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Everyone who has ever used a screwdriver or electric drill with a screwbit has faced the nagging problem of slipping off the screwhead while inserting or removing a screw. This age old problem has been addressed by screw designers and manufacturers for ages. No one has ever fully resolved the problem until now. The JacLock system is based on the design of a reconfigured screwhead that with a simple “click” locks into the JacLock Screwdriver or the JacLock Bit. The revolutionary locking mechanism has key advantages over existing screw fasteners: Conceptual vision of the JacLock Click between the JacLock Screw and JacLock Driver Conceptual vision of the JacLock Click between the JacLock Screw and JacLock Driver The JacLock Mechanism Prevents Slippage At the same time the system increases torque, there is no longer the possibility the screwdriver will slip off the head out of the screw during either insertion or removal. This innovation means screwheads will never be damaged and the products the screws are used on will not be damaged during insertion or removal of the screw. * Increased Torque The patented system will result in increased torque whenever a JacLock Screw is inserted or removed. The System Applications The JacLock Screw/JacLock Screwdriver System’s innovative enabling technology revolutionizes: * Industrial engineering for industries as ivrse as electronics, medical devices, aerospace, construction industries, etc. and; * Everyday utilization for home and construction projects.

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  • THE MARKET The potential market for JacLockTM screws and screwdrivers is huge and represents two separate but inter-related markets. 1. The Screw industry makes up two parts of a $26.7 billion market: A. Precision Fastening/custom made (Major JacLock Opportunity) Auto, Defense, Machinery, Aircraft, Medical Equipment, Furniture B. Industry Standard Screws (JacLock Consumer/Hardware Opportunity) 1. Screwdriver Industry - Power and Handtools $3 billion market. * Market Information derived from IBISWorld Industry Report for 33272 Screw Nut & Bolt Manufacturing in the U.S. July 2013 & IBISWorld Industry Report 33399 Power Tools and Other General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing in the U.S, November 2013
  • THE MARKET SCREW NUT AND BOLT MANUFACTURING IN THE U.S. POWER TOOLS AND OTHER PURPOSE MACHINERY IN THE U.S. *Power Tools Represent 7.6% Of Market Or $3 Billion *Screws Represent about 25% of the $26.5 Billion Screw, Nut and Bolt Market Or $6.6 Billion
  • COMPLETED DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY JacLock Screw & Screwdriver Proof of Concept Phase 1 Design Concept Creation and Patent Approval of Idea/Invention Phase 2 Adaptation of Drawings to Digital Design Via Solidworks Software Phase 3 Conversion of Solidworks Drawings into 3D Plastic Prototypes Phase 4 CNC Milled Steel Prototypes of Screws & Bits for Initial Testing
  • DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY Proposed Development Strategy - Next Steps Phase 5 Hardened Steel and Cold Formed Prototype Production Hardened Steel for Consumer/Hardware Marketplace Cold Formed Metal for High-End Niche Marketplace Phase 6 Side-by-Side Torque Testing of JacLock with Torx, Hex, Phillips Screws, etc. Phase 7 Real World Proof of Concept Beta Testing with 1 or 2 Key Industry Licensees or Unbiased Outside Testing Service. Phase 8 Determine Whether to Manufacture or License Concept or Both Phase 9 Go To Market Plan To Be Determined by Phase 8 Direction
  • COMPETITION Two Inter-related Sectors Make Up Different Key Competitors: Screws Screwdrivers/Hand & Power Tools Screw Industry - Major High-end Niche Competitors (Marketshare %s) Illinois Tool Works (2.5%), Alcoa (2.0%), Nucor (1.3%) Remaining Listed Players have combined overall 7.3% - Cherry Aerospace, Fatigue Tech, PB Fasteners, SPS Technologies, Shurlock Company, AVK Industrial Products Screwdriver Hand & Power Tools (Marketshare %s) Stanley Blacker & Decker (6.7%) Illinois Tool Works (4.8%) Snap On Tools (3.3%) ERBC, Inc. once it determines whether to License, Manufacture or a Combination the JacLock System will decide how to work with or in competition against its competitors. China remains the largest importer of screws and low-end hand and power tools. Low- end products will need to be produced offshore, high-end could be produced in United States or other developed markets.
  • TEAM Bernard Jacovitz, President For four decades, Bernie built custom homes in New York and Florida. He designed and build developments and communities with thousands of homes. Near the end of his building and real estate development career he turned to home inspecting for an additional 20 years. He is a former Senior Member of the American Society of Inspectors (ASHI) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). He holds dual Degrees in Architectural & Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Jacovitz holds 3 major design patents. Richard Jacovitz, SVP Operations & Marketing Rich has over thirty years marketing and business development experience. He has worked in financial services, software, government and real estate. He has created a number of successful businesses and works with various start-ups. He holds a Master Degree in International Affairs from Columbia University, a Postgraduate Degree in European Community Business Law and Economics from the University of Amsterdam, A Certificate in Internet Technologies from New York Universitys School of Professional Studies and was a Jumpstart Fellow at SUNYs Levin Institute. Paul Baron SVP Partnerships & Alliances Paul has over 4 decades of strategic partnerships, sales, and entrepreneurial experiences. Paul is an active Advisory Board Member to the Cameron School of Business Entrepreneurship program at UNCW. Pauls experiences span technology, retail, manufacturing, and services. Paul has a BS in Mathematics and a teaching degree from the State University of NY. He has completed credits for a Masters of Mathematics from the University of New Hampshire, Paul is a Certified Franchise Executive. Andrew Geppert, Manufacturing Engineer & Design Consultant - Twenty two years of machining and manufacturing experience in the Energy sector (Potomac Electric Power Company, Westinghouse Electric, University & College teaching), using all types of portable, Manual and CNC metal working machinery. Professional staff member providing positive leadership and instructing machinists with the latest CAD-CAM-CNC technology. NIMS Credentialed machining technology instructor with 7 years instructional experience. He holds a BS Degree from UNC Charlotte.
  • CONTACT Richard Jacovitz, SVP Operations & Marketing T. 212-988-5497 F. 954-606-7134 E. Paul Baron, SVP Licensing & Partnerships T. 678-571-2254 E. Website: