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Transcript of Erika J. Kendrick SPEAKER PRESS KIT - ONESHEET

  2. 2. SECTIONS BIO/ABOUTERIKA PASTSPEAKINGENGAGEMENTS WORKSHOPS TESTIMONIALS ABOUTERIKA/BIO Erika J. Kendrick is an acclaimed author, national speaker, and mental fitness junkie. She earned a psychology degree from Stanford University and an MBA in marketing and international business from the University of Illinois. Erika was an NBA cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls before writing her novel, Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader (Random House, 2007). She penned Appetite (Random House, 2009), and The Accidental Escort (Cleis Press, 2010) shortly after. The celebrated author is currently finishing her memoir and touring nationally. While at Stanford, Erika was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and acute Clinical Depression. She was immediately admitted into the psychiatric ward and placed under suicide watch. She now makes it her mission to be a servant to the human community. Erika tours the country speaking and guest lecturing at colleges and universities as well as national sororities, middle and high schools, and organizations, large and small. Erika launched her latest Mental Fitness tour, Who Moved My Happy?, where she shares her story of suicide survival, Erika Ever After, and inspires HOPE by creating safe spaces for life-saving conversations. Erika uses her Mental Fitness Boot Camp to help people get back into the game of life and win! Erika is also an advocate for authors and literary equality. She founded Publishing Prep, a comprehensive literary learning curriculum designed to assist the aspiring author as they navigate the publishing landscape. She is a recipient of several Whos Who honors, a Rising Icon honor, Awards of Excellence, and a lifetime member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Erika has been a guest on The Wendy Williams Experience, national television and radio segments, and a host of other media outlets. Shes been featured in several publications, including Page Six of The New York Post, The Chicago Tribune, and various magazines and digital media.
  3. 3. SPEAKINGENGAGEMENTS The Girl Scouts of America Teach for America Stanford University Black Lives Matter Healthcare Consortium of Illinois Long Island University Fisk University Tennessee State University Chicago Police Academy Loyola Marymount University Argosy University Los Angeles Unified Schools Chicago Public Schools Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc. Lloyd C. Elam Mental Health Center Delta Delta Delta, Tri Delta Sorority University of Chicago/University Church Sacramento State University Everest Middle School San Francisco American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Santa Barbara) American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (San Francisco) American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Pasadena) American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Los Angeles) American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Santa Monica) Coalition of Black Administrators Mental Health Advocacy/ California State Legislators Oregon, Ontario School District LA Childrens Trust for Childrens Health
  4. 4. WORKSHOPSMY MENTAL MONSTERS DIDNT WIN! *Erikas Story: ERIKA EVER AFTER *Mental Fitness Planning Boot Camp *No More Stinkin Thinkin: Cognitive Strategies *Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness *Empathy in the Workplace *Living with and Loving Someone with BRAIN PAIN *Beating the Mental Monsters *Recognizing the Signs: Suicide Prevention
  5. 5. TESTIMONIALS Erika connects with audiences by drawing on her own personal experiences regarding suicide and depression by providing an honest and highly relevant perspective on mental health. Her passion is infectious. Her use of humor and bold statements regarding suicide and depression stirs the audience to reconsider guilts and old myths. Its time that we take mental illness and other disorders out of the closet. -Patricia P Watson Ed.D, Chicago Public Schools I wanted to say Thank You for sharing your story. My daughter was diagnosed with anorexia, depression, anxiety in late February early March of this year. She has thoughts of suicide and self-harms. Your story has given me hope that she can and I will say she will overcome what she is going through. Thank you for helping to open my eyes. You are an incredible, beautiful woman! You are an inspiration. Hearing from you has taken some of the worry and weight off of me. Thank you for being strong and sharing your story with others. -Robyn A., Mother
  6. 6. You have a powerful story and a wonderful spirit that needs to be shared. -Dawn Brown, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), Development Manager, Santa Clara Erika delivers an informed, inspired, and life-affirming testimony on living ones purpose while managing Bipolar illness. Erika uplifts the human spirit and encourages us to begin a new dialogue on healthy living. -Lauren M. Walton, Psychiatrist and Chief of Service, Department of Addiction Medicine, Kaiser Permanente Erika shares the life lessons that have resulted in her absolute refusal to relinquish her life to clinical depression and bipolar experience. Despite an exemplary education, enormous and varied talents and physical beauty, Erika has experienced what it means to walk in the shadow of death and felt the compulsion to embrace it. Erika is a powerful speaker and reaches her audience as a result of the resonating truth of her shared reality. Professionally, the more audiences that Erika is in front of, the greater the awareness of the impact on young lives. There is the increased possibility that those who hear her message will embrace hope and life rather than continue embroiled in hidden soul battles. -Reggee M. McClinton Ph.D., N.C.S.P., National Association of School Psychologists I so appreciated your dynamite presentation. The content was amazing, relevant, so honest & heartfelt and your presentation was terrific. It was very inspiring. - Amrita S., President, HopeNet of Carpinteria I really enjoyed your talk with everyone and the way you shared your life story. It was very touching and held so many important elements that described your personal struggle. Thank you. -Talyn O., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist It was such a pleasure meeting you. YOU are an amazing, beautiful and courageous woman. I was in tears when you were speaking because you were sharing my struggles and you could relate! When it comes to dealing with my mental health experience I have not been able to share with someone who gets it until YOU. -Irene Robles, Fitness and Wellness Coach
  7. 7. You are so inspiring! I'm so happy you continue to bless others through your journey. Thank you again for speaking at Stanford! -Shavana T., Stanford Student, Out of the Darkness Walk Host LINKS Speakers Reel: Testimonials Reel: Website: