Erasmus+ICM mobility at Lund University 2017-10-26آ  Before the ICM application ICM The ICM...

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Transcript of Erasmus+ICM mobility at Lund University 2017-10-26آ  Before the ICM application ICM The ICM...

  • Erasmus+ ICM mobility at Lund University NIKLAS NANNSKOG OCTOBER 2017

  • ICM internal structure

    • ICM coordinator • ICM mobility coordinatorers (students, PhD and

    STT/STA) • Regional coordinators

  • Before ICM application

    • Presentation of ICM at several Erasmus + info meetings • On request – presentations at faculties/institutions • Discussions with representatives from the faculties on how to best

    collect the interrest from institutions/individuals • Information about ’the internal process’ is given to representatives for

    the faculties for further spreading of the word ̶ 2015: Faculty representatives gathered interrests and sent to us ̶ 2016: Interrest was gathered via the link

    below: s.html

    ̶ 2017: Faculty representatives – International council – Previous applications ̶ 2018: Same as 2017

    • Regional coordinators knows who’s active in ”their region”

  • Before the ICM application ICM The ICM coordinator compiles the all the different interrests from the faculties

    The faculties prioritize togehter

    The regional Coordinator at the IRO makes a suggestion in ”their” region (based on budget, how and why… )

    The Vice-Chancellor, via the international council decides what LU should apply for.

  • Application

    Regional coordinators write country texts togheter with the academic in charge of the application.

    The text and language is screened

    The ICM coordinators makes the final touch and sends the application

  • After Application • Regional Coordinators writes a motivation to the

    projects/countries not chosen in the application. • The ICM Coordinator answers questions from staff (not fun

    job) • National Agency (UHR) informs us about the outcome • ICM coordinator informs those at LU who been part of the

    application • Regional Coordinators inform partner universities


    Regional Coordinators ICM mobility Coordinators

  • Implementing

    • Regional Coordinators, togheter with the staff members involved in the cooperation, are responsable for communication with partners regarding bilateral agreements.

    • The sending university always have to have their own selection of students and staff.

    ̶ Students are handled as normal exchange students. The ICM mobility coordinator gets informed when students get nominated for the ICM grant.

    ̶ PhD and STT/STA is selected in cooperation with the sending/hosting university.

  • Implementation part 2

    • Scholarship holders are asked to fill in an online questionairre

    ̶ Staff: m/sta_stt/in_out_sta_stt.html

    ̶ Students: M/SMS_SMP/in_Out_SMS_SMP.html

    • The information is stored in our internal database and from there we send insurance certificate, invitation letters and make payments. And of course in Mobility Tool

  • Implementation PROCESSES & TOOLS

  • After Nomination

    • Regional Coordinator submits nomination to ICM Mobility Coordinator

    • Create nominee record in FileMaker & Mtool

  • Before Mobility

    • Send email(s) outlining process & action items

    • Nominee creates Grant Agreement & Learning/Mobility Agreement

  • Before Mobility (cont.)

    • Collect Grant Agreement, Mobility, Learning/Mobility Agreement, flights, passport/personnumer, etc.

    • Provide supporting documentation (e.g., Letter of Invitation, Insurance Certificate, etc.)

  • SMS STA/STT Incoming Outgoing Incoming Outgoing

    Passport/Personal Number X X X X Learning Agreement X X Mobility Agreement X X Grant Agreement X X X X Letter of Acceptance X X Plane Ticket X X Arrival meeting X X Certificate of Insurance X X X Invitation Letter X (PhD) X EU Online Survey X X X X Prelim. Conf. of Study Period X

    Final Conf. of Study Period X X Certificate of Attendance X X Transcript of Records X

    Required Documents


    • Prepare for Arrival meetings & first grant payment distribution (ICA Pre-Paid Card)

    • Grant Distribution

    In – SMS Out – SMS In – Staff Out – Staff 70%

    upon arrival 70%

    (before) mobility 100%

    upon arrival

    100% after mobility

    (to home department)

    30% at mid-


    30% after mobility


    • Send Preliminary Confirmation of Study Period (In-SMS)


    • Collect: Final Confirmation of Study Period (SMS), Return ticket (In-SMS), Certificate of Attendance (STA/STT), etc.

    • Update Mtool & FileMaker (e.g., start/end dates, earned credits, etc.)

  • ICM specific challenges • Different documents for all the different mobility types makes

    streamlining diffucult.

    • The monthly allowence for incomming students is sometimes (based on the exchange rate) to low to obtain a student visa in Sweden.

    • PhD students can’t get cheap student housing (maybe an LU problem)

    • The end dates of incomming students vs. The amount their entitled to…

    • Info about and documentation about selection at new partners.

    • Online Eu survey (what can we do?)

    • LU/Sweden/EU prioritizes countries differently.

    • Too many chefs…