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  1. 1. A Custom Artistic Design Company By: Irvin Cruz ENLIGHTENED ARTISTRY
  2. 2. We are an artistic design company who's goal is to change the Custom Art Industry by creating custom designs at affordable prices. We specialize in geometric, symmetrical and unique art designs intended to cause who ever sees the design to say thats so cool! We started as a skate deck design company but have expanded our horizons to creating designs for almost anything. We love to take risks, as such our 100% Guarantee is If you dont like it well try again with something different for free. If you still dont like it well ,we tried.. WHO ARE WE AND WHAT WE DO
  3. 3. Skate Decks Phone Cases T-shirts Hats Other Clothing and Apparel Anything else your heart desires we can try and design TYPES OF PRODUCTS
  5. 5. You tell us what you want done, be as descriptive and exact as possible and we will attempt to get it done as close to your specifications as possible. What we need from you: An Idea A product to design it on Color and size specifications An Open mind OUR BUSINESS MODEL
  6. 6. We Promise to provide artwork and designs that is sure to peak someone's interest and at an affordable price. We specialize in using Sacred geometry as our primary art medium but we are not limited to solely that. We Aim to please and enlighten the world of the concept of fractal art, sacred geometry, and symmetrical and asymmetrical design. If you dont like what we create, we will try and create something else absolutely free, if you still dont like it well, we tried. OUR PROMISE
  7. 7. As all products and designs are different and require different amounts of work, supplies, and labor, prices are determined at an individual bases. However, We offer a special promotion where if you buy 2 designs or product you get a 3rd one for free of your choosing. COST
  8. 8. Interested in a Custom Design? Check us out and shoot us a message! Website: http://www.Enlightenedartistry.com Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/enlightenedartistry Instagram: Enlightened Artistry Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Enlightenedartistry Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/Enlightenedartistry We Hope to design something cool for you soon! HOW TO FIND US