Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

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Ensuring Transfer Success 2014. Stephen J. Handel Associate Vice President , Undergraduate Admissions. Agenda. UC Transfer Action Team Other Updates Ongoing Initiatives Questions and Answers Campus Updates. UC Transfer Action Team. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ensuring Transfer Success 2014

Stephen J. HandelAssociate Vice President,Undergraduate Admissions1AgendaEnsuring Transfer Success 20142UC Transfer Action TeamOther UpdatesOngoing InitiativesQuestions and AnswersCampus Updates23UC Transfer Action TeamPresident Napolitano chose to focus on transfer in her first six months

UC Transfer Action Team: UC faculty, staff, and students

Goal: strengthen and streamline UC transfer

Consultation with leadership at CSU and CCC

Panel of former transfer students met with the President and the Transfer Action TeamEnsuring Transfer Success 20143Many California students begin their higher education journey at a community college, yet yearn for the opportunity to earn a four-year degree. We must continue to support the access and success of the diversity of the California community college population.

Janet Napolitano (2014)

4Team Charge: Three QuestionsDemand: Why have applications from CCC students declined?

Diversity: What can be done to improve geographical and other types of diversity in UCs transfer classes?

Transparency: What can be done to simplify transfer?Ensuring Transfer Success 20144UC Applications from CA Resident CCC Transfers Full year except 2013-14 and 2014-155Ensuring Transfer Success 201456Transfer Diversity25% of CCC transfers come from 7 CCCs50% of CCC transfers come from 19 CCCs75% of CCC transfers come from 41 CCCsAll 112 CCCs sent at least 1 student to UCEnsuring Transfer Success 201467UC Transfer Success: Graduation RatesEnsuring Transfer Success 2014FreshmenTransfers4-year/2-year graduation rate61.9%53.2%6-year/4-year graduation rate83.9%85.7%78ConsiderationsExamined all aspects of transferOutreachMessagingAdmissions ArticulationTransition servicesEnrollment planningStudent success

Report to be issued at May Regents meeting in SacramentoEnsuring Transfer Success 201489Findings and RecommendationsFindingsRecommendations Transfer Transfer Students Transfer StudentTransfer

TransferTransfer Transfer Students Transfer

Statewide TransferEnsuring Transfer Success 2014910Other Recent Transfer UpdatesBoard of Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS) added completion of Associate Degrees for Transfer to the official list of Comprehensive Review factors

July 1 Transcript Deadline

August 1 Opening of Application

IGETC for STEMEnsuring Transfer Success 20141011Ongoing Transfer InitiativesASSIST Next Generation cccconfer.org

UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP)

UC Transfer Admission Guarantees

CCC-UC Data Sharing Project

Affordability: UC Blue & Gold Opportunity PlanEnsuring Transfer Success 201411

QuestionsFuture questions about transfer: Shawn BrickAssociate Director of Admissions, UCOPshawn.brick@ucop.edu 510.987.987212