Esben Lunde Larsen

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Esben Lunde Larsen Deputy Mayor in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality PhD student at the University of Copenhagen

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Esben Lunde Larsen. Deputy Mayor in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality PhD student at the University of Copenhagen. Main points. 80 % off all windmills in Denmark are owned by farmers The system is build to support this: - Make your windmill park, and you are on… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Esben Lunde Larsen

  • Esben Lunde LarsenDeputy Mayor in Ringkbing-Skjern Municipality PhD student at the University of Copenhagen

  • 80 % off all windmills in Denmark are owned by farmersThe system is build to support this:- Make your windmill park, and you are on- Financial system is present- The public electrical infrastructure is present- Public planning is present The local acceptance is secured due to new lawMain points

  • How the industri started

  • Turbine development in size

    1982-1990-1994-1996-2000-Year55-200 kW150-300 kW450-750 kW1,5-2,000 kW 25,000 kWKapacity

  • Windmill industry in DenmarkTurnover of Danish businesses in Denmark51.1 billion Danish kronersGlobal turnover of Danish businesses 91.4 billion Danish kroners The export of Danish businesses in 2009 41.7 billion Danish kroners The share of Danish businesses of the total Danish export 8,5 percent The employment in Denmark in 2009 24.700 persons in the Municipality 4.000

  • Power purchase agreementAll financial figures in the following are based on a PPA Power purchase agreement of minimum 8,2 EUR cent/kWh, for a period aiming to return the investment

  • Windmills - plan and strategyTo set up windmills is a part of the vision for Ringkbing-Skjern Municipality to become self-sufficient from energy sources by 2020The Municipality will be an area for renewable energy and environmentally friendly productionBesides wind the Municipality is engaged in biogas, hydrogen, wave energy, sun- and geothermal heat

  • JobsProduction of windmills creates jobs2.000 people are directly employed in the production of windmills in Ringkbing-Skjern MunicipalityAnother 2000 people are employed in businesses delivering goods and services to the windmill industry

  • The Seaway WestTo create business developmentTo improve infrastructureExpectations of 12 to 20 new businesses in Hvide Sande 460 permanent jobs to the offshore- market in the North SeaA sustainable project with focus on energy, climate and environmentNot only for the sake of Ringkbing-Skjern Municipality

  • Leading in wind power development

  • 150 metres high turbineIn the background smaller turbines, total height 30 metres

  • Law for Renewable EnergyRight to buy

    The Green-Scheme

    Loss of Value

  • Value for the landowner/farmer

  • Added value for the landowner

  • Participate in the projectAll neighbours within a defined distance, will be invited to participate in the project, and will be given financial support to do soExample

    The 7 neighbours all received a financial support of EUR 16.000.

    They could then individually decide wether to invest or not.

    The amount will depend on number of turbines, and number of neighbours.

  • Present exampleLocals in the process of building a Village Hall, partially financed from the building of 6 wtgs of 3 MW

  • The local farmer

  • 1996: EUR 200.000 for a 485 kW windmill0,31 pr. kWh in 2010Produces about 485.000 kWh per year

    2010: EUR 5 million for a 3000 kWh windmill0,60 pr. kWh in 2010Produces about 11 million kWh per year

    A new Skindbjerg-project