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^ Erasure Poems for National Poetry Month cc&d supplement ISSN#1068-5154 performance by Janet Kuypers to celebrate National Poetry Month at the Baha’i Center Satuday 4/1/17 after 6pm in Austin

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    Erasure Poemsfor National Poetry Month

    cc&d supplementISSN#1068-5154

    performance by Janet Kuypersto celebrate National Poetry Month

    at the Bahai Center Satuday 4/1/17 after 6pm in Austin

  • erasure poem: the Meaning of Art

    Janet Kuypers3/13/17

    These are selected words from excerpts of a key Adolf Hitler speech on art in Nuremberg, September 6, 1938.

    the endowment of a true artistis that his work of artexpresses the general will of a period

    works of art rightly mirrorthe inner mindof ageof life

    at present,expression of the world with racewill turn to ages whichhave already possessedfreedom of the spirit,of the will, and of the mind

    This, naturally,the manifestation in artshall be influencedin a thousand waysthrough the evidencesand memoriesof that which still,as an ideal forcelives onand works onin the imagination

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  • The more the modern approaches thismore and more will civilization be influenced

    art isin its purposeno mystic cult,only the care of a peopleWe have no religious retreats, but arenas,and our assembly is not the mystical gloomof a cathedral, but brightness and light

    mystically-minded steal

    art,works of culture, positive facts,speak louder than any

    we can speak of a new awakeningof our cultural life,which finds its confirmationnot in mutual complimentsand literary phrases, butin positive evidencesof cultural creative force

    architecture, sculpture, painting,drama, and the rest bring proofof a creative period in art,which for richness and impetuosityhas rarely been matchedin the course of human history

    try to turn these facts upside down,we know that cultural achievementswill have won respect and appreciationfar more than the material

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  • have no doubt that creative work,since it is the most sensitive expression of a talent,cannot be understood, far less appreciated,by individuals who are not the same

    make artit is a proclamationof body and spirit

    it does not makepropaganda for an individual work,for the subject, or for the artist;it makes propaganda for the worldwhich confronts us

    and so art will announce and heraldthat common mental attitude,that common view of life,because these can meetwith understandingonly if it reveals in itselfthe true essence of the spirit

    The mystic narrownessand gloom of the cathedralsbegan to recede and,to match the free life of the spirit,buildings became spaciousand flooded with light

    mystical twilight gave waybefore increasing brightness

    freedom of the soul and of the will,for centuries, opened the wayto new forms of expressionand artistic creation

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  • erasure poem: cornerstone against slavery

    Janet Kuypers3/12/17

    These are selected words from the Corner Stone Speech, an oration by Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens in Savannah, Georgia March 21, 1861.

    This would split.

    conjecture withthe great truthmay be doubted.

    prevailingformation of the oldwere the violationof the laws of nature;


    It was an evil.

    Those ideaswere fundamentally wrongrested upon the assumption of equality.This was an errora sandy foundation,it fell when the storm came.

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  • Our laid corner stone,the great truthis not equal to thenatural and normal.this great physical, philosophical,and moral truth,It has been so amongst us.The errors of the past still clingwith a zeal above knowledge,from the mind of insanity.

    conclusions are rightif premises were.the equal,warring against principlefounded in nature,should, ultimately, succeed,and would ultimately fail.That impossible waragainst a principlewas warringagainst principle.


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  • secure peace,show your ability,maintain your rights.Never allow slaveryto the soil.clamor againstgetting orletting go.fight this strange paradox

    There seems to bebut one rational solution,notwithstanding humanity,give up the benefits.labor to the necessarythey come from nature

    this seceding question,the desire


    simplya recognitionof our independence

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  • erasure poem:a Declaration of Female Freedom

    Janet Kuypers3/17/17

    These are selected womens rights words pulledfrom the United States Declaration of Independence.

    it becomes necessaryto dissolve this

    to assume power

    separate from man

    i impel the separation

    hold these truthsto be self-evident,men create no rightson life and happinessmen derive powerfrom the weak

    and i am notmore disposed to suffer

    evils are themselvesa long train of abusesand it is right for meto provide newfuture security

    it is now necessityto avoid injuriesand the absolute tyrannyover me

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  • He has utterly neglected me,refused methought I am only a bodyfor the sole purpose ofcompliance with his measures

    He has dissolved my rights

    He has refused for a long timeany power I have

    He has preventedobstructed justiceon his Will alone,to harrasswith Military power

    his actson all partson us without our Consentdepriving us benefits

    for offenseson the free

    Bound at oncean examplefor introducingthe same absolute rule

    For once

    what isRightfor us

    and with this firm reliance,we pledgeour Livesand our sacred Honor.

    . Erasure Poems .cc&d chapbook of the Janet Kuypers 4/1/17 feature

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  • erasure poem: One of the Most Hated

    Women in AmericaJanet Kuypers


    These are chosen words spoken by Casey Anthony after she was charged with the murder of her infantdaughter Caylee (for which she was later acquitted).

    she keeps a lonely,guarded life now

    in her words,I was in confinementfor twenty-three hours a dayfor weeks at a time.

    in her words,My sentence was doled outlong before there was a verdict.Sentence first, verdict afterward.

    Guilty long before a day in court.

    in her words,she does not have asignificant problemwith not telling the truth.

    . Janet Kuypers .cc&d chapbook for 4/1/17 feature erasure poems

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  • in her words,I hate to say this, butcops believe other cops,cops tend to victimize the victims.

    I see why I was treatedthe way I was evenhad I been completely truthful.

    Cops lie to people every day.Im just one of theunfortunate idiotswho admitted they lied.

    in her words,I dont give a shitabout what anyonethinks about me,

    I never will.

    Im OK with myself.

    I sleep pretty good at night.

    These are chosen words spoken by Casey Anthony since the 2008 death of her infantdaughter Caylee. Casey did not report her daughter missing until a month after she was lastseen, and Caylees remains were found in a wooded area near her home.

    Anthony was accused of killing her daughter. Prosecutors could not establish how Cayleedied, but Judge Belvin Perry Jr., who presided at Anthonys trial, suggested that Anthony mayhave accidentally killed her daughter while trying to calm her with chloroform (according tothe Orlando Sentinel).

    An investigator claimed that her lawyer, Jose Baez, told them that Casey had murderedCaylee and dumped the body.

    Casey Anthony was convicted of lying to police, but was acquitted of murder charges.Casey Anthony was described by a Florida Department of Corrections spokeswoman as

    One of the Most Hated Women in America.

    . Erasure Poems .cc&d chapbook of the Janet Kuypers 4/1/17 feature

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  • erasure poem: a Poetic History

    Janet Kuypers3/16/17

    These are selected English words from Sri Sris Telugu poem Desa Charitralu (translated to Histories of the Nations).

    historyproudofexploitation of others

    historyan exercise in mutual destructionhistorydrenched in the blood of war

    historymade slaves of the meekmurders climbed to glory

    entire past is wet with bloodif not, with tears

    decimated populationsecho history

    connivance, jealousies conflictsprove the course of history

    grand murderers and thugs builta bridge of swords to time

    artificial laws with other forcesfell down as houses of cards

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  • The deceptionthe heinous crimes of the mightythe schemescant be allowed

    exploitationof one person by anotherone race by a different racecant go on

    All the down-trodden peoplesthe different races of all continentswill broadcast in one voicethe true nature of history

    Which battle took place?Which kingdom lasted how long?the dates, the documentsthese are not the essence

    stories hidden underthe dark corners of historyare wanted

    truth wont hide by being hidden

    In the twilights of historywhat was the developmentof the human?What achieved grand truth?

    Which sculpture? What literature?Which science? What music?Which renunciation?Which dream?

    . Erasure Poems .cc&d chapbook of the Janet Kuypers 4/1/17 feature

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