Escaping the middle ground

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2. Agenda Today The Research findings The importance of Agility in todays environment Agility Tips 3. Agility Responsive to change; primed for opportunity; and resolute against risk. 4. Research sample smaller companies The smaller company sample comprised 310 companies with 10-200 employees, half of which had 50+ employees Respondents were IT and other senior decision-makers with ICT purchase influence Almost half of respondents were in ICT roles 5. Almost two-thirds of SME respondents regard ICT agility as common sense/sound management practice What does ICT agility mean to you? 62% of smaller company respondents believed ICT agility to represent sound business management 13% regarded ICT agility as a key source of competitive advantage 12% regarded ICT agility as representing investment underpinning the long-term validity of the business 6. Half of respondents feel their organisations approach to agility is sub- optimal How would you describe your organisation's approach to agility? Roughly half of respondents felt their organisation struck the right balance on agility But about a third felt their organisation was held back by the ICT technology currently used A further 14% felt their organisation overlooked agility completely 6% felt their companys ICT solution was over-engineered for agility, with a range of options rarely or never used 7. Legacy systems coupled with budget constraints are seen as the main obstacles to agility What restricts you most in moving towards becoming more agile from a technology perspective? Almost half of respondents regarded the main barriers to agility as legacy technology resulting from cost constraints This view was particularly strong among smaller companies Poor IT literacy and lack of affordable choices were also seen as significant barriers particularly among smaller companies 8. Affordable technology is seen as the main game changer for agility, particularly among smaller companies The biggest game changer to your organisation's ICT agility agenda would be... Among smaller companies, about half of respondents regarded affordability as most important in increasing ICT agility Among medium-sized companies, affordability was seen as most important by over a third of respondents This supports the hypothesis that SMEs are only as agile as their technology choices allow them to be 9. A majority of respondents agree that SMEs have to choose between paying too much and receiving too little 'Small and medium-sized businesses are limited to two choices: Use costly and complex enterprise-grade solutions or affordable but feature-light consumer-grade technology. There is very little in-between. Almost two-thirds of respondents agreed that SMEs are limited to two choices: using costly and complex enterprise-grade solutions or affordable but feature-light consumer-grade technology. 10. Agility Report Summary A rock and a hard place Beta state of mind Less is more 11. Being Agile allows you to cope with change ! 12. 84.4% GROWTH IN MOBILE TRAFFIC YEAR ON YEAR 1/3 OF TRAFFIC Now VIDEO 44x GROWTH IN NETWORK TRAFFIC IN NEXT 10 YEARS 13. Bandwidth Growth Sept 2012 Sep 2013 Average traffic Sept 2012 385Gb Sep 2013 850Gb 120% increase Peak Traffic Sept 2012 415Gb Sep 2013 950Gb 130% increase Total network traffic on TalkTalk Next Generation Network 400 200 800 600 14. Performance 82% have experienced network outages that have had an impact on business Business Continuity 64% have experienced some form of disruption/compromise due to bandwidth restrictions Security & Mobility 53% say their networks either dont permit or dont support BYOD Monitoring & Maintenance 64% feel they can easily make changes to their network where needed Check out 15. 5 Technology Agility Tips 16. Tip 5 : Be clear on what you want to do BYOD Collaboration Flexible Working Wi-Fi On-Line Mobile 17. Tip 4 : Speed Up Your Internet 18. Tip 3 : Review how the cloud can help 19. Tip 2 : Seriously consider VOIP 20. Tip 1 : Choose the right supplier 21. And of course, a bit about TalkTalk Business 22. POWERING AGILITY DIRECT INTERNET ACCESS FOR BUSINESSES THAT RELY ON THE INTERNET LARGEST UK NEXT GENERATION NETWORK GREAT COVERAGE FAST UK SUPPORT 23. THANK YOU ANY QUESTIONS?