: daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    except on Friday, 10th October 2008 until 9 p.m.

    For visitors: daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    except on Friday, 10th October 2008 until 8 p.m.

    2 Registration

    Form 1.10 must be submitted by each main exhibitor. Please fill out the

    registration form completely, stamp it with your company seal, and have a

    responsible person sign it. The registration is only valid when accompanied

    by the List of Goods on Form 1.30.

    Co-exhibitors* or additionally represented companies* are required

    to register using Form 1.20. A separate List of Goods – Form 1.30 –

    must be filled in for each of these companies.

    *see Item V of the General Conditions of Participation

    Stands will be allocated beginning 31st October 2007.

    3 Participation fees

    Renting a stand area costs:

    for Terrace stand (one side open) 136.50 EUR/m2

    for Corner stand (two sides open) 141.50 EUR/m2

    for Two-corner stand (three sides open) 144.50 EUR/m2

    for Island stand (four sides open) 146.50 EUR/m2

    for outdoor space 75.00 EUR/m2

    Two-storey 50 % from stand costs.

    In addition, a down payment for services* of 20.00 EUR per m2 and an

    AUMA fee* of 0.60 EUR per m2 are charged. After the event is over,

    a separate final invoice is drawn up for the services provided; the down

    payment is credited to this amount.

    All prices are net prices and do not include VAT at 19%.

    The rental fee for stand area does not include the cost for any


    *see Item 3 of the Special Section of the Conditions of Participation

    4 Turnkey stands / Koelnmesse Service Stands

    Our subsidiary Koelnmesse Service GmbH offers turnkey stands. Why not

    take advantage of this service? These stands are available in various designs.

    The corresponding order forms please take from the enclosed brochure

    “We’ll create the perfect setting for your ideas” – Our trade fair stands

    ensure your successful presentation.

    Tel: +49 221 821-3998

    5 Press meeting

    Tuesday, 7th October 2008

    Stand construction is not allowed on press day.

    6 Construction times

    Start of construction period: Thursday, 2nd October 2008, 8 a.m.

    End of construction period: Monday, 6th October 2008, 8 p.m.

    7 Dismantling times

    Start of dismantling period: 6 p.m. on Sunday, 12th October 2008

    End of dismantling period: 6 p.m. on Wednesday, 15th October 2008

    Dismantling may not begin earlier than 6 p.m. on 12th October 2008

    8 Stand confirmation

    Once your company has been accepted for participation, you will receive

    confirmation of your stand in spring 2008.

    9 Technical guidelines / services

    The Service Package, which includes technical construction guidelines

    and order forms for various services, will be sent along with the stand

    confirmation in spring 2008.

    Please respect the submission deadlines for the order forms!

    10 Stand construction declaration

    Construction diagrams (view and layout plan, including measurements and

    a construction description) must be submitted to Koelnmesse in duplicate

    at least eight weeks prior to the beginning of the event. The information

    contained in these documents is binding for all exhibitors (see Form W.01

    in the Service Package).

    11 Maximum stand height / special constructions

    The maximum permissible stand height (including signs, banners and other

    advertising material) is standardised at 3.5 m. On request, Koelnmesse can

    approve a higher stand height insofar as technical and construction-related

    requirements are met (see Form W.01 in the Service Package). Rear walls

    must be neutral in design.

    Should you be planning a special construction or a stand with two

    floors, you must submit two copies of the construction plans to the

    Koelnmesse Exhibition Technology department at least six weeks

    before the start of the fair.

    INTERMOT 6th International Fair for Motorcycles and Scooters Cologne, 8–12 October 2008

  • Essential information in brief 2

    12 Scale-drawings of stands

    You will receive scaled drawings on demand in spring 2008.

    13 Withdrawal / non-participation

    The contractual relationship can no longer be terminated once the stand

    has been bindingly registered and confirmed. The organizer can agree to

    the request for release from the contract only in exceptional cases if the

    stand space not required can be rented to another exhibitor. In this instance

    the organizer is entitled to demand a general reimbursement of the costs

    incurred corresponding to 25 % of the participation fee. If the space cannot

    be re-rented, the full participation fee must be paid. Please see “General

    Conditions of Participation”, Item II.

    14 Invoicing

    You will receive the invoice for the stand area along with your free exhibitor

    and work passes starting in summer 2008. Please observe the terms and

    conditions of payment listed under Item IV of the General Conditions of


    15 VAT refunds

    Foreign exhibitors (proprietors) may receive a refund of the VAT paid with

    the invoice as long as they fulfil the legal requirements. The appropriate

    service is offered by Koelnmesse Service in conjunction with G-VAT

    (Form M.07 in the Service Package). Alternatively, send your refund claim

    directly to the

    Bundeszentralamt für Steuern/Hauptdienstsitz Bonn-Beuel,

    An der Küppe 1, 53225 Bonn, Germany.

    Tel. +49 228 4060, fax +49 228 4062661,

    16 Exhibitor passes

    Each exhibitor receives free of charge and valid for the period from the first

    day on which construction work begins to the final day of dismantling:

    – 3 passes for a stand up to 20 m2

    – 1 pass for each additional 10 m2

    The number of exhibitor passes will not be increased to account for co -

    exhibitors or additionally represented companies. Additional exhibitor passes

    can be purchased for 19.00 EUR.

    17 Work passes

    Together with the invoice, you will receive free work passes that

    allow personnel to access the fairgrounds during the construction

    and dismantling periods.

    18 Media Package “Catalogue/Internet/Matchmaking”

    Our service for your needs:

    Media Package expanded to include INTERMOT matchmaking – the

    exhibitor-visitor contact exchange on the Internet, see enclosed information.

    Each participating company, co-exhibitor and additionally represented

    company must be listed in the Media Package / Catalogue. A fee of

    169.00 EUR is charged for this service. Inclusion in the catalogue’s List

    of Goods is optional and subject to a fee (see Form 2.10, Section 2).

    The catalogue will be published approx. four weeks before the fair begins.

    Registration deadline: 16th July 2008.

    19 Koelnmesse offices abroad

    Koelnmesse has representative offices in over 80 countries, as well as

    in Berlin. They will gladly assist you at any time. The contact details are

    enclosed with your registration documents or on our website

    20 Other

    The Service Package contains further information on advertising and

    media services and the “Infoscout” visitor-information system.

    The distribution of advertising material outside the stand area is fee

    required (see Form “Promotion“).

    21 Important contacts

    Tel.: +49 221 821- Fax: +49 221 821-

    Project Team INTERMOT -3589 -2271

    Press -2366 -3285

    Protocol -2502 -3402

    Outdoor and hall advertising -2925 -2188

    Visitor services -2720 -2256

    Accounts department -2378 -2506

    Cash office (additional exhibitor passes & catalogues) -2996 -3437

    Congresses, special events, conference rooms -2223 -3430

    Security office north -2551, 2552 -3780

    Security office east -2550, 2549 -3450

    Turnkey stands Koelnmesse Service -3594 -2188

    Technical services -3907 -3944

    Exhibition facilities -2156 -3419

    Car parking -3998 -3999

    Traffic controlling (truck parking) -3588, -2838 -991335

    Forwarding agents (customs clearance/storage/transport) – Peter Josef Zimmer +49 221 981530 +49 221 9815