Entrepreneurship Lessons you didn't Learn

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Entrepreneurship Lessons You Didn’t Learn From Characters you absolutely Love!

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Entrepreneurship Lessons you didn't Learn, from Characters you Love!!

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  • Entrepreneurship Lessons You Didnt Learn From Characters you absolutely Love!
  • Entrepreneur: Yoda You must unlearn what you have learned What it means: As an entrepreneur you must always look for newer ideas, new ways of doing the same old things, build new teams, bring new thinking, embrace change because thats the only constant that will reamin. Strategy: Never approach new business models with Old Ideas.
  • Entrepreneur: Walter White I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it and I was really I was alive What it means: Entrepreneurship demands passion, belief and execution. Always pursue what you believe in, what you understand, what you can do rather than what others ask of you. Strategy: As an entrepreneur know your shit, believe in it before you are out making adjustments and doing it for others.
  • Entrepreneur: Gru Just because everyone hates it doesnt mean its not a good What it means: Others will always have doubts, they have time to find faults because they are not busy creating any value. They will always tell you why not? Learn to ignore and move your own way. Strategy: Maintain faith in your own goals and ensure you have the same passion even when others are doubting it.
  • Entrepreneur: The Joker I am like dag chasing a cars, I wouldnt know what to do with one if caught it What it means: As entrepreneur chase your dreams like theres no tomorrow. Rest will figure its own way. Take 2: When you raise funds for your business make it purposeful, just dont raise without knowing what youre going to do with that money
  • Entrepreneur: The Imp Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you. What it means: Company to succeed must identify a need and must commit to a solution satisfying that need. Strategy: Dont jump from one meaningless implementation to another with me too approach. Hint: You may not even need a Mobile App unless you need it.
  • Entrepreneur: The Joker Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the establishment order and everything becomes chaos The thing about chaos? Its fair. What it means: By thinking outside the box, companies can shake up the business status quo. Strategy: The key to innovation is to turn things on their head. Chaos is fair means that innovation predicates a level playing field.
  • Entrepreneur: Francis Underwood Its so refreshing to work with someone wholl throw a saddle on a gift horse rather than look it in the mouth. What it means: Choose to only work with people who are willing to work with you. Theres no point in forcing a partnership. Leave those who resist your offers for collaboration behind and turn your focus to pursuing those who will readily join your ranks. Strategy: Build your team with same passion as you have to build your business. Without team, youre not optimized to gain the maximum.
  • Entrepreneur: Catherine Tramel Too many questions, too many answers, no one gets laid. What it means: Never let trivial issues, unwanted discussions, people asking irrelevant questions, unreasonable, uncalled for noise, take you off your goals Strategy: Be ready with business plan that addresses questions pertaining to that business alone and cut that noise.
  • Entrepreneur: Godfather I am going to make him an offer he cant refuse What it means: A successful entrepreneurship is only about offers you are able to make to your investors, co-founders, teams, partners, associates, buyers Strategy: Always be ready to make better offers.
  • And my Favorite: The Imp Saved the kingdom single- handedly. Then got fired for it What it means: Detached Attachment As an entrepreneur you must create value and that might cost you your everything for nothing. That must not stop the value creation itself. You will be discounted as business grows. Be prepared!
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