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  • 1. We are committed in promoting world-class high quality online learning, as a means to minimize negative impact on our environment. Online learning minimizes commuting, paper usage, & construction materials for classrooms. Thus, less fuel consumption, less emission of pollutants, and more natural resources conserved.English Proficiency in Conversation Online

2. English Proficiency Online

  • There are many options for acquiring language theory
    • Tapes, CDs, DVDs, online lessons, podcasts, classrooms, books etc.
  • Confidence and proficiency in conversation can only be developed in a sustained environment where
    • People speak the language you want to learn, and not the language you know
  • Physical options for this are limited, logistically difficult andexpensive
  • The development of the web has enabled cost effective alternative solutions
  • Genashtim brings you English Proficiency in Conversation (EPiC) Online

3. EPiC Online

  • One hour sessions
    • 50 mins one-on-one with a fluent English coach
    • On agreed and prepared topics and content
    • 10 minutes for coach to prepare a report, and to upload the recorded session
  • Recommended minimum 2 sessions a week at least 2 days apart
  • Recommended 3 months for significant improvement

4. EPiC Online

  • Three tiers of service:-
    • Bronze
      • using free VOIP (like skype), cost effective at US$ 12 per session
    • Silver
      • more secure VOIP, shorter notice for sessions, tutors with some business background
    • Gold
      • highly secure communication line, short notice for sessions, and tutors with significant business background

5. EPiC Online

  • Content choice of
    • Level
      • basic; intermediate; advanced
    • Topic
      • social (entertainment, general interest..)
      • Business (finance, industrial, retail, hospitality.)
      • Customized topics (optical shops, catering, tourism)
        • Separate pricing

6. EPiC Online

  • Quality control
    • All sessions are recorded, and can be made available to the client, to compare and monitor progress
    • Sessions checked for quality
    • Students evaluate each session
  • EPiC onlineis notabout teaching English theory
    • If you do not have enough theory in order to practice conversationeffectively, we can offer other options

7. Why Genashtim?

  • Genashtim.
    • is focused in online education, does nothing else
    • has been in the online education space for 5 years
    • Has clients in over 10 countries
    • Is a socially responsible organization
      • The eLearning option is friendly to the environment
      • We provide employment to the underprivileged, and persons with disabilities
    • carries strong global brands like

8. eCornell

  • 100% owned by Cornell University of New York, an Ivy League Institution
  • Certificates and Masters Certificates earned with eCornell are issued by Cornell University, covering:-
    • Human Resources Management
    • Hospitality & Food Service Management
    • Leadership & Strategic Management
    • Management Essentials
    • Financial Management
  • all courses are facilitated by an instructor, with a virtual classroom of real students from around the world
    • eCornell has 35,000 students in 180 countries


        • Owned by 17 world ranking universities across 4 continents
  • Americas Australia
  • University of Virginia Melbourne University
  • Technologico de MonterreyUniversity of Queensland
  • Europe Asia Pacific
  • University of BirminghamUniversity of Hong Kong
  • University of EdinburghNational University of Singapore
  • University of GlasgowFudan University
  • University of NottinghamKorea University
  • Lund UniversityShanghai Jiao Tong University
  • University College Dublin Waseda University
  • University of Delhi
  • Post Graduate Programs
    • Business Management; MBA
    • Information Technology; Masters in IT
    • Certificates and Diplomas
  • Customized Corporate Programs
  • More than 5,000 students in more than 60 countries

10. Concorde International

      • Learning English with home-stay in the UK
        • Accredited by the British Council
        • Member of English UK
        • Member of The College of Teachers,
        • An authorized centre for the University of Cambridge ESOL Examination
        • Access to Microsoft IT Academy
        • Over 30 years of Quality, Care and Service


  • Established in 1993, is now a leading global developer of English language-learning multimedia solutions for retail, institutional, and corporate markets
  • Specializes in the development, production, and marketing of innovativesolutions for learners of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Quartet
    • This is a theory option for students whos English is too weak for EPiC sessions
    • A comprehensive online computer based English theory program, that can be catered to the students needs
    • Beginners program covers all aspects of English learning, including a unique speaking lab, allowing students to practice and hear themselves speaking English
    • EPiC can provide a tutor to help students work through the session, so that they are not learning in isolation and can still have a language immersion experience

12. Where our clients are.. 13. EPiC Online

  • Why the Philippines?
    • 100 years as an American colony
      • resulting in majority of the 90 million population speaking English
      • and familiar with western culture
    • Fasting growing (30 to 50%) call center industry
      • with already more than 300,000 call center agents
      • Predominantly serving the American market

14. Suite 11D, 11 thFloor, Belvedere Tower San Miguel Avenue Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines Phones: +63 2 70 66 808 Fax: +63 2 638 5682 www.genashtim.com